2004-05-11 tkuhruse dummy reconstructor only if detector exists
2004-05-11 schutzAdded Debug options to control verbosity
2004-05-11 schutzAdded GetPrimary method to retrieve the primary particl...
2004-05-11 schutzAdded MakePID method the embryo of Bayesian PID with...
2004-05-11 schutzAdded method to calculate absID from position in PHOS...
2004-05-11 schutzAdded ToF as data member
2004-05-11 morschCharged D added. (A. Dainese)
2004-05-11 hristovAdding HLT tracks to ESD
2004-05-11 hristovUpdate mode for digits instead of recreate to avoid...
2004-05-11 alibraryAllowing coding conventions to be checked
2004-05-10 hristovRemoving warnings (gcc)
2004-05-10 maseranew class added
2004-05-10 maseraSSD Beam test geometry - June 2003
2004-05-10 hristovCompilation on Alpha
2004-05-10 hristovCompilation on Sun
2004-05-10 martinezExtendened class description to include at least 5...
2004-05-10 martinez-Definition/implementation of AliMUONRecoTrack class...
2004-05-10 martinez-Multiple inclusion protection name corrected -Definiti...
2004-05-10 martinezAdded virtual destructor (I. Hrivnacova)
2004-05-10 martinezGlobal constants moved to the class scope. (I. Hrivnacova)
2004-05-10 martinezChanged declarations to be in the order public, protect...
2004-05-10 martinezDefinition/implementation of AliMUONRecoTrack class...
2004-05-10 martinezMultiple inclusion protection name corrected. (I. Hrivn...
2004-05-10 hristovDCXXFLAGS set for compilation of dictionaries (C.Loizides)
2004-05-10 morschD+ -> K pipi added. (A. Dainese)
2004-05-10 hristovOrdered version (C.Loizides)
2004-05-09 alibrarySmall cleanup of flags
2004-05-08 loizidesCentral config and clean up of pkg files.
2004-05-08 loizidesChanges to compile on gcc-2.95 with ansi enabled.
2004-05-07 hristovRecreating rec. points (Yu.Belikov)
2004-05-07 morschCode clean-up. (Andrei Gheata).
2004-05-07 alibraryModifications for Mac
2004-05-07 hristovConsistent regions of interest (T.Kuhr)
2004-05-07 tkuhrprotection against missing header
2004-05-07 hristovDon't consider warnings as errors for the moment
2004-05-07 hristovUsing makefile mode in Emacs
2004-05-07 hristovAdding HLT module
2004-05-07 hristovAdding JETAN and HLT
2004-05-07 hristovRemoving obsolete files
2004-05-07 hristovMoving lib*.pkg
2004-05-07 hristovRemoving test
2004-05-07 hristovTest
2004-05-07 cblumeModifications by T.Kuhr to separate simulation and...
2004-05-07 cblumeMake AliTRDgeometryFull default
2004-05-07 cblumeBug fix to allow for fPHOShole and not fRICHhole
2004-05-07 morschNo special mother volumes for TRD (required by AliTRDge...
2004-05-06 alibraryNew version of AliESD
2004-05-06 schutzForgotten: in reconstruct to get branchname from RunLoa...
2004-05-06 schutzGet the branch name for the RunLoader
2004-05-06 schutzPrint method
2004-05-06 schutzCloning PHOS
2004-05-06 schutzCall the getter without argument
2004-05-06 schutzClean data from folders before reading data. Read Data...
2004-05-06 schutzCall the Getter without argument
2004-05-06 schutzRemove the task from the task folder in the dtor
2004-05-06 schutzSignature of AliESDtrack::GetOuter... has changed
2004-05-06 martinezExtendened class description to include at least 5...
2004-05-06 martinezExtendened class description to include at least 5...
2004-05-06 schutzGet the branch name from the RunLoader
2004-05-06 schutzForces clean of data before reloading. Do systematicall...
2004-05-06 schutzAdded the conversion electron in the particle type...
2004-05-06 schutzRemove the task from the task folder in the dtor
2004-05-06 schutzAdded debug methods
2004-05-06 alla Violations fixed
2004-05-06 loizidesadded pkg files.
2004-05-05 tkuhrfix coding convention violations
2004-05-05 hristovAdditional protection
2004-05-05 decaroCoding violation (RC16): fixed
2004-05-05 alibraryCoding Convention Violations
2004-05-05 alibraryMissing includes
2004-05-05 tkuhrfix coding convention violations
2004-05-05 tkuhrset status bit for no L1/L2 trigger information
2004-05-04 hristovRemoving warnings (Alpha)
2004-05-04 nick04-apr-2004 NvE SetMass() invoked from AliTrack::Set3Mo...
2004-05-04 alibraryCoding Convention Violation correction
2004-05-04 hristovChanges needed in PHOS (Y.Schutz)
2004-05-04 hristovChanges in the PHOS part (Y.Schutz)
2004-05-04 morschLocal and global quantum efficiency maxima are stored.
2004-05-04 morschQuantum efficiency implemented by setting energy deposi...
2004-05-04 morschSet process material to -1 for global call of SetProcess.
2004-05-04 schutzcosmetics
2004-05-04 schutzkSPECIESN from AliESD: number of particle species ident...
2004-05-04 schutzkSPECIESN from AliESD: number of particle species ident...
2004-05-04 schutzNew paricle specy: conversion electron
2004-05-04 hristovAdding TParticle.h
2004-05-03 alibraryCoding convention violations
2004-05-03 enricoTo comply with coding conventions
2004-05-03 alibraryRemoving AliESDCaloTrack now obsolete
2004-05-03 skowronDefault values changed
2004-05-03 skowronDefault values changed
2004-05-03 skowronNew functions added
2004-05-03 skowronBug correction
2004-05-03 maseraCoding conventions + removal of redundant methods
2004-05-03 schutzCoding convention
2004-05-03 schutzIntroducing the AliEMCALReconstructor class driving...
2004-05-01 alibraryCoding Convention Violations
2004-04-30 alibraryCoding Convention Violation Corrections
2004-04-30 hristovNo ISO/ANSI compliance for the old gcc compilers (2...
2004-04-30 hristovClean-up
2004-04-30 hristovIncrementing class version