2011-03-22 cvetanImplementation of the new ZDC timing cut, which now...
2011-03-22 loizidesremove sub function
2011-03-22 agheatanew T0 QA from Alla
2011-03-22 pulvirFix coding conventions
2011-03-22 freidtfixed error in adding PWG2diffractiveLinkDef.h
2011-03-22 freidtadded PWG2diffractiveLinkDef.h
2011-03-22 freidtfixing Coverity defects 16118 and 15959
2011-03-22 morschfix for the problem with the last run
2011-03-22 morschcentrality file for OADB
2011-03-22 richtermcorrecting small memory leak, removing unnecessary...
2011-03-22 richtermpublishing V0 data block also if there are no candidate...
2011-03-22 cholmMinor fix
2011-03-22 cholmFixed a few coding problems
2011-03-22 cvetanRC and DQM wants to have t0 A vs C in the DQM shifter...
2011-03-22 cvetanRemoval of some obsolete code, all this is now done...
2011-03-22 akisielFix Coverity issues
2011-03-22 mflorisChanged list of sources to be loaded
2011-03-22 akisielFix delete
2011-03-22 akisielFix Coverity
2011-03-22 gconesabset the request to not do tracking in clusterizer
2011-03-22 gconesabmove setting of geometry matrices before the filling...
2011-03-22 gconesabcoverity fix for TFF geometry method
2011-03-22 loizidesmake some methods virtual
2011-03-22 loizidesmake members protected
2011-03-22 daineseList of good runs in a separate macro
2011-03-22 daineseDefault z vertex cut at 10 cm in analysis, not in candi...
2011-03-22 daineseAnalysis code for D0->4prong (Fabio)
2011-03-22 daineseSpeed up (Francesco)
2011-03-22 daineseUpdates for proper treatment of fQuality flag in centra...
2011-03-22 daineseImplemented possibility to compute efficiencies for...
2011-03-21 maseraCoding conventions (O. Borysov)
2011-03-21 morschPID information via InputHandlers and base class AliPID...
2011-03-21 hdalsgaafix to the proper NSD
2011-03-21 morschNew base class AliPIDResponse
2011-03-21 akisielFix Coverity leaks
2011-03-21 marian1. Coding violatation partial fixies
2011-03-21 morschTPC PID response function.
2011-03-21 marianremoving obsolete function DumpMaterialBudget
2011-03-21 marianCode checker fixies
2011-03-21 odjuvsla- fixing coverity
2011-03-21 odjuvsla- fixing coverity
2011-03-21 odjuvsla- fixing coverity
2011-03-21 odjuvsla- fixing coverity issues
2011-03-21 morschCoverity correction.
2011-03-21 snellingOne mult for Glauber
2011-03-21 cholmFixed
2011-03-21 haavardcoverity fixes
2011-03-21 rpreghenminor changes to macros
2011-03-21 coppedisUpdated code for pp
2011-03-21 kleinbupdated plots of all background fluctuations
2011-03-21 gconesabdirectory for user analysis tasks
2011-03-21 rpreghenhandling of problematic channels
2011-03-21 loizidesCount events by hand in case input is mocked up.
2011-03-21 rpreghencoverity fix
2011-03-21 loizidesCorrecting oversight
2011-03-21 lbarnbyMore coding violation fixes (mistakes in last round...
2011-03-21 lbarnbyCoding rule violation fixes. FitControl class renamed...
2011-03-21 morschClass version increased.
2011-03-21 hdalsgaafixes of violations
2011-03-21 abercuciadded centrality dependent histograms and plots. (Ionut)
2011-03-21 alla this should be new too
2011-03-20 alla sorry fixed now
2011-03-20 alla for 75ns_64 and more bunches this one will be better
2011-03-20 iarseneCoverity fixes in TUHKMgen
2011-03-20 cholmVarious fixes to deal with centrality
2011-03-20 alla T0 QA Task
2011-03-20 alla for pass0 AliT0PreprocessorOffline.cxx
2011-03-19 morschThis fixes part of the crashe due to unknown kf's passe...
2011-03-19 snellingadded figures by the macros
2011-03-19 hdalsgaaReplacement AliForwardFlowUtil is in place
2011-03-19 alla 3 hisograms for online satellite monitoring added
2011-03-19 hristovUsing proper random number generator
2011-03-18 kleinbundo chi2 cut for tpc only tracks
2011-03-18 maseraCoding conventions (Ruben)
2011-03-18 pchristFixing the code for the analysis train
2011-03-18 allaT0 wagon for PWG1 QA train
2011-03-18 kleinbfix mem leak in operator=
2011-03-18 gconesabprepare different configuration for 2010 and 2011
2011-03-18 gconesabnew reference file for 2011 and new SM
2011-03-18 loizidesbugfix for event counter
2011-03-18 maseraFO signals are propagated from SDigits to Digits (A...
2011-03-18 mflorisCoding conventions.
2011-03-18 jotwinowfix histogram title
2011-03-18 snellingcoverty updates in the TOF tender
2011-03-18 jotwinowbug fix
2011-03-18 hristovGeneration of Lambda(1520) in Hijing
2011-03-18 snellingcoverity fixes, coding viols(some methods, constants...
2011-03-18 hristovGeneration of Lambda(1520) in Pythia 6.4
2011-03-18 akisielAdd Missing class declaration
2011-03-18 kkanaki- removed cut on the ITS clusters
2011-03-18 kkanaki- remove unnecessary cut on the number of ITS clusters
2011-03-18 decaroUpdated TOF reconstruction parameters: added a flag...
2011-03-18 decaroUpdated TOF reconstruction parameters: added a flag...
2011-03-18 kleinbAddedin post data to UserCreateOutputObjects
2011-03-18 loizidesupdated with ermes changes.
2011-03-18 loizidessubtract background if requested
2011-03-17 morschMissing header.
2011-03-17 jotwinow- change from charge/pT to charge
2011-03-17 mflorisAdding analysis include in Makefile for par file
2011-03-17 morschNew pi0 pt parameterisation added.