2009-01-22 marianAdding the class for Cosmic events
2009-01-22 sgorbunoupdate
2009-01-22 sgorbunolist of tracking-ca/*.h headers updated
2009-01-22 sgorbunoA tracker update: significant clean up, reorganise...
2009-01-22 sgorbunobug fixed
2009-01-22 snellingchange in naming LYZ outputfiles for plotting
2009-01-22 snellingrunning local for SP and LYZEP and new histograms for QC
2009-01-22 mtadelFrom Bogdan:
2009-01-22 abercuciprotect against missing pt in track references
2009-01-22 abercuciminor changes:
2009-01-22 hristovAdditional protection
2009-01-22 shahoianAdd parameterizations for "uniform" mag field a la...
2009-01-22 hristovTemporary fix in the calculation of the track time...
2009-01-22 cholmA lot of changes after detector review:
2009-01-22 shahoianAdded ITS Alignment interface to MillePede2 and related...
2009-01-22 shahoianAdded AliMillePede2 + related matrix and solver classes
2009-01-22 marianCheck 0 pointer (Marian)
2009-01-22 cblumeClean up the dependencies
2009-01-22 snellinglocal write fix
2009-01-22 abercucifixed wrong index
2009-01-22 kharlovCompilation error is corrected
2009-01-22 morschBug in selection of b-
2009-01-22 kharlovList of raw data histograms is extended (T.Horaguchi).
2009-01-21 coppedisTime info in SDigits
2009-01-21 coppedisTime info in SDigits
2009-01-21 snellingmore hist from Q vector cumulants and updated plot...
2009-01-21 coppedisTime info in hits
2009-01-21 pchristAdding the error in the particle composition plots
2009-01-21 abercuciupdates for studying the drift cell structure
2009-01-21 ivanaIn AliMUONTriggerGUIbdmap:
2009-01-21 abercucifix coding errors (Markus)
2009-01-21 mtadelanyscan_init.C
2009-01-21 vulpescuBug fix in assigning the local trigger deviation to...
2009-01-21 kleinbLatest changes ny Aria, added CDF charge jet definition...
2009-01-21 maseraChanges to have correct procedures for run type DAQ_FO_...
2009-01-21 maserafITSModuleIndexInfo is now copied from the AliITStrackV...
2009-01-21 dibariMinor
2009-01-21 marianAdding pdf doc file (Marian)
2009-01-21 marianAdding propagation using the TPC seed (Marian)
2009-01-21 marianAdding TPC pictures (Marian)
2009-01-20 marianAdding picture to ilusstrate energy correction precission
2009-01-20 marianAdding the task for testing functionality of the
2009-01-20 mtadelAdd missing includes needed to run the macro in compile...
2009-01-20 mtadelFrom Antonin: switch to the right formula of pseudo...
2009-01-20 dibariComment...uncomment...
2009-01-20 dibariMinors.
2009-01-20 ivanaUpdate in trigger code:
2009-01-20 ivanaUpdate in trigger code:
2009-01-20 marianReverting back the TPC set branch (Marian)
2009-01-20 cvetanTest suite for beam-beam pileup simulation. The meaning...
2009-01-20 abercuciprotections against missing clusters in calculating...
2009-01-20 kleinbFixed coding violations
2009-01-20 marianActivating back MakeBranch function for custom TPC...
2009-01-20 abercuciSmall modifications on the PID checker task in order...
2009-01-20 ivanaIn MUONGenerateGeometryData.C:
2009-01-20 morschMore user settings for decays.
2009-01-20 morschDon't overwrite user settings for particle decays.
2009-01-20 dibariUpdated for a better tracking.
2009-01-20 cvetanGetter for the beam energy
2009-01-20 snellingExtra histograms GFC cumulants + rule checker corrections
2009-01-20 abercuciprotect against missing PDG entry - the cause not tested
2009-01-20 kaamodtFixed bug in Reconfigure function, and updated Configure.
2009-01-20 rgrossocall for geometry construction changed according to...
2009-01-20 cheynisGetCalibData moved to StartOfDetectorCycle (Yves)
2009-01-20 abercucicorrect dEdx calculations for pad row cross
2009-01-20 abercucinew MC resolution test
2009-01-20 dibariPrint override: changed fot TObjArray in root v5-22...
2009-01-20 coppedisUpdated classes
2009-01-19 sgorbunoupdate
2009-01-19 sgorbunodebug output deleted
2009-01-19 sgorbunobugs fixed: last cluster in the row was sometimes not...
2009-01-19 daineseFixed typo
2009-01-19 daineseFixed typo
2009-01-19 kaamodtHistogramHandlerComponent: Put more functionality in...
2009-01-19 cvetanTypo corrected
2009-01-19 cvetanNew generator for beam-beam pileup simulation. The...
2009-01-19 daineseAdded constructor from MC
2009-01-19 daineseGet the cuts from AliAnalysisVertexingHF object
2009-01-19 daineseload libCORRFW
2009-01-19 daineseAdded like-sign pairs (Carmelo)
2009-01-19 cvetanFixews for new AMORE DA release (agreed with Sylvain...
2009-01-16 abercucirestrict momentum resolution plot only to non electrons...
2009-01-16 snellingadding histograms
2009-01-16 abercucinew plots for pt resolution in TRD
2009-01-16 schutzremoved AliQA Object from AliRunTag
2009-01-16 schutzrenoved a warning
2009-01-16 mtadelRemove information printout.
2009-01-16 richtermspelling in code documentation corrected
2009-01-16 jthaederfinalized drawing schema for eta-phi Jet cones in alieve
2009-01-16 snellingFlow values not in %
2009-01-16 richtermcorrecting compilation error on gcc 4.3: missing climit...
2009-01-16 haavardAltro configuration stored to OCDB
2009-01-16 abercuci! MAJOR ! update in the TRD tracking
2009-01-16 hristovDo not change the track parameters if the propagation...
2009-01-15 sgorbunoCA tracker added to compilation
2009-01-15 hdalsgaaUpdate of the AliFMDInput class to read TrackRefs as...
2009-01-15 marianUpdate of documentation (Marian)
2009-01-15 sgorbunocompilation errors fixed
2009-01-15 marianUpdated documentation (Marian)
2009-01-15 daineseBug fix