2012-01-23 rgrossoEnabling creation and reading of the CDB snapshot also...
2012-01-23 kleinbone more tpcrefit added
2012-01-23 kleinbAdded tpcrefit requirement for QA task, cut configurati...
2012-01-23 rpreghenbuild fix while migrating code
2012-01-23 rpreghencreated pi/K/p TOF subfolders for pp7 and PbPb276 analyses
2012-01-23 rpreghencode migration for pi/K/p spectra analysis in TPCTOF
2012-01-23 kleinbchanged binning to account for better momentum resoluti...
2012-01-23 rpreghencode migration for pi/K/p spectra analysis in ITSsa
2012-01-23 rpreghencreated PWGLF-SPECTRA directory structure
2012-01-23 richtermhelper methods to get single slice and partition from...
2012-01-23 richtermfatal error in case of HLT TPC cluster decoding problems
2012-01-23 richtermdouble checks in the decoding procedure for better...
2012-01-22 marianCoverity warning removal
2012-01-22 maseraCode clean-up
2012-01-22 loizidesskim task first usable version
2012-01-22 loizidesset track matching flag
2012-01-22 loizidesext track class
2012-01-22 morschCoding rule violation corrected.
2012-01-22 morschCoding rule corrections
2012-01-22 morschCoverity fix
2012-01-21 prinoPossibility to select a specific resonant channel for...
2012-01-21 prinoPossibility to get detailed PID output for Ds (Gian...
2012-01-21 marianCoverity fix
2012-01-21 marianCoverity fix - 4
2012-01-21 gconesabcorrect inverted eta-phi variables, add histograms...
2012-01-21 dainesecoverity
2012-01-21 morschFix for coverity 18265
2012-01-21 morschCoverity fix.
2012-01-21 miweberIncluded centrality estimator string in output list...
2012-01-21 hristovCompilation warnings
2012-01-20 hristovFixes for coverity: SELF_ASSIGN
2012-01-20 coppedisFix by Ruben
2012-01-20 kleinbSpectra: bug fix. Forgot to take the square root of...
2012-01-20 rgrossoconfig-file to generate the geometry setup for 2012
2012-01-20 fcaRemoving TClonesArray deletions (C.Cheshkov)
2012-01-20 hristovChanges for #84578: Request to extend AliGenBox for...
2012-01-20 hristovChanges for #25142: Commit and porting to Release of...
2012-01-20 daineseCoverity
2012-01-20 jgrosseomoving addtask macros to PWGCF
2012-01-20 richtermusing one instance of decoder for all events
2012-01-20 fcaPartially fixing TClonesArray create / delete
2012-01-20 richtermimplementing proper cleanup of internal variables in...
2012-01-20 jgrosseofix in includes
2012-01-19 maseraITS alignment QA trending
2012-01-19 kleinbchanged binning for random cones
2012-01-19 maseraMinor change for LHC11e
2012-01-19 loizidesswitch off spd vtx constraining if non-hyb version...
2012-01-19 pchristFixing the name of the output
2012-01-19 gconesabcompilation warning
2012-01-19 gconesabcoverity
2012-01-19 richtermupdating list of required OCDB objects
2012-01-19 fcaFixing a possible leak, logics still flawed though...
2012-01-19 morschCorrection.
2012-01-19 gconesabcomment out print, change default setting for local...
2012-01-19 gconesab Change energy splitting to 3x3 plus some rough cell...
2012-01-19 gconesabAdd print on the found particle tag
2012-01-19 dsilvermfrom F. Blanco: updating number of EMCal SuperModules...
2012-01-19 loizidestypo
2012-01-18 loizidesmake mini esd tracks
2012-01-18 loizidesstore eta/phi emcal also in hijacked variable
2012-01-18 jgrosseomoving files from PWG4 to PWGCF
2012-01-18 jgrosseocoverity
2012-01-18 rgrosso1) UnloadFromCache does not only remove the entry ...
2012-01-18 marian//
2012-01-18 fcaCoverity 18391
2012-01-18 fcaCoverity 18791
2012-01-18 loizidesadd tracks and clusters
2012-01-18 slindalupdates from gsi trunk
2012-01-18 loizidescomments
2012-01-18 loizidesconsistency
2012-01-18 fcaFixing possible memory inflation
2012-01-18 jgrosseosmall updates before moving code around
2012-01-18 jgrosseoTOF matching window cut (Chiara Zampolli)
2012-01-18 loizidestask to skim esd files.
2012-01-18 gconesabcorrect the cluster rejection by energy range and numbe...
2012-01-18 morschFix for coverity 17980
2012-01-18 morschFix for coverity 18283
2012-01-18 loizidesmacros needed slight update
2012-01-18 morschFix for coverity 18323
2012-01-18 morschFix for coverity 18322 (hopefully)
2012-01-18 gconesabcorrect more histogram titles
2012-01-18 gconesabcorrect histogram titles
2012-01-18 gconesabAdd track matching control histograms to several analys...
2012-01-18 gconesabsplit cluster energy adding to local maxima cells,...
2012-01-18 gconesabUse fiducial cut only when switch is on, correct histog...
2012-01-18 gconesabAdd temporarily some histograms to correlate with HMPID
2012-01-18 gconesabAdd histograms to study shape of bad clusters
2012-01-17 martinezStandard constructors to easily include muon (track...
2012-01-17 loizidesdo track matching with given track collection assuming...
2012-01-17 morschOption to write only the heavy flavor chain.
2012-01-17 morschClassVersion increased by one
2012-01-17 maserasmaller value for fgPairsSize
2012-01-17 morschOptional scoring for background studies in HALL.
2012-01-17 morschOption for more PX/RB 24 Shielding
2012-01-17 esickingAdd additional quaity check for AOD vertex and control...
2012-01-17 pchristFilling the QA histograms also for the MC case
2012-01-17 prinoTrigger counter moved to EvSelection TList to avoid...
2012-01-16 rgrossoputting the copy-constructor back in just to restore...
2012-01-16 rgrossoRe-fixing with a deep copy in the copy constructory...
2012-01-16 pchristFixing memory