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2006-09-19 marianParameters of miscalibration in the head of the file...
2006-09-19 hristovGeneral code revision (Andrea)
2006-09-19 cblumeRemove dEdxT, some cleanup
2006-09-19 belikovChecking if the field map is set and propagating the...
2006-09-18 hristovFixing some problems in the CDB access (Alberto)
2006-09-18 hristovUpdated version of the CDB classes. Bug fix in AliCDBGr...
2006-09-18 hristovRemoving debug printout (Yu.Belikov)
2006-09-18 hristovRestoring the possibility to reconstruct the tracks...
2006-09-18 hristovRemoving the division by track curvature from the seedi...
2006-09-18 hristovMinor changes (Yu.Belikov)
2006-09-18 hristovRemoving an obsolete method
2006-09-18 cvetanEffective C++ mods
2006-09-18 hristovEffective C++ changes
2006-09-18 ivanaCorrected copy constructor (Alessandro)
2006-09-18 marianCoding violation fixies (Marian)
2006-09-18 marianEffective C++ warning removal (Marian)
2006-09-18 ekman* Changed the trigger bias correction scheme (added...
2006-09-15 marianProtection against change of interface for object stori...
2006-09-15 cvetanSpec file for production of RPM with static libraries...
2006-09-15 ivanaRemoving implementation of protected copy constructor &
2006-09-15 ivanaCleanup EffC++ warnings
2006-09-15 cheynisMisnaming of V0A parameter corrected
2006-09-15 ivanaCleanup Effc++ warnings (Laurent)
2006-09-15 ivanaCleanup Effc++ warnings
2006-09-15 marianDisabled analysis of signals (Marian)
2006-09-15 morschRaw2SDigits implemented (A.M., M. Masera)
2006-09-15 belikovInclusion of the index of associated EMCAL cluster
2006-09-14 kirNew way to calc mean ref idx
2006-09-14 pcrochetSimplified the check of interface boards in LocalRespon...
2006-09-14 nick14-sep-2006 NvE Typo corrected in AliSignal copy ctor.
2006-09-14 nick12-sep-2006 NvE Memberfunctions GetNslots and AddNamedS...
2006-09-14 morschPossibility to activate PRIM-ION
2006-09-14 ivanaCleanuo Effc++ warnings (Sasha)
2006-09-14 morschGetPrimaryElectronKineticEnergy() corrected.
2006-09-13 richterm- ChangeLog updated
2006-09-13 richterm- version HLT-v0-4 ready
2006-09-13 ivanaRemoving implementation of protected copy constructor &
2006-09-13 ivanaCleanup Effective C++ warnings:
2006-09-13 ivanaUsing AliLog instead of Root error messages
2006-09-13 kirtmp files before transition to new naming
2006-09-13 pcrochetRemoving effc++ warnings & cosmetics (Christian, Laurent)
2006-09-13 kirReal aliases names
2006-09-13 marianImproved fitting of gating pulse (Marian)
2006-09-13 marianChanges due TPC track representation (Marian)
2006-09-13 pcrochetOptimized rawdata reconstruction & removing effc++...
2006-09-13 morschAccess to common block ALLDLT containing primary ionisa...
2006-09-13 morschFirst commit.
2006-09-13 morschUpdates needed for Fluka version 2006.3
2006-09-13 pcrochetStore right local board numbers (Christian)
2006-09-13 marianRemove obsolete class AliTPCclusterLMI (Marian)
2006-09-13 marianAdd gating grid and central electrode pulse analisys...
2006-09-13 marianChanges due change of the CalibDB interface (Marian)
2006-09-13 kharlovEffective C++ corrections (T.Pocheptsov)
2006-09-12 ivanaFixing Effective C++ warnings (Laurent)
2006-09-12 ivanaFixing Effective C++ warnings (Laurent)
2006-09-12 ivanaImplemented iterator (Laurent)
2006-09-12 ivanaAdding AliMUON2DMapIterator class (Laurent)
2006-09-12 ivanaAdded comments (Laurent)
2006-09-12 ivanaFixing Effective C++ warnings (Laurent)
2006-09-12 ivanaAdding Iterator method (Laurent)
2006-09-12 morschConfiguration kPyLhwgMb (hep-ph/0604120) added. (Boris...
2006-09-12 morschDummy kCTEQ6ll added.
2006-09-12 bnandiMacro to check quality plots for PMD
2006-09-12 pcrochetswitch to activate trigger coincidence 3/4 or 4/4
2006-09-11 pcrochetswitch to activate ResponseTriggerV1 from Config
2006-09-11 pcrochetEffC++ warnings fixed
2006-09-11 ivanaRight computing of the chamber number for digit
2006-09-11 ivanaCorrecting EffC++ warnings
2006-09-08 ivanaAdded description for the new analysis macros
2006-09-08 ivanaNew library analysis
2006-09-08 ivanaNew library for analysis
2006-09-08 ivanaNew analysis macros
2006-09-08 ivanaNew classes for analysis
2006-09-08 hristovSome minor corrections (Yu.Belikov)
2006-09-08 cvetanAliRoot version is added to the titles of the raw-data...
2006-09-08 ekmanAdded function to merge standard correction with vertex...
2006-09-08 kharlovReadRaw(): replace TGraph by TH1F for samples (B.Polich...
2006-09-08 richterm- moved AliHLTDisplay files from TPCLib to TPCLib/Onlin...
2006-09-08 richtermAliHLTTPCDisplay.cxx moved from TPCLib to TPCLib/Online...
2006-09-08 richtermTPC Reference library removed
2006-09-07 kharlovEffective c++ corrections (T.Pocheptsov)
2006-09-07 kirInitial commitment
2006-09-07 kharlovReadRaw(): TGraphs are created once per event (B.Polich...
2006-09-06 cvetanA small fix to the RunLoader that solves the following...
2006-09-06 hristovReverting after an accidental commit
2006-09-06 hristovMacros to load separately the libraries needed for...
2006-09-06 mtadelRecord changes.
2006-09-06 mtadelFrom Bogdan: fix effc++ warnings, add comments.
2006-09-06 hristovCode cleanup (Yu.Belikov)
2006-09-06 hristovPossibility to use loadlibs.C on Solaris x86
2006-09-06 richtermminor change in order to make vector templates availabl...
2006-09-06 richterm- parameter protection in the TPC raw reader class
2006-09-06 ekmanAdded name when constructing AliESDtrackCuts object
2006-09-06 ekmanAdded default constructor
2006-09-06 ekmanAdded selector to check esd track cuts.
2006-09-06 belikovRemoving the dependence on AliHelix
2006-09-05 pcrochetremoving fc++ warnings
2006-09-05 hristovRestoring some modifications done in version 1.22
2006-09-05 hristovRestoring some modifications done in version 1.71
2006-09-05 jgrosseoupdating makefile to include evgen headers to compile...