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2013-10-30 wiechulao mods
2013-10-30 wiechulao add SC scaling factor calculation and usage in
2013-10-30 mivanovadding the printing of residual figure
2013-10-29 mivanovAdding macro to modify the Spac charge correction entry...
2013-10-28 mkrzewicfrom trunk: fix setting an aribtrary OCDB path for...
2013-10-28 wiechulao add possibility to use a different distortion and...
2013-10-28 mivanovAdding function to fit q(z) normalization parameters...
2013-10-25 wiechulao fix loading of map
2013-10-25 wiechulao fix sc list stuff
2013-10-25 wiechulao add usage of SC lists
2013-10-24 wiechulao add STAT in include path
2013-10-24 wiechulao update
2013-10-21 mivanovUpdated drawing style
2013-10-21 wiechulao finale plots
2013-10-20 wiechulao change default parameters
2013-10-20 wiechulao remove printf
2013-10-20 wiechulao change sigma Cl to sigma Cl + sigma Tr
2013-10-20 wiechulao update macro
2013-10-20 wiechulao remove printf
2013-10-20 wiechulao Add function for exact inverse
2013-10-16 mivanovAdding q/pt resolution simulation
2013-10-16 mivanov Fast toy MC for differnt purposes.
2013-10-16 wiechulao update macro
2013-10-16 wiechulao fix integration
2013-10-16 wiechulao small macro
2013-10-15 wiechulao add z0 list
2013-10-14 wiechulao add force alpha
2013-10-08 wiechulao add options for other gases and Epsilons
2013-10-08 wiechulao add calculation of residuals in the track fit
2013-10-07 wiechulao add macro to create file with precalibrated SC mapcs
2013-09-27 mivanovAdd protection in case of 0 HV
2013-09-27 mkrzewicfix compiler warnings + set ownership of fIonTailArray
2013-09-27 mivanovTail cancelation
2013-09-25 mivanov Default style for figures
2013-09-25 mivanovUsing the script specifiing style from external file
2013-09-24 mivanovDisabling f*ing fatal in OCDB acces to be able to run...
2013-09-24 mivanovInitialization of material budget before tracking steps
2013-09-24 mivanovFixed problem with the ITS refit/update
2013-09-24 mivanovBig commit.
2013-09-21 mivanovParameterization of the gas properties - Usage in the MC
2013-09-21 mivanovParameterization of the gas properties
2013-09-21 mivanovM Calib/AliTPCPreprocessorOffline.cxx - Exporting...
2013-09-21 mivanovskip first time bins after the gate opening - baseline...
2013-09-21 mivanovSmall modifications:
2013-09-20 mivanovChanges for task:
2013-09-20 mivanovUsage of per run z shift correction which is calibrated...
2013-09-20 mivanovCuts configuarable from outside.
2013-09-19 mivanovCDB/AliDCSSensor.cxx - use option for Drawing, rmeov...
2013-09-18 mkrzewicmerge from trunk (small, after 2 days period from last...
2013-09-18 jthaederremove to be merged
2013-09-17 jthaederadd IonTail object
2013-09-17 jthaederIontail object for OCDB
2013-09-17 atoiacode and files for running Glauber+SNM fit to ZDC
2013-09-17 mivanovThe speed-up of the Poisson relaxation was lost adding...
2013-09-17 mivanovChanges for task:
2013-09-17 antoniolUserDataRecoPass not transient
2013-09-17 dcaffarrsolving issue with copy constructor (F.Prino)
2013-09-17 mivanovUpdated macro to calculate space charge fluctuation
2013-09-17 agrigoracommiting merged AliTPCPIDResponse.h
2013-09-17 agrigoramerging trunk to TPCdev
2013-09-17 loizidesFrom Chris
2013-09-17 cholmInstall a new script
2013-09-17 cholmVarious fixes
2013-09-17 cholmAdded correlation of MC triggers
2013-09-17 cholmAlso get stuff from directories
2013-09-17 cholmAdded stuff to be written to shell script after completion.
2013-09-17 cholmUpdates to the P(Nch) analysis.
2013-09-16 kharlovCoverity fix
2013-09-16 gconesabprotection against rejection of MB events by bad trigge...
2013-09-16 gconesabRemove electron MC histograms
2013-09-16 gconesabnew parametrization for new definition of local maxima
2013-09-16 gconesabAllow local maxima in diagonal to be 2 local maxima...
2013-09-16 zconesafix list ownership
2013-09-16 mivanovChanges needed to calculate and store the dEdxTot and...
2013-09-16 morschCoverity warning corrected.
2013-09-16 jbook- test comiit
2013-09-16 jbook-test commit
2013-09-16 ssakaiupdated
2013-09-16 deliaMods to re-run V0 and Cascade vertexers
2013-09-16 hongyanAdd task macro for Patrick
2013-09-16 agheataCoverity fix
2013-09-16 mvlTypo fix: fSourceRho --> fTargetRho (detected by Coverity)
2013-09-16 zampolliCoverity fix.
2013-09-16 cnattrasAdding infrastructure for pPb and 8 TeV pp analyses
2013-09-15 mvlUpdates to jet QA task + minor things in the dijet...
2013-09-15 bdoeniguCommit of Hypertriton task for Ramona
2013-09-15 dgangadhFB7 PID workaround change, //! added to St1
2013-09-13 morschsmall update
2013-09-13 mvlRevert 440cm extrapol in AddTaskJetPreparation; acciden...
2013-09-13 mbombaraChanging mixing options
2013-09-13 mvlUpdate to jet matching algorithm (from Redmer)
2013-09-13 mvlUpdates to dijet analysis task (from Marta)
2013-09-13 fbocksubmitted AddTasks for Dalitz
2013-09-13 kharlovUpdates for bunch crossing pileup, event selection...
2013-09-13 dgangadhCoverity fix. Mult bin limits change.
2013-09-13 dgangadhK0s code update (Matt Steinpreis)
2013-09-11 sgorbunobug fix: wrong "merged clusters" flag was added to...
2013-09-11 mivanov1. Updated comments for batch submission
2013-09-11 mivanovAdding possibility to calculate the 3D distortion maps
2013-09-11 akalweitIncreasing ClassDeff. Forgotten in previous commit.