2007-01-08 morschFirst version of a jet analysis deriving from AliAnalys...
2007-01-08 hristovDo not recreate existing containers
2007-01-07 schutzcorrection in Alien2Local
2007-01-07 schutzreplace uid by guid in GetGUID()
2007-01-07 schutzThe wrong file was committed earlier
2007-01-05 richtermcorrections from previous commit
2007-01-05 richterm- changes according to coding conventions and documentation
2007-01-05 richterm- implementation dependence on HAVE_TPC_MAPPING fixed...
2007-01-04 schutzUpdate the Help method
2006-12-28 richtermchanges according to coding conventions
2006-12-27 hristovChanges needed by the FMD (Christian)
2006-12-27 cholmAdded script to extract list of medias and write to...
2006-12-27 cholmUse Alignable volume names
2006-12-27 cholmAdded the possibility to do diagnostics histograms.
2006-12-22 hristov-maxdepth option is not portable, reverting the changes
2006-12-22 hristovUsing the same options for all the libraries
2006-12-22 hristovChenges needed by the new HLT libraries (Matthias)
2006-12-22 hristovNew HLT libraries (Matthias)
2006-12-22 hristovCompilation on Mac
2006-12-22 hristovstrings.h included (Solaris x86)
2006-12-22 belikovAdding the GetStatus() method.
2006-12-21 pcrochetfill TgtupleLoc with fired local boards only (Philippe)
2006-12-21 pcrochetadd data member fLoOutput plus setter and getter (Philippe)
2006-12-21 pcrochetfill LocalTrigger with all local boards (needed by...
2006-12-21 richtermcommit from Jochen
2006-12-21 hristovUsing symname as argument to avoid confusion (Raffaele)
2006-12-21 hristovNew comparison macro (Yuri)
2006-12-21 hristovHLT hit's reconstruction included in the reconstruction...
2006-12-21 hristovHLT hit's reconstruction: online version (Indra)
2006-12-21 hristovThis class reads rawdata for MUON detector and produces
2006-12-21 hristovMUON HLT LUT data (Indra)
2006-12-20 martinezMinor changes to complete the modification of the stand...
2006-12-20 morschProtection added.
2006-12-20 kharlovOptional geometry without CPV
2006-12-20 jgrosseoChristmas cleanup :)
2006-12-20 hristovcassert included
2006-12-20 schutzUpdate from release
2006-12-20 schutzReplaced the SETUP.C by the correct one
2006-12-20 martinezRemoved the class AliMUONSegment which has been replace...
2006-12-20 hristovUse the GRID features only if Root was compiled with...
2006-12-20 martinez+ Modifications of the standard tracking algorithm:
2006-12-20 gustavoChange const char * by TString, change AliInfos per...
2006-12-20 cblumeAdd a comment
2006-12-20 morschUnitArray only filled if grid defined.
2006-12-20 morschMissing inline added.
2006-12-20 schutzadding new
2006-12-20 morschMissing ; added.
2006-12-20 schutzTrying to fix a mess
2006-12-20 schutzTrying to fix a mess
2006-12-19 morschClean-up mainly in includes.
2006-12-19 schutzChange print output in Terminate
2006-12-19 hristovCompilation of ESDCheck (Yves)
2006-12-19 mtadelRecord changes.
2006-12-19 mtadelCheck if global g_trkcnt has been reset and attempt...
2006-12-19 mtadelNew file; dump kine stack for given label.
2006-12-19 mtadelAdded TRD hits.
2006-12-19 mtadelAdded method Track::PrintKineStack(); added global...
2006-12-19 morschExtra ; removed.
2006-12-19 schutzCorrected bug introduced by Christian
2006-12-19 morschMore EMCALgeometry replaced by AliJetDummyGeo
2006-12-19 morschUse AliJetDummyGeometry.
2006-12-19 morschDummy geometry to remove dependency from EMCAL (tempora...
2006-12-19 morschEff C++ Warnings corrected.
2006-12-19 schutzCompact plots in a single canvas
2006-12-19 morsch- Clean-up of data members and methods in base classes...
2006-12-19 kharlovInput histograms with crystal amplitudes for Shuttle
2006-12-19 hristovImportant bug fix in the maps used by FMD (Christian)
2006-12-19 cholmUpdated reconstruction to (optionally) make angle corre...
2006-12-19 schutzNew GetUID method
2006-12-19 schutzNew AddFile method
2006-12-19 morschAdditional software trigger posiibilities for pions...
2006-12-19 gustavoNew PID class for EMCAL, bayesian analysis done with...
2006-12-19 gustavoExample macro to execute PID (Gu��nol��)
2006-12-19 arcelliAlgorithm par. set as a private member (C.Zampolli)
2006-12-19 arcelliChanged filenames types to TString + split file sources...
2006-12-19 gustavoNew PID class for EMCAL, bayesian analysis done with...
2006-12-19 pavlinovclean up the EMCAL name scheme : super module -> module...
2006-12-18 arcelliChange in the format of the input data from DAQ FXS...
2006-12-18 arcelliUpdated Aliases for DCS TOF datapoints (C.Zampolli)
2006-12-18 arcelliChange in the format of the input data from DAQ FXS...
2006-12-18 morschUpdates to be conform with TVirtualMC.h
2006-12-18 morschData files needed for correlated heavy flavor generatio...
2006-12-18 morschAliGenCorrHF generator for correlated heavy flavor...
2006-12-18 schutzAdd AliAnalysisGoodies
2006-12-18 schutzremove AliAnalysisGoodies
2006-12-18 schutzAdd AliAnalysisGoodies
2006-12-18 pcrochetTrigger chamber efficiency according to local boards...
2006-12-18 pcrochetadd AliMUONTriggerChamberEff (Diego)
2006-12-18 pcrochetNew class for trigger chamber efficiency determination...
2006-12-18 cvetanNew class which will contain the raw-data event tag...
2006-12-18 cvetanRemoving the run DB. The information contained in the...
2006-12-18 cvetanRemoving the run DB. The information contained in the...
2006-12-18 morschT0 changed to START (FLUKA input card).
2006-12-18 panosModifications for eff. c++ warnings.
2006-12-18 cblumeTake care of B=0 in ExB effect
2006-12-18 mtadelRecord changes.
2006-12-18 mtadelIf frame-box is set, use it for determination of boundi...
2006-12-18 mtadelAdded getters for frame-point details.
2006-12-18 schutzNew TRD QA task
2006-12-18 cvetanRelate HLT tracks to the primary vertex (Youri)