2006-03-16 cvetanIntroduction of the TPC ALTRO mapping files.
2006-03-16 cvetanIntroduction of the Altro mapping
2006-03-16 kharlovRemove macro as obsolete
2006-03-16 kharlovUpdates according to recent changes in AliPHOSCalibData...
2006-03-16 hristovGetMedium replaced by CurrentMedium (I.Hrivnacova)
2006-03-16 ivanaAdded fFlag member and its getter/setter
2006-03-16 ivanaAdded possibility to indicate background contaminated...
2006-03-16 nick14-mar-2006 NvE RemoveTracks() facilities introduced...
2006-03-16 morschObsolete printf's removed.
2006-03-16 morschMethod SetTriggerParticle added.
2006-03-16 alibrarytypo
2006-03-16 alibraryXARGS back
2006-03-15 ivanaIn AddMisAlignModule/DetElement(): use AliAlignObj...
2006-03-15 hristovThe pointer to the run loader is not persistent
2006-03-15 hristovThe left ZDC part is not simmilated, but has to be...
2006-03-15 cvetanBugfix (thanks to Kirill!)
2006-03-15 ivanaWork around for CINT bug in root 5.10/00, with gcc4.0.2
2006-03-15 ivanaRemoving debug printing
2006-03-15 cblumeTake negative B-Field into account for ExB
2006-03-15 cblumeAdd new calibration files
2006-03-15 cblumeRemove old calib classes
2006-03-15 cblumeUpdate of calibration classes by Jan Fiete
2006-03-15 hristovAdding two missing getters
2006-03-14 kharlovRemove De-digitizing of raw data and digitizing the...
2006-03-14 jklayclusterizer updates for new ESD and now get geometry...
2006-03-14 bnandiPMD calibration classes
2006-03-14 bnandicalibration macros
2006-03-14 bnandicalibration classes added
2006-03-14 bnandicalibration function added
2006-03-14 hristovIncluding of Lambda(1520) to the generation. Small...
2006-03-14 cblumeMove tail cancellation parameters to recparam
2006-03-14 hristovAdd LocalToGlobalID and LocalToGlobalID - mapping...
2006-03-14 hristovOverflow protection + add pad relative gain (M.Ivanov)
2006-03-14 hristovAdd pad gain correction + the x position 0 <-> time...
2006-03-14 hristovThe x position 0 <-> time bin 0 - x increases TOWARDS...
2006-03-14 hristovNew interface for magnetic field setting (M.Ivanov)
2006-03-14 hristovPropagate to vertex in case it was not done by ITS...
2006-03-14 hristovAdding correction for material and new function Propaga...
2006-03-14 kirZero interation calibration fo ref idx
2006-03-14 ivanaReordering AliMpSector.cxx (to match with export from...
2006-03-14 ivanaNew test macro
2006-03-14 ivana- Added attributes fMaxPadIndices, fNofPads, which...
2006-03-14 ivanaAdded method CalculateNofPads()
2006-03-14 ivana- Added new method NofPads()
2006-03-14 ivana- Added new method NofPads()
2006-03-13 coppedisUpdated calibration object
2006-03-13 coppedisMinor changes
2006-03-13 kharlovCalibration objects for EMC and CPV
2006-03-13 decaroSuppression of fractional Z warning
2006-03-13 ivanaAdding local CVS Id (MpId) and/or category
2006-03-13 ivanaTaking care of coding convention violations - couple...
2006-03-13 ivanaResetting all containers from one place; getting hit...
2006-03-13 ivanaModified constructor to better suit AliMUONTrackK
2006-03-13 ivanaAdded setter for track chi2.
2006-03-13 ivana- Adding protected copy constructor and assignment...
2006-03-13 ivanaCorrecting preprocessor variable (ALI_MUON_GEOMETRY_MOD...
2006-03-13 ivanaAdding argument in PrintOn (coding conventions
2006-03-13 ivanaRenaming fgNonBendingManuMask (coding conventions)
2006-03-13 ivanaAdding comments
2006-03-13 ivanaClass description on 5 lines
2006-03-13 ivanaAdding protected copy constructor and assignment operator
2006-03-13 cvetanAdditional protection and warning message.
2006-03-13 cvetanAdditional protection.
2006-03-13 cvetanAdditional initialization
2006-03-13 cvetanImportant bugfix.
2006-03-12 arcelli Changes for TOF Reconstruction using TGeo
2006-03-12 arcelli Changes for TOF Reconstruction using TGeo
2006-03-10 nick10-mar-2006 NvE Xtalk ADC correction value stored as...
2006-03-10 hristovUsing AliESDCaloCluster instead of AliESDtrack
2006-03-09 ivanaRemoved paragraph about checking geometry with G3GUI
2006-03-08 hristovChanges to work correctly with laser tracks (M.Ivanov)
2006-03-08 hristovCorrected FMD data in the ESD (C.Holm)
2006-03-08 cholmVarious small fixes. Make sure Emacs knows it's C...
2006-03-08 nick08-mar-2006 NvE Time offset correction in IceF2k extend...
2006-03-07 kharlovIdeal 5-module PHOS geometry
2006-03-07 kharlovRemove CDB setting from the script. It is passed via...
2006-03-07 kharlovCDB is passed via environment variable
2006-03-07 nick07-mar-2006 NvE Time offset correction introduced in...
2006-03-07 morschpyevnw dummy
2006-03-07 morsch pyevnw() needed for Pythia 6.3 added.
2006-03-07 maseraGetResponse method added to AliITSDetTypeSim
2006-03-07 morschOption for generation according to subevent rates added.
2006-03-07 hristovFirst version of the FMD information (C.Holm)
2006-03-07 morsch- pt^hard of the event is stored in the event header
2006-03-07 nick07-mar-2006 NvE Facility introduced in IceDwalk and...
2006-03-07 hristovNew version (B.Yordanov)
2006-03-06 maseraImproved access to AliITSgeom in reconstruction
2006-03-06 ivanaModify inputs to regional algo
2006-03-06 ivanaImplemented Scan() method
2006-03-06 cheynisimplementation of dummy Reset method
2006-03-05 cheynisParameters added
2006-03-05 kharlovNumber of pads along z is corrected
2006-03-05 hristovGetGeometry is needed to create the correct geometry...
2006-03-05 kharlovScripts for PHOS alignment
2006-03-05 kharlovBetter Print()
2006-03-05 hristovBrowse is not const anymore
2006-03-04 kharlovSet geom parameters from CDB
2006-03-04 kharlovAdd Print()
2006-03-03 jklaycorrected some things that gave compiler warnings;...
2006-03-03 hristovPossibility to load libESD.so separately