2014-08-07 hristovThe LOSS flag for the TPC drift gas in the case of...
2014-08-06 fprinoUpdates in ITSsa pi,kp task: new multiplicity estimator...
2014-08-06 rhaakeCharged jets (pPb): Changed histogram range
2014-08-06 rbailhacUpdate
2014-08-06 shahoianAllocate 9 bits to cluster size and 7 to cl.usage ...
2014-08-06 xsanchezadding dca to prim vtx for the fake correlations studies
2014-08-06 fnoferinMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-08-06 fnoferinremoved obsolete calls from AliTOFtracker.cxx
2014-08-06 dberzanoRelVal: return exitcode of Makeflow to the caller
2014-08-06 dberzanoRelVal: always dereference symlinks during cp
2014-08-06 dberzanoRelVal: cloud credentials in a separate file
2014-08-06 zampolliAdding printout to specify if the snapshot is used...
2014-08-06 zampolliAdding printout concerning usage of snapshot for CPass
2014-08-06 rbertens remove accidental cout
2014-08-06 shahoianFix fESDTOFMatchess -> fESDTOFMatches
2014-08-06 wiechulao Fix potiontial double deletion
2014-08-06 fbelliniChanged TH1D into TH1F
2014-08-06 sjenaMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-08-06 sjenaUpdate da info: satya
2014-08-06 rhaakeCharged jets (pPb): Fixes and improvements
2014-08-06 zampolliALIROOT-5564: fix in TOF calibration for new TOF data...
2014-08-06 zampolliALIROOT-5564: fix in TOF calibration to account for...
2014-08-06 sjenaPMD DA informations : satya
2014-08-06 dgangadhfix MbinMixing bug
2014-08-05 mverweijfix typo
2014-08-05 mverweijnew analysis task from Markus
2014-08-05 gconesabavoid break in compilation of AliTrackComparisonESD
2014-08-05 gconesabRemove dependence from mixing frame
2014-08-05 gconesabsimplify the method getting the super-module number...
2014-08-05 gconesabchange default value of centrality percentile
2014-08-05 gconesabreorder methods declaration, put mixing related methods...
2014-08-05 gconesabremove unused case
2014-08-05 rhaakeCharged jets (pPb): Trackcut updates
2014-08-05 shahoiancoverity fix + missing comma in previous commit
2014-08-05 azimmermbugfix in init nSelJets for NJ events
2014-08-05 shahoiancoverity fix
2014-08-05 ssakaicome back origianl match
2014-08-05 fbockbug fix for new task PWGGA/GammaConv/AliAnalysisTaskNeu...
2014-08-05 ddobrigkTiny Typo Fix
2014-08-04 zampolliSetting friends fraction to 2 in reco + syswatch added...
2014-08-04 ddobrigkbug fixes
2014-08-04 rbertens add correlation of event plane, leading jet histos
2014-08-04 mverweijadd task to manager
2014-08-04 azimmermbugfix in init nSelJets for NJ events
2014-08-04 ddobrigkpp multiplicity quantiles also in AODs
2014-08-04 ddobrigkEvent type (ND, SD, DD) for VZERO trig eff study
2014-08-04 lmilanofiles for Geant/Fluka correction in the ITS
2014-08-04 dberzanoRelVal: support for custom session tag names
2014-08-04 morschMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-08-04 wiechulao fix treatment for dedicated splines LHC13D1
2014-08-04 wiechulaALIROOT-5481 ALIROOT-5456 Add splines for LHC12a-d...
2014-08-04 bhess- Use dedicated splines for MC periods for 2012 pp...
2014-08-04 gconesabcoverity #24441, remove unused histogram data member
2014-08-04 gconesabcoverity #24434 #24433, add check on nullness of primar...
2014-08-04 gconesabcoverity #24435, add check on nullness of primary parti...
2014-08-04 gconesabcoverity #24442, add check on nullness of primary parti...
2014-08-04 gconesabadd back histogram data pointers initialization
2014-08-04 gconesabadd missing default assignment operators
2014-08-04 shahoiancoverity fix
2014-08-04 sjenaFix for single chain to work: spal
2014-08-04 sjenaUpdate Dpt Dpt Corr: Prabhat
2014-08-04 jbooknew LMEE task carsten
2014-08-03 mverweijdon't run physics selection when MC
2014-08-03 mverweijadd detector response jet mass task
2014-08-03 mverweijprotection for case when centWidth is zero
2014-08-03 mverweijset default timing cuts LHC11h
2014-08-03 mverweijchange binning histos
2014-08-03 cnattrasbug fix for 2.5% wide centrality bins
2014-08-02 aurasMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-08-02 aurasAnalysis code for the MFT updated
2014-08-02 mcosentifixing the time cut of the clusters in the isolation...
2014-08-01 gconesabadd a common setter to decide if the EMCAL modules...
2014-08-01 gconesabAdd example of configuration of newly added classes...
2014-08-01 gconesabfactorize AliAnaPhoton in order to simplify it a bit...
2014-08-01 gconesabfix limit of primary particle histograms filling, chang...
2014-08-01 gconesabremove histograms related to rejection of pi0 with...
2014-08-01 gconesabavoid duplicated code in case of AOD/ESD mc particles...
2014-08-01 gconesabreplace wrong title setting for subscript
2014-08-01 miweberadding shared cluster cut for dptdpt analysis
2014-08-01 lmilanoAdded Eventplane Dependence in dPhi Correlations code
2014-08-01 fbock- added cuts
2014-08-01 fbockMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-08-01 fbock- changes in AliAnalysisTaskGammaConvCalo for debugging
2014-08-01 cholmMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-08-01 fprinoMacro for SDD dE/dx calibration (from Leonardo and...
2014-08-01 dkeijdenSeveral typos in TrackQA and HybridTrackEfficiency...
2014-08-01 lmilanoMC closure test
2014-08-01 cholmMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-08-01 cholmA script to automatically extract the job URL from...
2014-08-01 cholmAdded new options
2014-08-01 cholmAdded new options
2014-08-01 cholmFix compilation warnings
2014-08-01 sjenaUpdate in Dpt Dpt corr: Prabhat
2014-08-01 cholmFixes for bad data input
2014-08-01 cholmAdded a few more flags to the trigger bits:
2014-08-01 cholmFix compilation warning
2014-08-01 cholmExpand . paths before scanning
2014-08-01 cholmFix compilation warning
2014-08-01 cholmBetter handling of centrality bins
2014-08-01 cholmFixes for QA