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2008-03-13 fcaAdding static_cast to keep the compiler happy
2008-03-13 jgrosseoAdding possibility to change the material density globa...
2008-03-13 cvetanT0 Option needed for cosmic run reconstruction (Alla)
2008-03-13 ivanaUsing AliCDBRunRange::Infinity() instead of hardwired
2008-03-13 hristovExplicit cast from enum to Int_t to resolve the ambigui...
2008-03-13 mtadelMerge changes from branches/dev/EVE. This branch was...
2008-03-13 arcelliFixes for inconsistent types in BinarySearch
2008-03-13 jgrosseoadding macro to retrieve DPs to a file
2008-03-13 arcelliAdd some protections, comments' cleanup
2008-03-13 maseranew methods concerning bad chips treatment (G. Bruno)
2008-03-13 maseraNew methods GetNumberOfChips, GetChipFromLocal, GetCh...
2008-03-13 ivanaAdded paragraphs on OCDB, BusPatchLength.dat
2008-03-13 dibariCoding conventions fixed.
2008-03-13 morschSome Delete() added.
2008-03-13 morschClose files before delete.
2008-03-13 morschDestructor corrected.
2008-03-13 morschProtection added.
2008-03-13 ivanaCorrected the list of bus patches with reverted manus
2008-03-13 maseraBug fix in SetT2Lmatrix concerning SPD inner layer...
2008-03-13 morschMissing retune added.
2008-03-13 dibariSwitch from AliWarning to AliDebug
2008-03-13 allabug in reconstruction cosmic runs
2008-03-13 polichehReconstructiom macro updated, most of the controls...
2008-03-13 cvetanReverting the fixes done for proper reconstruction...
2008-03-13 morschReduced verbosity (E. Lopez)
2008-03-13 morschUse MCEvent instead of MCHandler. (E. Torres)
2008-03-13 morschProvisions for analysis with MC data only. (E. Lopez)
2008-03-13 morschAccess to TreeK (E. Lopez)
2008-03-13 morschfTree not needed. (E. Lopez Torres)
2008-03-13 cvetanBug fix. SSD calibration objects were overwriting the...
2008-03-13 cvetanProtection against missing calibration objects and...
2008-03-13 cvetanSetting a default CDB storage in case it is not yet...
2008-03-13 cvetanEnable vertex finder - it is needed for cosmic track...
2008-03-13 cvetanFix from v4-11-Release: 1. Possibility to run over...
2008-03-13 richtermGeneral AliHLTComponent data types for ROOT objects...
2008-03-12 morschaccidental commmit corrected
2008-03-12 morschMinimum energy for jets can be now required (D. Perrino)
2008-03-12 morschParameter for minimum jet energy added (D. Perrino)
2008-03-12 morschParameter for minimum jet energy added (D. Perrino)
2008-03-12 richtermadd RCU lib to dependencies; common RCU functionality...
2008-03-12 richtermchoose better name for recently added Swap functions...
2008-03-12 cblumeAdd a protection for the case of not used dictionary...
2008-03-12 jgrosseoimplementation of FXSerror status (Chiara)
2008-03-12 cblumeAliDebug instead of AliInfo
2008-03-12 arcelliadd template macro to run the example task on AF
2008-03-12 arcelliin Terminate(), to correctly display the example plots...
2008-03-12 schutzadded TRD back
2008-03-12 cblumeUse AliTRDrawStreamBase::GetRawStream()
2008-03-12 zampolliAdded protection against null list of file source
2008-03-12 marianTry to get correct calibration object - in meant time...
2008-03-12 morschClear() replaced by Delete() for TClonesArray
2008-03-12 jgrosseoadded correction for 0 multiplicity bin
2008-03-12 mrodriguFixed Coding Conventions for class AliACORDERawReader...
2008-03-12 mrodriguFixed Coding Conventions for class AliACORDERawReader...
2008-03-12 mrodriguCorrection of Acorde's Preprocessor (Luciano Diaz)
2008-03-12 rgrossocorrection of trivial typo preventing compilation
2008-03-12 zampolliTypo corrected
2008-03-11 schutzadded the year as argument of Save2OCDB
2008-03-11 schutzadded an additional directory under Ref
2008-03-11 schutzadded an additional directory under Ref
2008-03-11 schutzadded the year as a parameter of the ref directory
2008-03-11 marian (Marian)
2008-03-11 jgrosseoadding new status StoreDelayed and FXSError
2008-03-11 polichehSwap columns and raws when using bad channels map.
2008-03-11 marianAdding documentation for DAQ calibration components...
2008-03-11 marianAdding pictures to images directory (Marian)
2008-03-11 marianAdding documentation for calibration classes (Jens)
2008-03-11 laphecetUpdating documentation
2008-03-11 marianAdding extended documentation (Marian)
2008-03-11 coppedisRemoval of C++ warnings
2008-03-11 agheata- Optional AliAnalysisTask::Cleanup() method added...
2008-03-11 schutzchanged signature of Run methods
2008-03-11 schutzchanged format
2008-03-11 coppedisRemoval of C++ warnings
2008-03-11 belikovTuning of primary vertex reco with TPC stand-alone...
2008-03-11 marianThe charge at cluster maxima used in the dataQA
2008-03-11 schutzadded protection
2008-03-11 schutzsetting the run number in method Run
2008-03-11 philleStandard logging
2008-03-10 prsnkoFollow moving energy to CaloCells
2008-03-10 marianFirst round of cleaning of effc++ warnings (Marian)
2008-03-10 schutzadded max events to process
2008-03-10 maseraAdded protection to avoid crash with Feb 2008 data...
2008-03-10 polichehWrong bin enumeration fixed.
2008-03-10 maseraAdded February 2008 DDL maps (F. Prino)
2008-03-10 schutzadded an event counter
2008-03-10 schutzadded an event counter
2008-03-10 schutzadded an event counter
2008-03-10 schutzadded an event counter
2008-03-10 marianDepndence on not committed code (AliHelix) removed...
2008-03-10 marianAdding AliGenInfoTask (Marian)
2008-03-10 marianFirst attempt to use AliAnalisysTask (Marian)
2008-03-10 hristovCorrected calculation in of the normal vector (Andrea)
2008-03-10 hristov- new interface beween MUON objects (track/cluster...
2008-03-10 richtermbugfix: resolving error code
2008-03-10 richtermbugfix: making distinct Swap functions; error code...
2008-03-10 cvetanAdding virtual destructor breaks C++ struct backward...
2008-03-10 cvetanProper treatment (which means just ingoring) of DDL...
2008-03-10 cvetanRemoval of missing directory warnings
2008-03-10 jgrosseoremoved ldap configuration