2007-11-07 panosRemoving not needed files
2007-11-07 panosRemoving not needed files
2007-11-07 schutzcreate the RUN directory, where QA result is stored...
2007-11-07 mtadelRecord changes.
2007-11-07 mtadelCascade and V0 classes moved from Reve to Alieve namespace.
2007-11-07 mtadelMoved from Reve to Alieve.
2007-11-07 mtadelAdded entries for Cascade and V0 classes.
2007-11-07 mtadelMoved to Alieve.
2007-11-07 mtadelRemoved entries for Cascade and V0 classes.
2007-11-07 schutzcoding conventions
2007-11-07 schutzComment out the QA checking before starting digitization
2007-11-07 schutzQA Detector Exclusion mechanism
2007-11-07 schutzALL QA naming conventions and files in AliQA
2007-11-07 schutzALL QA naming conventions and files in AliQA
2007-11-07 schutzMacro to perform QA
2007-11-07 rgrossoupdated ideal geometry
2007-11-06 richtermcoding conventions (Oystein/Per Thomas)
2007-11-06 aljaRecord changes.
2007-11-06 aljaChange range for number of tick-mark.
2007-11-06 aljaCheck if projected value is in the limit.
2007-11-06 aljaMove NLTProjectale class from GeoRnrEl to GeoShapeRnrEl.
2007-11-06 aljaRemove common base class class for GeoNodeRnrEl and...
2007-11-06 aljaImplement load/save of GeoNodeRnrEl and GeoShapeRnrEl...
2007-11-06 jgrosseoadding default constructor that does not need a name
2007-11-06 jgrosseoprevening warning of hidden function:
2007-11-06 jgrosseoprevening warning of hidden function:
2007-11-06 jgrosseointroduction flag to skip the reading of track referenc...
2007-11-06 schutzremoved definition
2007-11-06 richtermHLT TPC Conformal mapping tracker running in AliRoot
2007-11-06 richterm- bugfix AliHLTDataBuffer: size of buffer descriptor...
2007-11-06 cblumeback again
2007-11-06 schutzPut all the naming conventions into AlIQA
2007-11-06 alla T0 mean position for channel width 24.4
2007-11-06 alla remove warnings
2007-11-06 allafloat channel width
2007-11-06 mtadelRecord changes.
2007-11-06 mtadelRemove obsolete setup of GL viewer.
2007-11-06 mtadelSeparate import of standard macros into a special funct...
2007-11-06 mtadelUse geometry.root (misaligned_geometry.root no longer...
2007-11-06 mtadelRecord changes.
2007-11-06 mtadelUse TDirectoryFile when creating event directory for...
2007-11-06 mtadelOriginal track's path marks were copied to the projecte...
2007-11-06 mtadelComments, grayspace.
2007-11-06 coppedisAdding low resolution channels to reco object
2007-11-06 cvetanReverse the order in which the directories are removed...
2007-11-06 coppedisCoding convention violation corrected
2007-11-06 coppedisUpdate of ZDC Shuttle preprocessor (II/II) -> test...
2007-11-06 coppedisCoding convention correction
2007-11-06 alibraryIgnoring smell subdet
2007-11-06 coppedisAscii data file with parameters from PHYSICS runs neede...
2007-11-06 coppedisUpdate of ZDC Shuttle preprocessor (II/II)
2007-11-06 coppedisCoding convention correction
2007-11-06 coppedisMinor changes
2007-11-06 cblumeremove classes until coding violations are fixed
2007-11-06 dibariWrong segment word signature fixed (5800->5900)
2007-11-06 dibariHTA included. A running mean ref. index is added to...
2007-11-06 dibariCall to HTA added.
2007-11-06 dibariNo HLT specific for HMPID (not needed)
2007-11-06 dibariNew class AliHMPIDReconHTA
2007-11-06 dibariAdapted to new HTA class. When HTA is selected, a new...
2007-11-06 dibariImprovements in display options.
2007-11-06 dibariTemporar HTA functions moved to proper class + minors.
2007-11-06 dibariNew class for Hidden Track Algorithm (HTA) devoted...
2007-11-05 cvetanRemoving unnecessary characters form the DA description
2007-11-05 cvetanThe DA description is read form the DA source file...
2007-11-05 cblumeTest beam analysis class by Sylwester
2007-11-05 cholmFixes to the preprocessor.
2007-11-05 zampolliRequired info added as comments at the beginning of...
2007-11-05 cblumeTest beam raw data reading
2007-11-05 martinezMap of hit point in the trigger chamber (Diego)
2007-11-05 allaequalized time delays for maenear
2007-11-05 allaequalizing time delays on TimeMeaner
2007-11-05 bnanditime range changed
2007-11-04 cholmFixed AliFMDPreprocessor to use GetFromOCDB. It is...
2007-11-04 coppedisUpdate (I/II)
2007-11-04 coppedisUpdated test macro for ZDC Shuttle preprocessor
2007-11-04 coppedisEauqlization coefficients included
2007-11-04 coppedisMinor corrections
2007-11-04 coppedisRemoved
2007-11-03 coppedisData file for sector equalization
2007-11-03 coppedisUpdated file
2007-11-02 richtermbugfix: SliceTracker handles only input blocks of known...
2007-11-02 richtermcode cleanup, coding rules, eff C++
2007-11-02 richtermcorrect handling of multiple output data types
2007-11-02 marianChanges due to new PROOF (Marian)
2007-11-02 cvetanStoring the Altro mapping objects in the CDB. Macro...
2007-11-02 marianInitialization of the calibration component in special...
2007-11-02 marianProtection for AliESDevent (Marian)
2007-11-02 cvetanUpdated CDB entries. Keep only the forward mapping...
2007-11-02 cvetanKeep only the forward mapping array persistent, the...
2007-11-02 markusFix array sizes.
2007-11-02 hristovProtection if the compiler is not gcc
2007-11-02 hristovAdding Solaris with CC
2007-11-02 hristovUnused array commented out
2007-11-02 hristovProvide return value if the function is not void
2007-11-02 hristovInitialization of data members
2007-11-02 markusTrack propagation and coordinate transformation moved...
2007-11-02 marianNew functions implemented (Marian)
2007-11-02 alla one more bug fix
2007-11-02 acollaImproved log message