2005-12-20 morsch- Make sure that all cuts are taken into account indepe...
2005-12-20 arcelliSetting more appropriate TOF resolution for TOF PID
2005-12-20 arcelliadding getter for AliTrackPoints (by C.Cheshkov)
2005-12-20 schutzadded data members
2005-12-20 schutzremoved constant parameters
2005-12-20 kharlovCorrected include path to AliReadESD.h
2005-12-20 schutzcorrected error in call AliReadESD
2005-12-20 cblumeFix compiler problems
2005-12-20 allaWarnings fixed
2005-12-19 cblumeFix compilation problem
2005-12-19 cblumeCleanup
2005-12-19 cblumeAdd dummy calibration files
2005-12-19 cblumeUpdate by Jan Fiete
2005-12-19 ivanaAdding description of DetElemIdToBusPatch.dat file
2005-12-19 ivanaThe maps buspatch<>DDL<>DE separated in a new class...
2005-12-19 ivanaAdding BusPatchFileName
2005-12-19 ivanaAdding AliMpBusPatch class
2005-12-19 ivanaNew class for managing buspatch<>DDL<>DE maps separated...
2005-12-19 decaroPointing to the recPoints tree (S. Arcelli)
2005-12-19 morschAliFieldReader added.
2005-12-19 morschParser for dipole and solenoid measured field data.
2005-12-17 hristovThe TGeo geometry is imported from geometry.root
2005-12-17 hristovAfter the initialization the TGeo geometry is exported...
2005-12-16 hristovError message instead of assert
2005-12-16 ivanaAdding decription of AlirootRun_MUONlongtest.sh script
2005-12-16 ivana- Adding possibility to handle Jpsi (default is Upsilo...
2005-12-16 ivana- MUONefficiency.C run in compiled mode;
2005-12-16 hristovCheck the chambers by assert only in case of signal
2005-12-16 martinezCorrecting a bug (found by Sasha) that was leading...
2005-12-16 hristovTypo corrected
2005-12-16 cblumeFirst implementation of calibration scheme by Jan Fiete
2005-12-16 hristovDo not delete the geometry, it doesn't belong to the...
2005-12-16 hristovDos2Unix
2005-12-16 hristovRemoving non-implemented method Reset. Dos2Unix
2005-12-16 morschFlag interrupted track in EMSTK instead of TRACKR.
2005-12-16 morschkNewTest removed.
2005-12-16 morschkNewTest reomoved (sneeked in by accident)
2005-12-16 hristovUsing only the first 6 characters of the common block...
2005-12-15 decaroCorrection of some parameter values
2005-12-15 cheynisCalibration class added
2005-12-15 cheynisData calibration header
2005-12-15 cheynisData calibration class
2005-12-15 hristovTFileInfo.h included (P.Christakoglou)
2005-12-15 hristovModified ApplyDisplacements method (R.Grosso).
2005-12-15 decaroNew TOF geometry description (V5) -G. Cara Romeo and...
2005-12-14 hristovNormalized positive PID weights (conditional probabilities)
2005-12-14 hristovInitialization of data members
2005-12-14 morschOne more correction multi-event handling.
2005-12-13 szostakFixing virtual destructor problem.
2005-12-13 hristovRemoving warnibgs (M.Ivanov)
2005-12-13 martinezNew (short) test procedure for checking MUON code
2005-12-13 martinezShort test script is replaced by AlirootRun_MUONtest...
2005-12-13 morschCorrection needed for multi-event/run.
2005-12-13 martinezGenerates the number of buspatches and DDL's per detect...
2005-12-13 martinezAdd variable numbers of DSP's/buspatches and DDL (Chris...
2005-12-13 martinezBug fix for some class of tracks (thanks to Raphael...
2005-12-13 martinezAlgorithm fix for some cluster topologies (Sacha)
2005-12-13 kirAliDebug instead of AliInfo in BuildGeometry
2005-12-13 cheynisContainers removed and replaced by Assemblies
2005-12-12 timmsAdded total charge histogram, allresiduals histogram...
2005-12-12 morsch- particle below transport threshold is attached to...
2005-12-12 nick12-dec-2005 NvE Track selection by name introduced...
2005-12-09 cheynisGeometry defined by TGeoModeler
2005-12-09 cholmFixed some coding style violations.
2005-12-09 cvetanCompiler warnings fixes.
2005-12-08 maseraUse of appropriate sensor depending response objects...
2005-12-08 maseraupdate version number
2005-12-07 cholmFixes and removals
2005-12-07 ivanaNew macro for checking new misaligner class.
2005-12-07 ivanaNew macro to compare/plot the Ntuple stored in MUONeffi...
2005-12-07 ivanaUpgraded version of MUONmassPlot_ESD.C
2005-12-07 ivanaNew test script: simulation of 10000 events with standa...
2005-12-07 ivanaUpdated test script AlirootRun_MUONtest.script:
2005-12-07 ivanaAdding a paragraph on checking overlaps.
2005-12-07 ivanaAdding AliMUONGeometryMisAligner
2005-12-07 ivanaUpdated comments about alignment.
2005-12-07 ivanaNew class for misalignment
2005-12-07 ivanaAdding data members for transformations file and svmaps...
2005-12-07 ivanaIn SetAlign() - adding the fileName argument
2005-12-06 cholmAdded new library libFMDutil. This library contains...
2005-12-06 maseraAliITSsimulation::fDetType correctly set in case of...
2005-12-06 ivanaUpdate with modifs in St1V2 geometry
2005-12-06 nick06-dec-2005 NvE Memberfunction GetDistance() introduced...
2005-12-06 hristovBugfix (C.Cheshkov)
2005-12-06 maseraProper Reset of TObjArray fSegmentation
2005-12-05 cholmFixed a compilation warning.
2005-12-05 cholmAdded the class AliFMDGeometryBuilder (and derived
2005-12-05 allawarning about AddDigit(Int_t*, Int_t*) fixed as Federic...
2005-12-02 timmsAliHLTTPCSpacePointData:
2005-12-02 ivanaAdding GetNofModuleTransformers() method
2005-12-01 hristovLibrary split
2005-12-01 ivanaNew version of St2 detailed geometry with corrected...
2005-12-01 hristovNew method of Aliimulation to apply detector misalignme...
2005-12-01 maseraImplementation of a new GetTrackPoint method (const...
2005-11-30 schutzSmall corrections to fix compilation errors
2005-11-30 hristovPut GetTrackPoint as a const method (C.Cheshkov)
2005-11-30 hristovAdding an invalid layer ID (C.Cheshkov)
2005-11-30 ivanaUpdated for changing the way reference position is...
2005-11-29 ivanaRemoved unnecessary forward declarations.
2005-11-29 ivanaCorrected converting of DE local transformations