2006-10-04 morschkPyLhwgMb added.
2006-10-04 morschPARP(81) set to 0. for HF production (A. Dainese)
2006-10-04 pcrochetStart trigger chamber id from 10 (same convention as...
2006-10-03 jgrosseoadded trigger plots
2006-10-03 pcrochetswitch to activate trigger chamber efficiency from...
2006-10-03 alibrarybug fix for keeping correctly .ml files
2006-10-03 morsch- Clean-up
2006-10-03 ekmanadded a couple of functions
2006-10-03 pcrochetImplemented Raw2SDigits for trigger (Christian)
2006-10-02 maseranew SDD preprocessor + removal of eff C++ warning ...
2006-10-02 jgrosseoupdate (alberto):
2006-10-02 cblumeImplement symbolic links
2006-10-02 maseraDirect dependence on TGeant3 removed (P. Hristov)
2006-10-02 alibraryNew srcml based smell detector
2006-10-02 hristovMinor fixes needed on Mac with g95
2006-10-02 morschDummy codes for CTEQ6 pdfs
2006-10-02 jgrosseoadding copyright lines
2006-10-02 jgrosseoSmall interface change in StoreReferenceData
2006-10-02 jgrosseoSmall interface change of function StoreReferenceData...
2006-10-02 morschObsolete pdf commented out.
2006-10-02 jgrosseoAdding AliSelector, AliSelectorRL to ESD, STEER that...
2006-10-02 morschModified splittings for fQuench = 3.
2006-10-02 morschUpdate to HERWIG 6.5-10 and JIMMY. (Y. Delgado)
2006-10-02 morschJYMMY includes.
2006-10-02 morschUpdate to 6.5-10 and JIMMY for underlying event. (Y...
2006-10-02 morschUpdate to 6.5-10
2006-10-02 morschUpdate to 6.5-10 (Y. Delgado)
2006-10-02 morschJIMMY first commit.
2006-10-02 morschVersion 6.5-10 added.
2006-10-02 pcrochetbug fixed in DetElemId (Christian)
2006-10-01 morschquenching option 3: modified splittings
2006-09-30 kowal2Coding violations
2006-09-29 ivanaAdding the geometry of the pannels supports (Gines)
2006-09-29 ivanaRegenerated zero mis-alignment data with using symbolic...
2006-09-29 ivanaAdding function AddAlignableVolumes(), now required...
2006-09-29 ivanaUpdated for use of symbolic names of alignable objects...
2006-09-29 ivanaAdding name as attribute and GetModuleName() method;
2006-09-29 ivanaAdding name as attribute and GetDEName() method;
2006-09-29 ivanaRenaming LinkDef files (to use the same naming style).
2006-09-29 ivanaRenaming library analysis to evaluation,
2006-09-28 ivanaRemove dependence from KineTree (Christian)
2006-09-28 ivanaImplemented Raw2SDigits method for tracker (Christian)
2006-09-28 cblumeRemove gAlice from the reconstruction code
2006-09-28 hristovRenaming of methods (Yuri)
2006-09-28 morschTFluka::GetPrimaryElectronKineticEnergy
2006-09-28 hristovCall the MC QA only in case of debug
2006-09-28 hristovUse arrays instead of TLorentzVector for faster access
2006-09-28 hristovSwitch off the stack trace
2006-09-28 morschMethods moved from private to public.
2006-09-28 hristovMerging of AliESDV0MI and AliESDv0 classes (Yu.Belikov)
2006-09-28 hristovCoding conventions
2006-09-27 kharlovAlignment object with symbolic volume names are introduced
2006-09-27 kharlovNew alignment objects with symbolic volume names
2006-09-27 kharlovRemove due to replacement of volume path by symbolic...
2006-09-27 nilsenBug fix in AngleFromMatrix() fixed, Thanks Robert for...
2006-09-27 pcrochetOptimized AliMUONTriggerTrack filling & some cosmetics...
2006-09-27 hristovWaiting for a tagged version of Root. All the developme...
2006-09-27 mtadelRecord merging of HEAD to EVE-dev.
2006-09-27 mtadelRecord changes.
2006-09-27 mtadelRecord changes.
2006-09-27 mtadelMade GLCanvas un-editable to prevent users from drawing...
2006-09-27 mtadelAdded target all-alieve to all-EVE.
2006-09-26 szostakRemoving warnings related to -Weffc++ flag.
2006-09-26 mtadelRecord changes.
2006-09-26 mtadelRemoved code that gave vertex markers some volume ...
2006-09-26 mtadelAdd point-set containing clusters directly as render...
2006-09-26 mtadelAdded call to Update() in SetRange() methods.
2006-09-26 mtadelRemoved Redraw3D() from UpdateItems() as it can now...
2006-09-26 mtadelUse RGEditor::DisplayRenderElement() instead of Display...
2006-09-26 mtadelProperly update items of render-elements; call gReve...
2006-09-26 mtadelHack to fix RenderElementObjPtr's colors in tree-view...
2006-09-26 mtadelReduce cluster marker-size.
2006-09-26 mtadelRecord changes.
2006-09-26 mtadelConform to new TGedFrame paradigm in ROOT.
2006-09-26 mtadelUse new functionality from TGedEditor.
2006-09-26 cvetanSymbolic names for alignable nodes in TPC (R.Grosso)
2006-09-26 cvetanIntroduction of alignable nodes symbolic names (R.Grosso)
2006-09-26 cvetanCorrected GetLevel method using the volume paths instea...
2006-09-26 belikovCorrecting some memory leaks.
2006-09-26 morschErrors during compilation corrected.
2006-09-26 morschGenerator for ISAJET events (A. Bogdanov)
2006-09-26 morschCode needed for C++ Interface (A. Bogdanov)
2006-09-26 cvetanNew versions of rieman track fitter and residuals minim...
2006-09-25 cblumeModification for XeCO2 (staggling) by Alex
2006-09-25 cvetanSemicolon removed
2006-09-25 ekmanchanged method names and added triggerbias syst study.
2006-09-25 pcrochetUsing AliMpExMap instead of TClonesArray for buspatch...
2006-09-24 kharlovCopy constructor is corrected
2006-09-22 hristovDummi implementation of ClearFile to avoid undefined...
2006-09-22 hristovNo destructor is needed. Its presence affects somehow...
2006-09-22 pcrochetImplemented right global output (Christian)
2006-09-22 pcrochetUse setting methods instead of array parameters in...
2006-09-22 pcrochetRemove dependence to RAW module in MUONraw library...
2006-09-22 pcrochetPuting a pre-compilator flag for online purpose (if...
2006-09-22 cblumeAdd Raphaelles calibration class
2006-09-22 nick19-sep-2006 NvE Accuracy problem solved in Ali3Vector...
2006-09-21 cblumeAdd calibration macros by Raphaelle
2006-09-21 cblumeRename macros
2006-09-21 cblumeAdd Raphaelles calibration class
2006-09-21 morsch- EffC++ warnings corrected