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2001-04-06 schutzcan now read from HPSS
2001-04-06 frankenSimplification for Fast Simulator
2001-04-06 morschVersion 3 of the PMD. (Tapan K. Nayak)
2001-04-06 morschAnti e-neutrino added to g3 particle list.
2001-04-06 schutzmodification of geometry
2001-04-06 schutzRemoved default values in pure abstract class
2001-04-06 frankencleanup
2001-04-06 frankenExampel to use AliL3Evaluate
2001-04-06 frankenadd mrproper and wipe
2001-04-06 frankenminor changes, bugfix for FastSim
2001-04-06 frankenChanged max_num_of_hits to 120000
2001-04-06 morschMUONv1 with default set-up
2001-04-06 morschpipe, abso and shil on again.
2001-04-06 fcaStopping GEANT for duplicated volumes
2001-04-06 morschDependency on implementations of AliSegmentation and...
2001-04-06 morschClear fParticles after each event. (Ivana Hrivnacova)
2001-04-05 schutznew methods added
2001-04-05 schutzfDigitizer set to 0 in ctr
2001-04-05 schutzMathod StartFrom changed
2001-04-05 schutzadded the ctor of AliDetector which was removed by...
2001-04-05 gossetCleaning: suppression of Cpoints and (R2points + CoG2)
2001-04-05 schutzcancel previous update
2001-04-05 schutzchanges in the geometry
2001-04-05 schutzchanges in the geometry
2001-04-04 schutzcorrect an error in naming volume PCEL was defined...
2001-04-04 schutzremove cint file
2001-04-04 schutzintroducing the US EM calorimeter
2001-04-04 schutzcleanup
2001-04-04 schutzremoved left over to adapt to the new design
2001-04-04 morschOverlap between ITSD and ISO1 corrected (R. Barbera)
2001-04-04 schutznew html documentatin
2001-04-04 schutznew classes that were automatically generated from...
2001-04-04 schutzforward declaration
2001-04-04 schutzremove useless ctor
2001-04-04 schutznew volume names
2001-04-04 schutzforward declaration, replace assert by abort
2001-04-04 schutznew design: digits are not data members of AliPHOS...
2001-04-04 schutznew design: derived from TTask
2001-04-04 schutznew design: singleton to be used instead od AliPHOS...
2001-04-04 schutzforward declaration
2001-04-04 schutznew design: digits are not data members of AliPHOS...
2001-04-04 schutzcan now only write mixed digits into one of the file...
2001-04-04 schutznew volume names
2001-04-04 schutznew design:derived from AliPHOSEmcRecPoint. methods...
2001-04-04 schutznew design:clusterizers derive from TTask
2001-04-04 schutzcommented out methods to be adapted to the new design
2001-04-04 schutzadapted to new design, has to be completed
2001-04-04 schutzalot of cleaning: reconstruction data members removed...
2001-04-04 hristovSTART volumes renamed
2001-04-04 allachanges according Coding Convension
2001-04-04 morsch- muon and tau neutrinos added to g3 particle list...
2001-04-04 hristovTest the access to EMCAL
2001-04-04 hristovTest the access to EMCAL
2001-04-04 frankenminor changes for Benchmark
2001-04-04 barberaPosition of the cylinders holding rails corrected
2001-04-03 kowal2Removed printouts
2001-04-03 coppedisCorrection suggested by Hristov
2001-04-02 morschGeometry update with pessimistic rails. (R. Barbera)
2001-03-30 vestboRemoved obsolete code, and removed a typo
2001-03-30 vestboAdded new base class
2001-03-30 vestboRemoved obsolete code
2001-03-30 vestboUpdating changes before the weekend
2001-03-30 cblumeUpdate of the digitization parameter
2001-03-30 cblumeNew version of the test procedure
2001-03-30 gossetCentroid of raw clusters displayed for each cathode...
2001-03-30 gossetComments put back
2001-03-30 gossetInitialisations of pointers... for GEANT background...
2001-03-30 morschInclude FinishRun() method.
2001-03-30 morschFinal print-out in finish run.
2001-03-30 morschCall fGenerator->FinishRun() for final print-outs,...
2001-03-30 morschFinishRun() added. Needed for final print-outs, cross...
2001-03-29 barberaSome changes to the services due to the new drawings...
2001-03-29 barberaNew flag added to change the material for some service...
2001-03-29 barberaRails material changed from aluminum to carbon fiber...
2001-03-28 hristovstdlib.h included (HP,Sun)
2001-03-28 morschTemporary solution for beam-pipe until ITS geometry...
2001-03-28 hristovAliFMDdigit.cxx and AliFMDSDigitizer.cxx added to the...
2001-03-28 hristovLoop variables declared only once, old style include...
2001-03-28 hristovLoop variables declared only once (HP,Sun)
2001-03-28 barberaCentral and services mother volumes made consistenf...
2001-03-27 barberaTest macro to read and plot hits, digits and recpoints
2001-03-27 barberaThe meaning of some printout improved
2001-03-27 barberaTest macro to run the vertex finder
2001-03-27 barberaNew class for vertex finding
2001-03-27 barberaModified to take into account vertex finder class
2001-03-27 cblumeCorrect for volume overlaps
2001-03-27 morschInclude decay probability of pions and kaons in weight...
2001-03-27 morschWeight calculation for correlated particles updated:
2001-03-27 morschCharm pt-distribution corrected. More realistic y-distr...
2001-03-27 morschInitialize decayer before generation. Important if...
2001-03-27 morschAdd ResetDecayTable() and SsetDecayTable() methods.
2001-03-27 morschSave pythia default decay table at first initialization...
2001-03-27 allaFMD geometry with pad and SDigits
2001-03-27 allaFMD geometry with pad and SDigits
2001-03-27 barberaSwitch for cooling fluid implemented. Mother volumes...
2001-03-26 vestboAdded a macro
2001-03-26 vestboGeneral updates
2001-03-26 vestboDebugging update
2001-03-26 frankenminor changes
2001-03-26 frankenBugfix using Aliroot Inputfiles, changes in Init select...