2013-03-05 rgrossoSome warning going to error and viceversa:
2013-03-05 shahoianfix for warnings
2013-03-05 majanikCorrection to PID Monitor, FilterMask added to AODEvent...
2013-03-05 ddobrigkAddition of configurable V0 Vertexer re-execution,...
2013-03-05 majanikAliFemtoKKTrackCut added for Kaon HBT analysis
2013-03-05 arossiDxHFE update (Hege + Matthias)
2013-03-05 dsilvermremoving unused OCDB EMCal directories
2013-03-05 hqvigstaRemoved use of "bracket initilization" of member array.
2013-03-05 hqvigstaAdded analysis of set of ranges to MakeRawProduction.C
2013-03-04 ddobrigkAdd option (via setter) to rerun V0 Vertexer with loose...
2013-03-04 rgrossoSkipping all directories starting with '.', not only...
2013-03-04 mkrzewicfrom Carlos Perez Lara:
2013-03-04 loizidesremove spurious cout
2013-03-04 loizidesdo not save the tformula in output
2013-03-04 fprinoUpdates in Lc->V0+bachelor analysis: updated cut class...
2013-03-04 miwebermodified configuration macro for azimuthal HBT (Vera...
2013-03-04 aurasoption added in AliMuonForwardTrack for distinguishing...
2013-03-04 dgangadhr3 binning change, insert Pad-row cut again
2013-03-04 jgrosseoallowing to select charge for MC corrections
2013-03-04 loizidesminor fix
2013-03-04 akisielAdd min DCA to ESD track cut
2013-03-04 akisielMacros for the new proton train
2013-03-04 cvetanUpdate from Alberica. Addition of VZERO equalized signa...
2013-03-04 cvetanFix for Npart counting. The bug was causing FPE (Consta...
2013-03-04 hqvigstaDisabled module 2 in AddTaskPHOSPi0pPb.C
2013-03-04 hqvigstaAdded ability to enable/disable PHOS modules from analysis.
2013-03-04 fprinoUpdates in Lc->V0+bachelor analysis: compute decay...
2013-03-04 fbelliniModified cut classes for Sigma* analysis to include...
2013-03-04 deliaFix for setting minimum nr of TPC clusters
2013-03-04 ssakaiupdate
2013-03-04 fprinoRemove warining on candidate rapidity + fix in Lc-...
2013-03-04 miweberbugfix for binMax in SetRangeUser taking also the highe...
2013-03-04 loizidesfrom Megan
2013-03-04 ddobrigkChanges to cascade efficiency acquisition so as to...
2013-03-04 mflorissaving yield and <pt> to file
2013-03-04 mfloriscorrectly computing yield when few points in the middle...
2013-03-04 jgrosseocuts for TOF requirements for MC corrections (Leonardo)
2013-03-04 hqvigstaFixed bug where local char[] was returned by function.
2013-03-04 hqvigstaupdate for 2012-02-27 meeting.
2013-03-04 hqvigstaAdded GetCentString() to MakeRawProduction.C
2013-03-04 atoiafixed oadb for lhc13fg
2013-03-04 iselioujPanos Christakoglou: Added FlowOnMC macros
2013-03-04 hristovAdding libTPCutil (Jochen)
2013-03-04 jthaederLast step of major moving in the TPC code
2013-03-03 fprinoPossibility to use nSigma in ITS for PID (Annalisa)
2013-03-03 jthaederremvoal of AliClustersArray AliTPCClustersArray
2013-03-03 jthaederCleanup and reordering of TPC classes
2013-03-03 jthaederremove obsolete library TPCfast
2013-03-03 shahoianFixes from Jochen
2013-03-03 loizidesChanges from Salvatore
2013-03-03 loizidesNamed ArrayI
2013-03-03 jthaederfix removal of AliTPCcluster class
2013-03-03 shahoianGetReferenceMultiplicity will be called with tracklets...
2013-03-02 fprinoPossibility to cut on the correlation between track...
2013-03-02 fprinoPossibility to select flat acceptance in y
2013-03-02 jthaederMove reconstruction files to new subfolder,
2013-03-02 jthaederupdate docu for rec classes - 2nd try
2013-03-02 jthaederupdate docu for rec classes
2013-03-02 jthaederMove simulation files to new subfolder,
2013-03-02 gconesabadd centrality and event plane histos per analysis
2013-03-02 jthaederPrepare for the new TPC layout
2013-03-02 jthaederupdate documentation
2013-03-02 jthaederremove permission
2013-03-02 jthaedermove to new layout
2013-03-02 jthaederchange permissions
2013-03-02 jthaederMove Monitor event display classes to extra subfolder
2013-03-02 jthaederprepare new layout
2013-03-01 loizidescosmetics
2013-03-01 loizidesadd iana4
2013-03-01 loizidesadd trig class for event sel
2013-03-01 svnbitsAvoiding possible static initialization order fiasco...
2013-03-01 gconesabminor fix cluster plotting
2013-03-01 arossibugfixes and improvements of running macro (Matthias)
2013-03-01 gconesabadd opening angle versus energy asymmetry histogram
2013-03-01 miweberreverting changes that were made by accident in version...
2013-03-01 shahoianmade d-tor virtual
2013-03-01 shahoianNoise addition is considered even if there are no signa...
2013-03-01 mkrzewicfrom Ante Bilandzic:
2013-03-01 mkrzewicadds void AliFlowEventSimple::ShuffleTracks() to allow...
2013-03-01 antoniolfixed check on MC before to check file path
2013-03-01 ddobrigkFixed a bug introduced in last commit.
2013-03-01 jklein- add missing forward declaration of AliESDtrack
2013-03-01 gconesabadd histo with opening angle for eta particles
2013-03-01 loizidesfurther patch from Salvatore
2013-02-28 arossiDxHFE update (Hege)
2013-02-28 loizidescleanup
2013-02-28 morschUpdates
2013-02-28 odjuvslaFixing warnings
2013-02-28 odjuvslaChanges to the definition and check of signal/background
2013-02-28 odjuvslaFixing coverity bugs
2013-02-28 odjuvslaFixed bad tagging of photons in eff. calc.
2013-02-28 kleinbUpdates to pp Full jets, AddTask macro added(R. Ma)
2013-02-28 jgrosseosmall fix (Leonardo)
2013-02-28 cbaumannadjust theo's filename
2013-02-28 loizidesUpdate from Salvatore
2013-02-28 loizidesUpdate from Salvatore
2013-02-28 ssakaiupdated
2013-02-28 miweberpatch for Muon efficiency task (Saehanseul Oh <saehanse...
2013-02-28 loizidesUpdates from Ruediger
2013-02-28 mchojnacCorrecting typo in runGridBoth.C macro.