2011-03-16 prsnkoCoveriti fix
2011-03-16 richtermadding PrimaryVertexFinder and V0Finder component to...
2011-03-16 richtermusing AliCDBRunRange::Infinity() instead of number
2011-03-16 richtermnull pointer check for v0 data block added
2011-03-16 cholmFix coding conventions
2011-03-16 cholmFixed coding convention issues as given by the automatic
2011-03-16 sgorbunocoverity 15108 fixed
2011-03-16 loizidesReworked to include track matching
2011-03-16 loizidesincrease array to cope with pbpb
2011-03-16 slindalFixing memory leask
2011-03-16 slindalMust use either edtrack or kfparticle
2011-03-16 slindalcoverity fix
2011-03-16 hdalsgaaCorrection objects for the Pb+Pb analysis
2011-03-16 hdalsgaaAdd background map task
2011-03-16 mflorisFixing FEP if the number of findable clusters is not...
2011-03-16 daineseFix in centrality sel (Giacomo)
2011-03-16 prinoNew macro for SDD QA plots from ESD tracks
2011-03-16 prinoAdd protections for empty histos
2011-03-15 gconesabremove unnecessary return
2011-03-15 daineseRemoved printout
2011-03-15 cnattrasImplementing centrality dependence in corrections
2011-03-15 cnattrasUpdating macros for hadronic et. Implements centrality...
2011-03-15 coppedisFixing problem in QA checker for 2011 RUN
2011-03-15 gconesabtrick to fill missing histograms
2011-03-15 rpreghencoverity fix
2011-03-15 rpreghencoveritiy
2011-03-15 gconesabchange phi range of histograms to accomodate new EMCAL...
2011-03-15 gconesabsettings for 2011 data taking
2011-03-15 slindalAlicoverity bug 16201
2011-03-15 amastrosImproved settings of B in AliMedium for Si
2011-03-15 slindalFixing coverity bug 10803
2011-03-15 kkanaki- remove the configuration for running the V0histo...
2011-03-15 slindalFixing coverity warning 16283
2011-03-15 slindalMoving gamma jet ana to separate folder. Addding severa...
2011-03-15 loizidesadded ntuple
2011-03-15 kkanaki- coverity fix 10070
2011-03-15 kkanaki- coverity fix 10181
2011-03-15 cholmMC specific event inspector
2011-03-15 cholmCode update for handling centrality in the dN/deta...
2011-03-15 kkanaki- coverity fix 10184
2011-03-15 kkanaki- coverity fix 14329
2011-03-15 loizidesSort the cells incoming to the clusterizer and not...
2011-03-15 richtermmember array initialization added (Theo)
2011-03-15 richtermmaking function parameters const
2011-03-15 richtermchanging some names to fulfill coding rules
2011-03-15 kkanaki- component for plotting the Y and Z track residuals...
2011-03-15 laphecetAdding macro the regenerate the gentle geometry for...
2011-03-15 laphecetUpdated macro
2011-03-15 kharlovRaw data analysys for pedestal runs
2011-03-15 rvernetcoverity
2011-03-15 marianCoverity fix
2011-03-15 abercucifix for bug report https://savannah.cern.ch/bugs/index...
2011-03-15 agheataFixed macro from Francesca
2011-03-15 gconesabDo not call to use the event pointer before the analysi...
2011-03-15 allacoverty warning fixed
2011-03-15 hristovFixes for #77589, Setting optimisation with cmake ...
2011-03-15 mvalaAdded Centrality cut to event mixing.
2011-03-15 agheataloading also TRD alignment objects
2011-03-15 morschunused variable removed
2011-03-15 morschOADB for spectra
2011-03-15 morschOptimisation
2011-03-15 kleinbadded LHS gaus fit (Marta)
2011-03-15 loizidesCleanup
2011-03-14 loizidesMerged new code from Fengchou and Ermes.
2011-03-14 mflorisAdded new cuts on number of crossed rows and findable...
2011-03-14 amastrosChanges from S. Rossegger :
2011-03-14 alla fix to prevent perprocessor crash when data is strange
2011-03-14 allanew histogram in online monitoring to show satellite...
2011-03-14 cnattrasFixing some minor coding violations
2011-03-14 cnattrasAnother pass at fixing coverity issues
2011-03-14 kleinbadded phit correlation again, accidentally taken out...
2011-03-14 morschGetIndexFromRun made public.
2011-03-14 morschI have included the new multiplicity distribution for...
2011-03-14 morschOrphan file removed.
2011-03-14 loizidessmall adjustments
2011-03-14 hdalsgaaUpgrades and fixes for coding violations from FC
2011-03-13 rvernetcoverity
2011-03-13 marianAdding the documenation
2011-03-13 snellingcoding conventions fix
2011-03-13 amastrosfixing coding convention viols. RecPoint macro updated.
2011-03-13 kleinbplotting macro for jet note, plot different background...
2011-03-13 pchristNew analysis train for the charge fluctuations
2011-03-13 dsilvermfixes for coverity issues
2011-03-12 daineseAdded QA
2011-03-12 daineseUpdate
2011-03-12 gconesabmove print to debug
2011-03-12 aszostakFix for coverty warning 11157 and extra protection...
2011-03-12 aszostakFix for coverty warning about sscanf overflows.
2011-03-12 aszostakUse minimal initialisation for generating LUTs.
2011-03-12 kleinbfixed coverity reports
2011-03-12 kleinbfixed typo
2011-03-12 aszostakFixing warning about uninitialised fServeChamber variable.
2011-03-12 aszostakSetting correct invalid values for missing vertex info.
2011-03-12 kleinboadb includes are located in OADB_INCLUDE not OADB_PATH
2011-03-12 sgorbunocoverity warning 10030 fixed
2011-03-12 sgorbunominor fix
2011-03-12 sgorbunocoverity warning 10034 fixed
2011-03-12 sgorbunocoverity warnings 10077 10076 fixed
2011-03-12 sgorbunominor fixes
2011-03-12 sgorbunocoverity warnings 15098 10064 fixed