2002-01-31 vestboFunctions for bitio. Taken as is from The Data Compress...
2002-01-31 vestboClass for doing model compression
2002-01-31 morschIn cocktail events, book the signal first.
2002-01-31 morschGeometry parameters in constructor and call of SetCellS...
2002-01-30 nilsenA macro to test the coordinate transformations of AliIT...
2002-01-30 nilsenNew TTask based method to do Digits To clusters. Works...
2002-01-30 ivanatags T/AliGeant4-4-02__ar-v3-06-Rev-02__g4-4-0 commented
2002-01-30 ivanaremoved setting of environment variables removed in...
2002-01-30 ivanacalls to AliModule::BuildGeometry moved from AliModules...
2002-01-30 ivanacalls to AliModule::BuildGeometry moved AliSDConstructi...
2002-01-30 ivanaremoved unneeded include
2002-01-30 ivanaremoved erroneous typeneme
2002-01-30 ivanaconditional include G4UItcsh.hh added
2002-01-30 morschExample for interaction rate calculation added.
2002-01-30 morschLHC gas pressures for LSS2 Optics Version 6.3 (LHC...
2002-01-30 skowronDefault values of contructors corrected
2002-01-30 skowronorder of filling in 2D hitsos and GetValues mthod corre...
2002-01-30 skowronITSv2 tracker interface changed
2002-01-30 skowronTwo Track Efficiency Function Added
2002-01-30 skowronfirst commit
2002-01-30 skowronwarning removed
2002-01-30 skowronCMSLC
2002-01-30 skowroncuts on Q out, side, long added
2002-01-30 skowronnew ctors
2002-01-30 skowronAbs for Q side, long, out
2002-01-29 barberaNew classes for the neural tracking algorithm (from...
2002-01-29 barberaUpdated code for tracking V2 (from Y. Belikov)
2002-01-29 barberaUpdated version of the PID code (from B. Batyunya)
2002-01-28 nilsenFixed a logical bug in functions GtoLPositionError...
2002-01-28 hristovCtrl-M removed at the end of each line. Arrays with...
2002-01-28 schutzChanged Clusterizer() to return a Clusterizerv1* instea...
2002-01-28 schutzThe array for primaries and parents increments itself...
2002-01-28 schutzChanged the clustering threshold to be 5 times the...
2002-01-25 vestboStarted classes for modeling and compression
2002-01-25 schutzAdded new methods
2002-01-25 schutzInitialized data members to 0 in default ctor
2002-01-24 schutzCorrected misplaced braces in DigitizeEnergy and adjust...
2002-01-24 schutzInitialized to a large size enough for dN/deta =80000...
2002-01-24 schutzReplaced abort by Fatal
2002-01-24 schutzCosmetics
2002-01-24 schutzCoChanged the name of array xyze to xyzte
2002-01-24 schutzCorrected check for existing branch with same name...
2002-01-24 schutzCorrect the check of an already existing branch with...
2002-01-24 schutzClassDef incremented
2002-01-24 schutzIncremented classdef
2002-01-23 vestboNew makefile. Written by me, hence better
2002-01-23 vestboNew makefile. Written by me, hence better
2002-01-23 vestboMakefile from aliroot. The one that was used before.
2002-01-23 morschFastidious debug print statement removed.
2002-01-23 vestboOnly 1 file
2002-01-23 vestboShould only have one of these files
2002-01-23 morschDon't use shunting if you don't want it !
2002-01-22 morschSome corrections for event mixing and bg event handling.
2002-01-22 morschExample macro for event mixing and jet finding.
2002-01-22 hristovAliEMCALHadronCorrection.cxx and AliEMCALHadronCorrecti...
2002-01-22 hristovCorrespondance between libEMCAL.pkg and Makefile restored
2002-01-22 hristovAliEMCALGetter.cxx compiled only once
2002-01-22 morschDon't write the TArrayI member data.
2002-01-22 morschSome correction for bg mixing.
2002-01-22 morschAddition methods and member data for bg mixing.
2002-01-22 vestboSetNHits, in order to make the IO work in memhandler...
2002-01-22 schutzNew Recpoints
2002-01-22 schutzClusterizer introduced
2002-01-22 schutzIn the STepManager fluctuations due to light collection...
2002-01-22 schutzSDigits has become a copy of hits and threshold to...
2002-01-22 schutzChange thresholds ans noise parameters
2002-01-22 schutzIntroduction of the methods to access RecPoints
2002-01-21 morschAliGenHIJINGparaBa added.
2002-01-21 kowal2New classes and packages
2002-01-21 kowal2Improvements of the code.
2002-01-21 kowal2Better protection.
2002-01-21 kowal2New track hits using root containers.
2002-01-21 kowal2New track hits using root containers. Setting active...
2002-01-21 kowal2New track hits structure using root containers
2002-01-21 kowal2Setting active sectors added.
2002-01-21 kowal2New macroc for handling signal and background events...
2002-01-21 kowal2check the range of digits array
2002-01-21 morschCorrect sign of dphi.
2002-01-21 morsch- different phi-bin for hadron correction
2002-01-21 morschBending radius correctly in cm.
2002-01-21 morsch SetWriteGeometry methoad added.
2002-01-21 vestboLoad digitstree only once
2002-01-21 morschauthors
2002-01-21 morschPossibility to include K0long and neutrons.
2002-01-21 morschALIFE output only on demand.
2002-01-21 morschPhi propagation introduced in FillFromTracks.
2002-01-21 morschty is Double_t
2002-01-21 barberaUpdated version from B. Batyunya
2002-01-19 kowal2PRF for three pad lengths
2002-01-19 kowal2corrected parameters for the third pad lenght
2002-01-19 schutzfixed const problems again (Bjorn said)
2002-01-19 schutzfixed method from id to angle (Bjorn said)
2002-01-18 schutzfixed const problems (Bjorn said)
2002-01-18 schutzchanged eta, phi method; added * operator
2002-01-18 morschkParam_4000_Ecal added
2002-01-18 morschDiscontinued. Use testJetFinder.C !
2002-01-18 morschFirst commit.
2002-01-18 morschConfig.C for EMCAL production.
2002-01-18 hristovMissing file sortzv.F added to the flat makefiles
2002-01-18 vestboMakefile for standalone program