2008-04-30 maseraAliITSRecoParam retrieved from the OCDB
2008-04-30 cblumeNew reference data from Alexander
2008-04-30 cheynisSurvey information file
2008-04-30 cheynisAliAlignObjMatrix replaced by AliAlignObjParams
2008-04-30 cheynisAliAlignObjMatrix replaced by AliAlignObjParams
2008-04-30 cblumeChanges for neural network
2008-04-30 zampolliImproving TClonesArray handling - using TClonesArray...
2008-04-30 pavlinovAdded #include <cassert> by request of Mateusz Ploskon
2008-04-30 pavlinovNo conversions from Int_t to Short at FillESD
2008-04-30 maseraRemoving outdated documentation
2008-04-30 maseraremoving obsolete directory manual
2008-04-30 maseraDocumentation skeleton for ITS (M.M.) and documantation...
2008-04-30 akisielUpdates to the AliAnalysisFemtoTask. Adding default...
2008-04-30 maseraRemoving old documentation
2008-04-30 martinezAdding PWG3muon.par setting (Diego)
2008-04-30 aszostakGetting rid of zero length arrays in the block structur...
2008-04-30 ivanaIn AliMpPad:
2008-04-30 daineseAdded cuts for Ds and Lc
2008-04-30 daineseupdate configuration
2008-04-30 belikovCorrecting a minor bug (A. Dainese)
2008-04-30 haavardCorrect memory management in TPC preprocessor
2008-04-30 aszostakFixing script so that it does not use an obsolete comma...
2008-04-30 dibariSuggestion from FC to avoid fragmentation of memory
2008-04-30 mploskonNew offline TRD tracker (V1) injected into HLT.
2008-04-30 mploskonNano change. Warning message corrected.
2008-04-30 daineseload libPWG3vertexingOld
2008-04-30 daineseload libPWG3vertexingHF
2008-04-30 martinezNew README for PWG3 module and update in the READMEmuon...
2008-04-30 martinezForgot to add the new class from Diego for efficiency...
2008-04-30 morschProtection added.
2008-04-30 martinezFixing warnings in AliAnalysisTaskTrigChEff compilation...
2008-04-30 martinezAdded AliAnalysisTaskTrigChEff: analysis task for trigg...
2008-04-30 martinezNew structure of PWG3: PWG3base, PWG3muon, PWG3vertexin...
2008-04-30 mploskonNew options: 1)raw data type. 2)initialization of recon...
2008-04-29 pavlinovJet trigger staf which was used at EMCAL CD2 simulation;
2008-04-29 maseraAliITSDDLModuleMapSDD object not deleted i the destructor
2008-04-29 hdalsgaaIntroduced a data member TClonesArray to avoid redeclar...
2008-04-29 cvetanRemoval of the simulated CDH which is not present in...
2008-04-29 cblumeNew reference distribution
2008-04-29 marianAdding consistency checks (Jens)
2008-04-29 cblumeBug fix in momentum assignment for tracklets
2008-04-29 marianAdding new functionality to the ComaprisonComponent
2008-04-29 marianUpdate analysis macros (Jacek)
2008-04-29 marianAdding documentation for usage of PWG1
2008-04-29 schutzcheckin if owner before Delete
2008-04-29 morschCorrection for the connections of the trees.
2008-04-29 hristovTest for the first physics production
2008-04-29 schutzforgot a protection before delete
2008-04-29 schutzcleaning TObjArray
2008-04-29 schutzclosing files properly
2008-04-29 ivanaUpdate serial number for DE513
2008-04-28 mtadelFrom Bogdan:
2008-04-28 schutzcleaning
2008-04-28 schutzcleaning
2008-04-28 schutzchecking if geometry exist before loading it
2008-04-28 alla sorry i forgot commit header
2008-04-28 hristovThe original random number routines are commented out...
2008-04-28 coppedisMemory leak corrected (Andreas)
2008-04-28 coppedisMemory leak corrected (Andreas)
2008-04-28 belikovAdding the data member for the nominal solenoid field
2008-04-28 hdalsgaaChanged call to TClonesArray::GetEntries() to TClonesAr...
2008-04-28 schutzreading geometry during Init
2008-04-28 schutzreading geometry from OCDB
2008-04-28 aszostakRemoving calibration components which are only run...
2008-04-28 hristovNo optimization with g95
2008-04-28 hdalsgaaFixed a bug in the arguments to the program
2008-04-28 hdalsgaaFixed a bug in the arguments to the program
2008-04-28 hdalsgaaChanged a call to GetEntries() to GetEntriesFast()...
2008-04-28 allarealistic QA REC checker
2008-04-28 cvetanBug fix: A certain kind of corrupted data the outputbuf...
2008-04-28 kowal2updated
2008-04-28 kowal2updated
2008-04-28 kowal2updated
2008-04-28 kowal2updated
2008-04-26 hristovAdditional protection: no calculation of the threshold...
2008-04-26 mtadelFrom Boris and Antonin: Add DCA and pt cuts for v0s.
2008-04-26 mtadelCompilation warning.
2008-04-26 hristovCorrected opening of the data file (using the same...
2008-04-26 hristovFixed exit condition in the serach loops
2008-04-25 richtermadded MaxQ to cluster data
2008-04-25 richterm- tutorial and sample macros updated
2008-04-25 richterm- AliHLTEsdManager: minor bufix -> correct error handling
2008-04-25 richtermhandle missing data headers in AliRawReaderPiublisherCo...
2008-04-25 ivanaUpdated serial number for station 3,4 & 5
2008-04-25 hristovNew locations of some Root object files
2008-04-25 ivanaUpdated DE names for station345
2008-04-25 hristovUpdated version (Ernesto)
2008-04-25 ivanaUpdate in HP decoders:
2008-04-25 ivanaUpdate in HP decoders:
2008-04-25 ivanaUpdated serial number for station345
2008-04-25 ivanaCorrected rounded shapes and their placements
2008-04-25 hdalsgaaNew version with sample rate map and progress meter
2008-04-25 hdalsgaaMade method to obtain the transformations public. Requi...
2008-04-25 hdalsgaaNew version to incorporate use of daqDAlib
2008-04-25 hdalsgaaNew version to incorporate use of daqDAlib
2008-04-25 hdalsgaaNew version to incorporate use of daqDAlib
2008-04-25 haavardUpdates to include status maps for high voltage sensors
2008-04-25 polichehAdded histogram container (TObjArray)
2008-04-25 hristovbugfix: making HLT reconstruction work for more than...
2008-04-25 hristovinclude AliEMCAL.h