2011-06-21 fronchetfixing coverity (index out of bounds)
2011-06-21 cvetanCorrection to the digitization in order to use the...
2011-06-21 mploskonattempt to fix the mem leak reported in https://savanna...
2011-06-21 morschCorrection of previous commit.
2011-06-21 kleinbupdated settings for track cuts
2011-06-21 prinoSkip first 5 events in SDD DA analysis: protection...
2011-06-21 gconesabInstantiate EMCAL geometry
2011-06-21 gconesabInstantiate EMCAL geometry
2011-06-21 kleinbcoverity fix 17279
2011-06-21 gconesabChange AliEMCALGeoUtils to AliEMCALGeometry
2011-06-21 gconesabCall fatal when anchored simulations have the wrong...
2011-06-20 cnattrasFixing minor coding violation
2011-06-20 cnattrasFixing minor coding violation
2011-06-20 pulvirMiniOutput:
2011-06-20 pulvirBug fixes on selections for event mixing, and addition...
2011-06-20 mploskonfurther mem leak fix
2011-06-20 morschBug fixed (out-of-bounds for light nuclei) in SetPriorD...
2011-06-20 fronchetadded OCDB access to for calibration
2011-06-20 fronchetremoved unnecessary constants
2011-06-20 fronchetremoved unnecessary constants, added LG HG ratio
2011-06-20 mploskonmemory leak fix
2011-06-20 mflorisUpdating the muon trigger classes to the ALLNOTRD versi...
2011-06-20 kleinbadding option for ITS-TPC hybdrid track sets, the aod...
2011-06-20 kleinbadding the possibility to flag the aod track origin...
2011-06-20 agheataFix for more than 1 run per master
2011-06-20 fcaCoverity happy finally?
2011-06-20 hdalsgaaMissing conf file
2011-06-20 pulvirCoverity fix
2011-06-20 amastrosfHits size reduced to previous assignment
2011-06-20 gconesabprotection against non existing AliEventplane pointer
2011-06-18 gconesabAdd access to event plane class to the frame, add react...
2011-06-18 morschUse static method from OADBContainer instead of Analysi...
2011-06-18 morschOADBContainer moved to STEERBase
2011-06-18 gconesabin case track matching is not used, matching histograms...
2011-06-18 morschMissing class added.
2011-06-17 morschAs part of the efforts of the combined PID subgroup...
2011-06-17 maseraNew support volumes between ITS and TPC (M. Sitta)
2011-06-17 maseraFix small overlaps in ideal and misaligned geometries...
2011-06-17 wiechulao fix broken trunk
2011-06-17 andronicmacro for AOD filtering to accept also EMCAL-triggered...
2011-06-17 wiechulao Add possibility to set a non standard OADB path
2011-06-17 hdalsgaaAdded option for vertex and small fix for Poisson
2011-06-17 fcaMore typos (Martin)
2011-06-17 fcaCorrecting typo
2011-06-17 gconesabAliCaloPID: Correct matching rejection in case of recal...
2011-06-17 pulvirFixed a bug which caused a wrong filling of histograms
2011-06-17 pulvirAdded an ID data member to particles and events, and...
2011-06-17 amastrosCoverity fixes (Stefan)
2011-06-17 morschbreaks inserted.
2011-06-17 pulvirCoverity fix
2011-06-17 fcaCoverity
2011-06-17 wiechulao add missing ClassImp
2011-06-17 gconesab1. Make data members which are initialised locally non
2011-06-16 richterm- adding data structure for raw clusters
2011-06-16 wiechulao add missing ClassImp
2011-06-16 amastrosThe bug fix with the track fitting active
2011-06-16 amastrosBug fix in cluster labels (Stefan Rossegger).
2011-06-16 ivanaIn AliMUONGeometryModuleTransformer:
2011-06-16 pulvirImplemented rotated background (experimental)
2011-06-16 morschPossibility to introduce centrality dependence into...
2011-06-16 cvetanMinor (Raphael)
2011-06-16 morschNew decay option kJpsiDimuon
2011-06-16 morschPossibility to force transport of all particles.
2011-06-16 loizidesadded embed mode
2011-06-16 prinoCode cleanup
2011-06-16 pulvirAdded example macros to run with plugin
2011-06-16 cblumeFix bug reported by Tom (Hermes)
2011-06-16 morschFriend file reading for 11a 2.76 TeV data (w/wo SDD)
2011-06-16 cvetanCorrection to last commit in the QA. Apparently the...
2011-06-15 prinoFix for Ds cut value
2011-06-15 prinoNew cuts for Ds and Lc (Rossella, Gian Michele)
2011-06-15 morschHMPID information in AliAODPid
2011-06-15 pulvirCorrections on Kaon cut for phi in PbPb and added manag...
2011-06-15 agheataTransparently create collections for runs with more...
2011-06-15 pulvirAdded Roberto's implementation of Kaon/Pion cuts for...
2011-06-15 kleinbadding setter for response matrix
2011-06-15 guernanecoding conventions
2011-06-15 mploskoncoverity fix
2011-06-15 richtermimplementing selection by sector for cluster conversion...
2011-06-15 pulvirAdded a flag to know if running on MC, to be explictly...
2011-06-15 iarsenecoverity bug fix
2011-06-14 aszostakSuppress unnecessary message by default and change...
2011-06-14 ivanaFixing coding conventions (RC22)
2011-06-14 ivanaIn MUONGeometryViewingHelper.C:
2011-06-14 pulvirfixed implementation of destructor
2011-06-14 pulvirFixed all fixable coding conventions violations
2011-06-14 pulvirAd-hoc implementation of cuts for pions/kaons/protons...
2011-06-14 pulvirClasses for 'mini' subpackage for RSN analysis framework
2011-06-14 richtermuse explicite cast from double to int
2011-06-14 richtermuse explicite cast from double to int
2011-06-14 andronicfixing code violations (Jens)
2011-06-14 wiechulao PID qa task
2011-06-14 mploskonupdates to tracking; bug fix
2011-06-14 martinezFixing coding rule violations (Sang-Un)
2011-06-14 rpreghenadd static functions for external configuration
2011-06-13 loizidesmem leak
2011-06-13 morschInitialisation corrected.
2011-06-13 prinoUpdates in SDD QA checker and macros (M. Siciliano)
2011-06-13 ivanaIn AliMUONTriggerQADataMakerRec:
2011-06-13 gconesabRemove call to TGrid Connect, add path to placeholder...