2008-04-26 hristovCorrected opening of the data file (using the same...
2008-04-26 hristovFixed exit condition in the serach loops
2008-04-25 richtermadded MaxQ to cluster data
2008-04-25 richterm- tutorial and sample macros updated
2008-04-25 richterm- AliHLTEsdManager: minor bufix -> correct error handling
2008-04-25 richtermhandle missing data headers in AliRawReaderPiublisherCo...
2008-04-25 ivanaUpdated serial number for station 3,4 & 5
2008-04-25 hristovNew locations of some Root object files
2008-04-25 ivanaUpdated DE names for station345
2008-04-25 hristovUpdated version (Ernesto)
2008-04-25 ivanaUpdate in HP decoders:
2008-04-25 ivanaUpdate in HP decoders:
2008-04-25 ivanaUpdated serial number for station345
2008-04-25 ivanaCorrected rounded shapes and their placements
2008-04-25 hdalsgaaNew version with sample rate map and progress meter
2008-04-25 hdalsgaaMade method to obtain the transformations public. Requi...
2008-04-25 hdalsgaaNew version to incorporate use of daqDAlib
2008-04-25 hdalsgaaNew version to incorporate use of daqDAlib
2008-04-25 hdalsgaaNew version to incorporate use of daqDAlib
2008-04-25 haavardUpdates to include status maps for high voltage sensors
2008-04-25 polichehAdded histogram container (TObjArray)
2008-04-25 hristovbugfix: making HLT reconstruction work for more than...
2008-04-25 hristovinclude AliEMCAL.h
2008-04-25 allafixed redeclare the member data fHits(thanks Andreas)
2008-04-25 jklayincluded adjustments to better fit saturated channels...
2008-04-24 jklayremoving unneeded HLT directory
2008-04-24 maseraPointer to a TClonesArray changed to a TObjArray. fDrif...
2008-04-24 maseraChanges needed to properly add and subtract the SDD...
2008-04-24 maseraVersion number incremented
2008-04-24 marianAdding abstract class for comparison components
2008-04-24 maseraChanges needed to properly add and subtract the SDD...
2008-04-24 marianUpdate of Macros
2008-04-24 marianExample macro with Calibration (Marian)
2008-04-24 marianRemoved compilation warnings (Marian)
2008-04-24 marianUse abstract inteface for the calibration components...
2008-04-24 maseraBug fix (H. Tydesjo)
2008-04-24 marianAdding task encapsulated TPC calibration components...
2008-04-24 marian(Jens, Marian)
2008-04-24 schutzgeometry.root from GRP causes problem; take mine
2008-04-24 schutztypo
2008-04-24 schutztypo
2008-04-24 schutzadded loading of geomerey for rawqa
2008-04-24 marianImplement interface of the Base class (Marian)
2008-04-24 marianUse the inteface from AliTPCcalibBase (Magnus)
2008-04-24 marian(Marian, Magnus)
2008-04-24 marianRemove compilation warnings (Marian)
2008-04-24 marianSpelling change (Marian)
2008-04-24 schutzremoce setting of default OCDB directory
2008-04-24 jgrosseoadding event statistics
2008-04-24 ivanaIn AliMUONRegHeader.h:
2008-04-24 ivanaIn AliMUONQADataMakerRec:
2008-04-23 richtermKrypton CF: publish histograms as individual objects...
2008-04-23 ivanaFixes in documentation only
2008-04-23 ivanaChanged back the page title
2008-04-23 ivanaIn MUONTRKda:
2008-04-23 cblumeFix memory leak
2008-04-23 morschchar_t* replaced by const char_t* in constructor (A...
2008-04-23 morschUpdated field map (R. Shahoyan)
2008-04-23 morschMap update. (R. Shahoyan)
2008-04-23 marianTemporary removed information from the event HEADER...
2008-04-23 cblumeFix memory leak
2008-04-23 laphecetA step forward towards accuracy : now using dep files...
2008-04-23 zampolliClearing SDigits TClonesArray instead of deleting it...
2008-04-23 maseraCoding conventions: comments added (G. Bruno)
2008-04-23 maseraQA for pixels: completed DataMakerRec with Raws. Implem...
2008-04-23 akisielCheck array ranges
2008-04-23 marianAdding Optional Output
2008-04-23 akisielAdding new hidden info class for decay products
2008-04-23 morschDefault constructor corrected.
2008-04-23 akisielKeep correct id of mother particles
2008-04-23 philleImplementation of eventdisplay in AliEve
2008-04-23 akisielDo the correct unit conversion
2008-04-23 marianRemoved obsolete anaysis - FFT, Pedestal/Noise, CE...
2008-04-23 schutztypo
2008-04-23 schutzdo all in simrun.C rather than in simrun.sh
2008-04-23 hristovBug fix: corrected file name (Levente)
2008-04-23 richtermusing separate loop to fill ESD tree instead of TChain...
2008-04-23 marianCalculate the weighted mean of the shape factor (Marian)
2008-04-23 marianIncrease the frequency of the usage GetShape
2008-04-23 ivanaUPdate & fixes in St1 geometry:
2008-04-23 akisielDo the proper unit conversion
2008-04-23 ivanaAdding check for mapping; try to load it if it is not...
2008-04-23 akisielImplementing a way to store freeze-out information...
2008-04-22 morschDefault constructor corrected.
2008-04-22 kharlovCreate TClonesArray of CPV digits once in constructor...
2008-04-22 maserafSDigits changed from pointer to a TClonesArray to...
2008-04-22 maseraBad modules and chip treatment added (E. Fragiacomo)
2008-04-22 maseraNew Class AliITSTrackleterSPDEff:
2008-04-22 maseraAliFatal changed to AliError in InitRaws when DDL map...
2008-04-22 laphecetUsing new factory method AliRawReader::Create whenever...
2008-04-22 laphecetSelect primary track candidates on their bending slope...
2008-04-22 richtermcode documantation and minor cleanup
2008-04-22 morschTypo corrected.
2008-04-22 morschParticles() return const TObjArray*
2008-04-22 morschParticles() return const TObjArray*
2008-04-22 morschIn AliStack: TClonesArray* fParticles replaced by TClon...
2008-04-22 ivanaAdding description about using high performance decoder
2008-04-22 akisielCorrect the PWG2femtoscopy par file
2008-04-22 morschObsolete TrackReferences related code removed.
2008-04-22 morschDouble declaration of fParticles removed.