2005-06-14 martinezUpdated for new numbering of motif positions in mapping.
2005-06-14 martinezUse new geometry segmentation framework.
2005-06-14 martinezAdded get functions to access mapping.
2005-06-14 martinezReplacement for testPlaneAreaIterator.C macro
2005-06-14 martinezRemoving category plane from mapping;
2005-06-14 alibraryWe do not need HERWIG and TPHIC by default in aliroot
2005-06-14 alibrarylnblnk needed by MacOSX gcc 4.0
2005-06-14 alibraryFix typo
2005-06-14 cvetanAdding MUON HLT code to the repository.
2005-06-14 hristovTemporary fix to avoid corruptions of the program stack...
2005-06-14 cvetanThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2005-06-14 martinezMapping of slat112233NR3 slat types (Fabienne)
2005-06-14 hristovTaking into account the new signature of AddHitKartez
2005-06-14 martinezRemoving obsolete classes Merger and PadHit (Gines)
2005-06-14 martinezRemoving obsolete classes AliMUONMerger and AliMUONPadH...
2005-06-14 martinezRemoving old segmentation
2005-06-14 martinezRemoving old segmentation factory
2005-06-14 martinezRemoving old segmentation classes
2005-06-14 martinezRemoving old segmentation, obsolete classes and removin...
2005-06-13 cvetanUpdates to RAW package. Used during the Computing DC.
2005-06-12 hristovPile-up simulation (C.Cheshkov)
2005-06-10 dibariMore tools for QA
2005-06-10 hristovPileup generation (C.Cheshkov)
2005-06-10 cvetanFixed a bug related to the usage of the runloader in...
2005-06-10 alibraryArray bound violation
2005-06-09 alibraryUpdate for MacOSX 10.4
2005-06-09 alibraryDont complain about include
2005-06-09 alibraryMods for MacOSX 10.4
2005-06-09 alibraryUpdate for OSX 10.4
2005-06-09 alibraryInitialise g95 on the Mac
2005-06-09 alibraryAvoid rebuilding the modules when cleaning
2005-06-09 alibrarySmall mod to run with boundary checking
2005-06-09 alibraryIgnoring MacOSX directory
2005-06-09 hristovTemporary fix for hits to digits conversion
2005-06-09 dibariAdd tools in RichMenu
2005-06-09 hristovAdditional protection
2005-06-08 hristovRemoving extra semicolons (Fedora)
2005-06-07 morschObsolete files removed.
2005-06-07 martinezLinking trigger info with digits (artur)
2005-06-07 martinezRenaming method Getand Set DetElemId in RawCluster...
2005-06-07 martinezReducing number of trigger volumes directly placed...
2005-06-07 hristovInitialization of fTracks
2005-06-06 martinezDefault wise used dummy mapping for new segmentation...
2005-06-03 dibariProtection for very low probabilities
2005-06-02 schutzTest Suite of PHOS calibration DB access
2005-06-02 schutzTypos are corrected (Y.K.)
2005-06-02 schutzFirst PHOS calibration object data (Y.K.)
2005-06-02 dibariminor changes
2005-06-02 nick02-jun-2005 NvE Bug fix in copy ctor of AliPosition...
2005-06-02 dibariBugs in rename same Reset methods. Improvement in display
2005-06-02 dibariCerenkov rings are displayed in event display
2005-06-01 dibariBug in reset Sdigits. Fixed (+minor changes)
2005-06-01 cussonnoRe-activate display for new segmentation (Ch. Finck)
2005-06-01 cblumeFix bug in the tilted pads
2005-06-01 dibariFiles for sigma estimate
2005-06-01 cblumeRevision of materials definition. Get rid of Xe/Isobutane
2005-05-31 dibariMore precise response function of the RICH has been...
2005-05-31 cblumeReturn tilting angle in degrees
2005-05-31 hristovTemporary commenting out the TGeo specific geometry...
2005-05-31 hristovAdditional protection
2005-05-31 hristovTemporary reverting the changes introduced earlier...
2005-05-28 schutzCompilation warnings fixed by T.P.
2005-05-28 schutzCopy constructor is corrected (by T.P.)
2005-05-27 hristovUnique material names (R.Grosso)
2005-05-27 hristovUsing underscore in the names of materials, media,...
2005-05-27 morschCorrections in PAIR in PRODCUT.
2005-05-27 hristovUsing TGeo as default transport package
2005-05-27 hristovCorrected array size
2005-05-27 hristovAdditional protection
2005-05-27 cvetanMissing AliPID init.
2005-05-27 morschUnique material names (R. Grosso)
2005-05-26 hristovAdditional protection. This code should be revised...
2005-05-26 morschOnly put particles which are actually transported on...
2005-05-26 morschEMFRGN common block added.
2005-05-26 morschSpeed-up of reordering loop.
2005-05-26 hristovAccepting only class names starting with capital letter
2005-05-26 hristovRepackaging to solve the dependences between the libraries
2005-05-26 hristovCorrected names and order of libraries
2005-05-26 hristovChanges to store and retrieve the TGeo geometry (R...
2005-05-25 rdmsince TGrid has been changed in ROOT v5 added ifdefs...
2005-05-25 rdmremove special cases for icc v7 (support only icc v8...
2005-05-25 nick25-may-2005 NvE Declaration of unused variable pi remov...
2005-05-24 hristovResolving ambiguity (icc)
2005-05-24 nick22-may-2005 NvE Class AliMath extended to provide full...
2005-05-23 morschConfigs for DC05 added (Test version !).
2005-05-20 hristovLarger string for ALICE_ROOT
2005-05-20 hristovChanges needed on Sun
2005-05-20 hristovUsing clusters of Marian (C.Cheshkov)
2005-05-20 hristovBigger size for path string (C.Cheshkov)
2005-05-20 hristovTutorial macro for DB access (A.Colla)
2005-05-20 hristovNew calibration classes (A.Colla)
2005-05-19 alibrarymodification for MacOSX 1.4
2005-05-19 cblumeInitialize fPadRow and fPadCol
2005-05-19 hristovInitialization of interaction rate
2005-05-19 martinezChange in Neighbours method (Ivana)
2005-05-19 martinezBug on DetElem numbering for St1 and St2 (Ivana)
2005-05-19 martinezBug on pad size (Sacha, Christian)
2005-05-19 martinezRight svmap and tranform files for version 2 of geometr...
2005-05-19 nick19-may-2005 NvE AliTimestamp* pointer arguments support...
2005-05-19 martinezDevelopping framework for real electronic mapping for...