2010-07-21 richtermadding missing argument in printf statement
2010-07-21 richtermcorrecting printf format specifiers
2010-07-21 richtermcorrecting printf format specifiers
2010-07-21 richtermbug https://savannah.cern.ch/bugs/?69885
2010-07-21 daineseChanges to run on PbPb events
2010-07-21 daineseUpdates + removal of memory leaks
2010-07-20 cholmfix warning
2010-07-20 daineseImplmented IsSelectedPID (non yet with AliAODPidHF...
2010-07-20 daineseIsSelectedPID made non-const
2010-07-20 schutzcorrect for warnings
2010-07-20 marianWarning removal
2010-07-20 pulvirbugfix
2010-07-20 martinezFixing warnings (Gines)
2010-07-20 pulvirBugfix in analysis task for phi @7 Tev and added a...
2010-07-20 richtermadding check for AliTRDrecoParam r41621 (Theo)
2010-07-20 richtermsetting kTRDin track flag instead of kTRDout (Theo)
2010-07-20 slindalAdded libraries needed for PHOS tasks
2010-07-20 slindalWarning
2010-07-20 zampolliWarnings fixed.
2010-07-20 bhippolyupdated mean pt calculation (F.Prino)
2010-07-20 zampolliWarnings fixed.
2010-07-20 snellingmore recent data sets
2010-07-20 cholmWarnings fixed
2010-07-20 zampolliWarnings fixed.
2010-07-20 cholmFix warnings as requested by Federico
2010-07-20 schutzundo previous changes
2010-07-20 schutzundo previous changes
2010-07-20 snellingadded plotting versus refmult and modified some classes...
2010-07-20 kaamodtFixed warnings regarding par file compilation
2010-07-20 cvetanFixes related to the latest changes in raw-data decodin...
2010-07-20 dsilvermcorrect binError calc + check that histograms exist...
2010-07-20 maseraSPD cooling collectors
2010-07-20 abercuciadd cluster calibration on a detector by detector level
2010-07-20 alla warnings fixed , amlitude in ESD measured by QTC amplitude
2010-07-20 schutzcorrect warnings
2010-07-20 richtermbugfix http://savannah.cern.ch/bugs/?70332
2010-07-20 kaamodtFixed warning.
2010-07-20 allaadded possibility to read TRM BC ID, calibration done...
2010-07-20 abercucifix train AddWagon compilation
2010-07-20 daineseTrending plots for efficiency VS run
2010-07-19 coppedisUpdating checksum.
2010-07-19 snellingcorrections versus multiplicity, correlations again...
2010-07-19 coppedisBug in PMT gains corrected
2010-07-19 coppedisFIxing error
2010-07-19 coppedisRemoving unuseful print and putting some important one
2010-07-19 ivanaIn AliMUON:
2010-07-19 kleinbfixed typo
2010-07-19 kowal2modified scripts to run on alien
2010-07-19 kowal2validation script for running on alien
2010-07-19 kowal2macro to run on alien
2010-07-19 kowal2macro to run on alien
2010-07-19 kowal2Set of files necessary to run the OCDB analysis on...
2010-07-19 morschWarnings fixed.
2010-07-19 daineseFixed warning
2010-07-19 daineseFixed warning
2010-07-19 pulvirFixed warnings and modified output TTree of analysis...
2010-07-19 gconesabDo not use time cut in case of simulation
2010-07-19 kleinbfixing warnings on printout format
2010-07-19 maseraFixing compilation warnings
2010-07-19 ivanaIn test script:
2010-07-19 abercucifix warnings
2010-07-19 kleinbfix memory leak when setting the reference tracks for...
2010-07-19 mtadelFix compilation warning about format args.
2010-07-19 abercucifix error in ternary operator
2010-07-19 abercucirobust merge procedure. To avoid memory overflow in...
2010-07-19 ivanaIn trigger QA:
2010-07-19 coppedisEnergy calibration object takes into account the beam...
2010-07-19 richtermadding default configuration object for SampleCalibrati...
2010-07-19 schutznew reference data
2010-07-18 sgorbunoExtra check for track parameters before calling AliExte...
2010-07-17 daineseAdded ITS (Rossella)
2010-07-17 daineseAdd the possibility to select events with CINT1B/CMUS1B...
2010-07-17 daineseUpdate (Chiara)
2010-07-16 snellingadapted to trunk
2010-07-16 hristovFix for copy/paste error
2010-07-16 gconesabadd cut on max energy of cluster and number of cells...
2010-07-16 gconesabmove some methods from protected to public, in case...
2010-07-16 kleinbAdded protection (QAMC), increased range for unfolding...
2010-07-16 hristovTemporary fix for bug #69989: TPC Crashes in simu / QA
2010-07-16 hristovCorrected signature
2010-07-16 dsilvermonly reset ratio histograms + binError calc update...
2010-07-16 hristovLast change to make g77 happy
2010-07-16 abercuciadd option "cc" to disable radial correction of cluster...
2010-07-16 hristovUse extension .F to allow preprocessor with g77
2010-07-16 cblumecompiler warnings
2010-07-16 hristovRestore support for g77
2010-07-16 cblumespeed up tailcancallation (Theo)
2010-07-16 marian AliTPCCalPad.cxx - Format warnings
2010-07-16 agheataFix for using delta AOD's for vertexing HF (A.Dainese)
2010-07-16 daineseBug fix
2010-07-16 ivanaFixing compiler warnings from Form() in one more file,
2010-07-16 ivanaFixing compiler warnings from Form(),
2010-07-16 hristovTemporary fix for bug #70102: Arithmetic exception...
2010-07-16 kleinbFixed typo
2010-07-16 kleinbFixing Slot Numbering (QATPC), do not delete pointer...
2010-07-16 kharlovCompilation warnings fixed
2010-07-15 morschUncheckedAt replaced by At.
2010-07-15 cblumeCompiler warnings
2010-07-15 martinezModified to be used on the grid (Matthieu)
2010-07-15 martinezmaking the class compatible together with AliAnalysisTa...