2007-10-18 acollaCall to fRunLoader->LoadHeader(); added in InitRunLoade...
2007-10-18 richtermHLT build system fix
2007-10-18 richtermcoding conventions
2007-10-18 zampolliStoring result of DCS data point processing in referenc...
2007-10-18 kharlovUse of AliPHOSGetter removed
2007-10-18 kharlovBad channels cleaned before clusterization
2007-10-18 kharlovMisalignment-related bug fixed
2007-10-18 kharlovRemoved wrong dependence on distance from energy deposi...
2007-10-18 cblumePatch to deal with big endians (MAC)
2007-10-18 gustavoCorrect path of object in file from RecParam/Data to...
2007-10-18 morschCorrect 4-momentum for particles after interaction...
2007-10-18 hristovBethe-Bloch formula normalized to one at the minimum...
2007-10-18 belikovAdding some track quality selections
2007-10-17 acollanextMessage removed from client
2007-10-17 schutzMade ready for the analysis train
2007-10-17 cvetanCOrrect handling of integers and shorts in case of...
2007-10-17 cvetanBug fix
2007-10-17 marianUsing float precission for mean field components (Marian)
2007-10-17 marianCoding violation fixies (Jens Viechula)
2007-10-17 richtermfix for disabled hough tracking code
2007-10-17 richtermfix for 64bit architectures after last commit
2007-10-17 cvetanBugfix (Gustavo)
2007-10-17 morschExtrusion corrected.
2007-10-17 richtermremoved friend dependencies in AliHLTDataBuffer::AliHLT...
2007-10-17 richtermget rid of warning in HLT build system after exluding...
2007-10-17 ivanaMerging two methods, no longer needed to be separated...
2007-10-17 hristovCallback function for additional information about...
2007-10-17 ivanaMoved to mapping, as AliMpHVNamer (Laurent)
2007-10-17 ivanaRemoving AliMpManuList clas, now obsolete (Laurent)
2007-10-17 ivanaUpdated with modified classes in mapping
2007-10-17 ivanaRemoving redundant includes
2007-10-17 ivanaAdding FindPCBIndexByMotifPositionID method (Laurent)
2007-10-17 ivanaAdding HasMotifPositionID method (Laurent)
2007-10-17 ivanaAdding a GetObjectFast method (Laurent)
2007-10-17 ivanaBe explicit with the kind of manus we are counting...
2007-10-17 ivanaFunctionality of defunct AliMpManuList is now in AliMpD...
2007-10-17 ivanaAdding a warning parameter to the Add method (Laurent)
2007-10-17 ivanaAdding RAWDatarec before STEER (Laurent)
2007-10-17 ivanaProtection against not accessible input OCDB (Laurent)
2007-10-17 ivanaAdding classes: AliMpManuIterator, AliMpManuUID, AliMpP...
2007-10-17 ivanaRemoving AliMUONHVNamer class (Laurent)
2007-10-17 ivanaRemove the NOSTATUSMAP option (Laurent)
2007-10-17 ivanaUsing AliMpHVNamer instead of the (removed) AliMUONHVNa...
2007-10-17 ivanaChanges to speed up creating of status and status map...
2007-10-17 ivanaNo longer uses TObject::Clone default implementation...
2007-10-17 ivanaRemoved an unnecessary method (Laurent)
2007-10-17 ivanaAdding timer and fixing a (small) memory leak (Laurent)
2007-10-17 ivanaAdding methods w/o bound checking (Laurent)
2007-10-17 ivanaChanges for removal of AliMpManuList (Laurent)
2007-10-17 ivanaRemoved usage of removed class AliMpManuList
2007-10-17 ivanaSmall optimizations
2007-10-17 ivanaMake it independent from (loading the) mapping
2007-10-17 ivanaInitial version (Laurent)
2007-10-17 morschCorrection of indices in the previous update.
2007-10-17 morschGetMedium returns (-1) if outside geometry.
2007-10-17 hristovFixed memory leaks. Associate clusters with tracks...
2007-10-17 hristovSimplified version of AliEMCALReconstructor::FillESD...
2007-10-17 dibariTake into account the Qthre from OCDB + minors
2007-10-17 maseraAnode dependent drift speed. AliITSsegmentationSDD...
2007-10-17 richtermHLT build system fix
2007-10-17 rgrossoUpdated geometry
2007-10-17 mtadelRecord changes.
2007-10-17 mtadelFrom Massimo: constructor of AliITSsegmentationSDD...
2007-10-17 acollaRemoved links to not yet committed classes!
2007-10-17 acollaProtection added (Haavard)
2007-10-17 richtermHough tracking temporarily disabled; legacy files removed
2007-10-17 richtermbugfix: dictionary generation
2007-10-17 richtermAliHLTConfiguration.cxx splitted to comply with coding...
2007-10-17 marianUsing cluster position and angular correction for clust...
2007-10-17 marianAdding things to the "debug" streamer (Marian)
2007-10-17 marianFixing coding violation problems (Haavard)
2007-10-16 morschDouble_t version of SetCerenkov.
2007-10-16 morschNo debug by default.
2007-10-16 mploskonCalibration component - beta implementation of AliHLTCa...
2007-10-16 zampolliChanges according to new TOF Raw Data format.
2007-10-16 maseraMacro to check the quality of ITS clusters
2007-10-16 hristovTOF geometry with holes in front of three PHOS modules...
2007-10-16 morschBuffer for correct particle 4-vector after interaction...
2007-10-16 morschCorrect energy of interacting particle after BREMS...
2007-10-16 morschNo double step.
2007-10-16 morschCorrect status during PreTrack()
2007-10-16 jgrosseofixed bug if zero values collected
2007-10-16 rgrossoAddition of getter/setter of the reduced covariance...
2007-10-16 pavlinovfixed code violation (almost)
2007-10-16 jgrosseochanging to AMANDA protocol version 2
2007-10-16 marianRemove simple coding violation problems (Marian)
2007-10-16 marianUse new include to the splitted header files (Marian)
2007-10-16 marianUsing the new header files - after splitting of the...
2007-10-16 marianSplitting AliGenIfo to 3 separate files (Marian)
2007-10-16 marianAliGenInfo splitted to 3 files per each info (Marian)
2007-10-16 marianUse new AliESDRecXXXInfo
2007-10-16 marianremoving files - files splitted to 3 separate files
2007-10-16 marianAliRecInfo file splitted to 3 classes (Marian)
2007-10-16 marianUpdate components for comparison visualization (Marian)
2007-10-16 marianRemove warnings (Marian)
2007-10-16 richtermdocumentation, formatting, coding conventions
2007-10-16 richtermcorrected copy and paste typo
2007-10-16 morschProcess codes corrected/completed.
2007-10-16 richtermtemporary fix for missing error code on mac
2007-10-16 richtermAliLog handler moved to libHLTrec, minor cleanup in...