2009-03-04 maseraRemoval of no longer maintained neural trackers
2009-03-04 cblumeFix coding rule violations (MinJung)
2009-03-04 akisielNo need to compile Task, it is inside the library
2009-03-04 akisielPutting AnalysisTaskFemto inside the library
2009-03-04 akisielDo final processing
2009-03-04 akisielImproving rule conformance
2009-03-04 akisielImproving rule conformance
2009-03-04 cblume- simplification of calling AliTRDclusterizer from...
2009-03-04 schutzRef storage set in initialisation
2009-03-03 morschConfiguration called outside task. (M. Gheata)
2009-03-03 morsch- Cascades in AliAODEvent
2009-03-03 morschCoding violations corrected.
2009-03-03 snellingfix flow calculation in scalar product
2009-03-03 ivanaUpdated documentation for changes in the framework
2009-03-03 abercucifix problem ini processing graphs, extend interface
2009-03-03 abercuciextend user interface
2009-03-03 richtermremoving temporary workaround for circular dependency...
2009-03-03 hristovrecraw.C removed, using recraw/rec.C instead. Restoring...
2009-03-03 hristovrecraw.C removed, using recraw/rec.C instead. Restoring...
2009-03-03 abercucipropagate modifications from AliTRDtrackingChamber
2009-03-03 abercuciupdate the calculation of used clusters per tracklet
2009-03-03 fcaFixing compilation
2009-03-03 alla comments added to satisfy voilations
2009-03-03 richtermkeep the DeInit loop going if an error occured in one...
2009-03-03 alla voilations fixed as was possible
2009-03-03 snellingadded scalar product to the plots
2009-03-03 jgrosseoadding cut for its stand-alone tracks
2009-03-02 marianAliTPCcalibBase.h AliTPCcalibBase.cxx
2009-03-02 snellingimplement integrated flow in scalar product method...
2009-03-02 snellingfix coding violations
2009-03-02 maseraPictures concerning AliITSv11GeometrySupport documentation
2009-03-02 maseraSeveral updates from the validation phase of the Fast...
2009-03-02 maseraITSSPDfoda.cxx renamed to ITSSPDFOda.cxx (A. Mastroserio)
2009-03-02 maseraChanges to have an option for storing like-sign V0...
2009-03-02 cblumeCoding conventions
2009-03-02 abercucifix radial position calculation for tracks and temporar...
2009-03-02 cblumeRemove obsolete class
2009-03-02 marianRemoving coding violations (Marian)
2009-03-02 marian1. Using the THnSparse instead of THx and TProfiles
2009-03-02 hristov- Move to the new attaching cluster to tracklet procedu...
2009-03-02 cvetanFix for improper corrections from revision 30849
2009-03-02 abercucifix broken compilation
2009-03-02 mtadelFrom Cesar: make selection and two-selection working...
2009-03-02 abercucifix MC selection
2009-03-02 marianAdding macro to viualize the result of PID task
2009-03-01 marianAliTPCReconstructor.cxx - MIP at channel 50
2009-03-01 marianAdding task for checking of the TPC dEdx and PID perfor...
2009-03-01 maseraChanges to have an option for storing like-sign V0s...
2009-02-28 dsilvermsilvermy@ornl.gov - adding class to hold EMCAL cosmic...
2009-02-28 marianAdding digitization and function GetQmax and GetQtot
2009-02-27 marianrecMC.C submitMC.sh
2009-02-27 marianAliTPCTransform.cxx AliTPCTransform.h
2009-02-27 aszostakChanging TriggerEvent method interface to return error...
2009-02-27 fcaexit is in stdlib.h
2009-02-27 aszostakCorrectly adding subdirectory so that unit tests for...
2009-02-27 snellinguse excahnge container as input
2009-02-27 jgrosseoupdating track cuts
2009-02-27 laphecetFix bug introduced in rev28206 - Thanks to Bogdan!...
2009-02-27 laphecetUse TruncatedGaus and gRandom (Javier)
2009-02-27 pchristAdding a help menu function to keep track of what we...
2009-02-27 coppedisADC gate simulated + changes in reconstruction
2009-02-27 aszostakMinor bug fix: GetOutputDataTypes was calling the wrong...
2009-02-27 masera- AliITSv11GeometrySDD.h : improved prototype of privat...
2009-02-27 abercucidefault to "HAVE MC" info
2009-02-26 morschAOD outputfile name corrected.
2009-02-26 marianDon't store points in TLinearFitter
2009-02-26 pchristMinor mods in the bining
2009-02-26 cblumeAdd X positions of beginning and end of TRD mother...
2009-02-26 pchristAdding more QA histograms: eta vs phi vs Nclusters
2009-02-26 abercuciimprove user interface
2009-02-26 snellinga few extra null pointer checks
2009-02-26 aszostakAdding Empty method to readout list to check if it...
2009-02-26 abercuciinsert test of the TRD refit flag
2009-02-26 snellingfix the error calculations in generating function cumul...
2009-02-26 snellingCleaning up the number of couts
2009-02-26 abercucicorrect also z coordinate calculation (GetZ())
2009-02-26 abercucicorrect definition of y coordinate (GetY())
2009-02-26 mtadelesd_tracks.C
2009-02-26 schutzadding QA reference for HghMultiplicity
2009-02-26 schutzadding QA reference for HghMultiplicity
2009-02-26 schutzadding QA reference for HghMultiplicity
2009-02-26 snellingMC task also now uses exchange container and gets MC...
2009-02-26 marianPossibility to specify user defined OCDB path for
2009-02-26 marianAdding updated version of test recMC.C
2009-02-26 marianDeleting old recMC.C
2009-02-26 marianModifiing Config files according standard Config.C
2009-02-26 snellingpassing the mc reaction plane to the floweventsimple
2009-02-26 snellingcumulant tasks now use exchange container FlowEvent...
2009-02-26 marianAdding possibility to use custom ExB correction map
2009-02-26 cvetanUpdate from Brigitte (protection added)
2009-02-26 snellingadded MC Reaction Plane information to FlowEventSimple
2009-02-26 marianModification related to the new AliAnalysisTask
2009-02-26 hristovUsing recraw.C from the top directory
2009-02-26 abercuciadd protection for missing tracklet variance
2009-02-25 snellingused floweventsimple exchange container
2009-02-25 hristovMajor update for the TRD tracking code
2009-02-25 hristovUsing SetMaxDCAToVertexXY instead of the removed SetDCA...
2009-02-25 maseraFixed baly defined Shape ITS SPD Carbon fiber support...
2009-02-25 maseraChanges to obey to coding conventions
2009-02-25 snellingused Exchange containor as input for the various flow...