2011-08-05 cblumeAdd online gain tables (Annika)
2011-08-05 jotwinowcoverity fix
2011-08-05 lietavaFix bug in mu calculation (Plamen)
2011-08-05 jotwinowesdFriend selection modified by Markus Koeler
2011-08-05 gconesabRemove print
2011-08-05 kleinbadding TPC cosntrained tracks back in for comparison
2011-08-05 kleinbadded new cuts (Iter1>70
2011-08-05 gconesabClusters removed during transformation of recpoints...
2011-08-05 gconesabIsolate only leading particles, and some cosmetics
2011-08-05 schutzAdded theDeleteImage method allowing destruction of...
2011-08-05 lietavaPropagating scalers to ESD. (Plamen)
2011-08-05 lietavaAdded methods for mu calculation (Plamen)
2011-08-05 kleinbchanged methods of AOD track
2011-08-04 snellingfix for NUA
2011-08-04 gconesabPossilibity to change the binning and range of time...
2011-08-04 gconesabChange default name of geometry to Complete, add debugg...
2011-08-04 kleinbextra bit for TPC and Global constrained flagging
2011-08-04 akisielDo not use fESDpid if it does not exist
2011-08-04 cvetanFix for memory leak.
2011-08-04 gvolpeHMPID performance task and centrality task added to...
2011-08-04 jgrosseob field dependence
2011-08-04 gvolpeTask AliHMPIDPerformanceTask (L. Molnar) for basic...
2011-08-04 jgrosseochange in dphi distance formula
2011-08-04 sgorbunomistyping fixed
2011-08-04 pchristAdditions in the balance function code, including shuffling
2011-08-03 prinoFix in PID application for LambdaC (Rossella)
2011-08-03 aszostakFixing broken code with temporary fix.
2011-08-03 jotwinow-- changes by Weilin
2011-08-03 jotwinowClone finctionality removed
2011-08-03 prinoupdated systematics for D* analysis in pp @ 2.76TeV...
2011-08-03 lmilanoMain updates: PID and centrality
2011-08-03 hdalsgaaAdded diagnostics
2011-08-03 hdalsgaaAdded diagnostics
2011-08-03 hdalsgaabug fix
2011-08-03 lmilanoSelection on weak processes for secondary particles...
2011-08-02 pulvirAdded a value for computin absolute resolution instead...
2011-08-02 jotwinow-- new trigger mask implemented
2011-08-02 rvernetindented function MakeAnalysisFillHistograms
2011-08-02 gvolpeCoverity fixed
2011-08-02 hristovFix for #68917: Improper usage of TClonesArrays in...
2011-08-02 jotwinow-- new class to store track tree
2011-08-02 akisielFix Coverity report
2011-08-01 gconesabcast histogram content to int to avoid compilation...
2011-08-01 gconesabAllow to do cluster-track matching with TPC only tracks...
2011-08-01 amastrosCoverity fixes. (Mario Sitta)
2011-08-01 lietavaFixed a memory leak in AliCTPTimeParams
2011-08-01 gconesabAdd getter for the channel status in map
2011-08-01 gconesabadd protections against null cluter pointers
2011-08-01 cnattrasDriver macro for calculating Et em corrections
2011-08-01 cnattrasHelper classes for Et em corrections from Marcelo
2011-08-01 cnattrasTask from Marcelo for calculating Et em corrections
2011-08-01 maseraDefinition of labels for SDigits from Raw Data. They...
2011-08-01 wiechulao updates (Pietro)
2011-08-01 richtermbugfix in pointer check, including necessary libraries...
2011-08-01 gvolpeerror in AliHMPIDCluster.h fixed
2011-08-01 richtermaccess optimization, cluster association improved
2011-08-01 richtermadding functionality to indicate regions of spacepoints...
2011-08-01 akisielFix compilation warnings
2011-08-01 akisielFix compilation warnings
2011-08-01 polichehIntroduction of decalibration in the simulations with...
2011-08-01 hdalsgaabug fix from A. Hansen - requesting proper mother parti...
2011-08-01 gvolpeWarning fixed
2011-08-01 hdalsgaaSharing diagnostics
2011-08-01 prinoNew config file for filtering Pb peripheral events
2011-08-01 richtermusing base class HLTSpacePointContainer as function...
2011-07-31 aszostakFix for compiler warning
2011-07-31 gvolpeAdded protection in AliHMPIDReconHTA.cxx and setter...
2011-07-31 gvolpeElectronc noise switched-on in simulation. Default...
2011-07-30 gconesabprotection against null cluster pointer
2011-07-29 gconesabUpdates from Deepa
2011-07-29 snellingcoverty fix
2011-07-29 maseraMore detailed geometry of ITS upgrade (cf. rev. 50841...
2011-07-29 jgrosseoallowing also to measure sum pt
2011-07-29 richtermpad coordinate with respect to middle of the pad (0...
2011-07-29 jgrosseofixing env var in par file creation (after directory...
2011-07-29 jgrosseoadding column for counting of pile up to stat histogram...
2011-07-29 ivanaIn alignment classes:
2011-07-29 ivanaIn rootlogon.C:
2011-07-29 kleinbchanged binning
2011-07-29 jgrosseofabs --> TMath::Abs (Marta V)
2011-07-29 akisielAdd PairPt Cut
2011-07-29 jgrosseoExtension of unfolding procedures (Marco vL, Marta V)
2011-07-29 akisielFix compilation errors
2011-07-28 fcaFixing wrong usage of bits
2011-07-28 shahoiancorrected initialization of ITS chi2's
2011-07-28 shahoiandded ITS chi2 on all 3 steps of tracking
2011-07-28 marianchanging the ranges for gain calibration
2011-07-28 sgorbunoGain calibration added to the HWCF emulation
2011-07-28 akisielPhi star version of the radial distance cut
2011-07-28 akisielAdd PID code
2011-07-28 akisielAdd PID code
2011-07-28 maseraCheck of UniqueID temporarily disabled (Melinda)
2011-07-28 amastrosCommitt for the simulation a more detailed description...
2011-07-28 jgrosseoincreasing dphi axis range
2011-07-28 sgorbunocorrection in call of the offline cluster transformation
2011-07-28 guernaneInclude variable jet patch size handling in decoding
2011-07-28 wiechulao be more tolerant with file name to determine the...
2011-07-28 zampolliTypo.
2011-07-28 zampolliMemory leak fixed.
2011-07-27 cblumeRemove gMC->Gstpar() calls from Init(). Now all is...