2012-10-22 gconesabAdd energy dependent time cuts
2012-10-22 jbook-updates Julian
2012-10-22 fbelliniUpdated macros for lego train (mvala) + added scripts...
2012-10-22 hristovMissing forward declarations
2012-10-22 gconesabadd histograms to check the mass of selected mesons
2012-10-22 snellingbethe-bloch parameterization for 2011
2012-10-22 gconesabcorrect the M02 selection window for E > 20 GeV
2012-10-22 zconesafix typo
2012-10-22 shahoianAdded method to get local X at arbitrary R, moving...
2012-10-22 zconesaRemoving the unused INT6 alias, adding one for the...
2012-10-22 laphecetUpdating the periods
2012-10-21 pchristDrawing the correlation functions
2012-10-21 gconesabmove again earlier protection against splitting of...
2012-10-21 gconesabactivate time cut to reject exotics
2012-10-21 gconesabadd histograms and debug prints
2012-10-21 gconesabenergy depentent cut on mass and shower shape cuts...
2012-10-21 miweberadding possibility to correct with Event Mixing for...
2012-10-20 shahoianSkip sin(phi) related checks and calculations if maxSnp...
2012-10-19 shahoianField-map with improved muon wall description.
2012-10-19 jotwinowClass to fill high pT trees (M. Krzewicki)
2012-10-19 shahoianChanged column-wise sorting of digits to row-wise
2012-10-19 cholmBetter installation target
2012-10-19 cholmFix up generated trigger histogram to make more sense...
2012-10-19 cholmFix some minor problems and add output string that...
2012-10-19 cholmFix some potentially bad things
2012-10-19 cholmAdded Rubens points for pPb
2012-10-19 cholmBetter handling of various things
2012-10-19 cholmBetter decoding of the Center of Mass collision energy...
2012-10-19 cholmCoverity fixes
2012-10-19 cholmSmal fixes
2012-10-19 cholmFix coverity complaints for Alexander
2012-10-19 cholmVarious fixes
2012-10-19 cholmUpdates to address coverity issues.
2012-10-19 jotwinowChange TLIST to TREE in the task and macro (M.Krzewicki)
2012-10-19 miweber1) include NetParticle classes in PWGCFebyeLinkDef...
2012-10-19 shahoianFix in ladder width assingment (Stefan)
2012-10-19 ivana- Some trigger informations were not properly recovered...
2012-10-19 prsnkoParameters for LCH11h set/corrected
2012-10-19 prsnkoFlattening algorithm corrected
2012-10-19 mflorisRemoving deprecated correction on v0 multiplicity ...
2012-10-19 morschUpdates float -> double
2012-10-18 maseraNew volumes in the thermal shield (M. Sitta)
2012-10-18 maserarecover logbook image (A. Mastroserio)
2012-10-18 fbockadded material task
2012-10-18 fbockadded material task
2012-10-18 miweberincluding Eta and Pt cuts for AOD analysis (for ESDs...
2012-10-18 fbelliniHistograms of time vs. TRM enabled for DQM
2012-10-18 gconesabadjust different thresholds, made them configurable...
2012-10-18 zampolliRemoving mirroring in case of private alien storage.
2012-10-18 miweberFirst update for AOD compatibility (distributions and...
2012-10-18 mbombaraAdded directory PWGLF/STRANGENESS/Correlations to CMake...
2012-10-18 jbook-updates by marcel
2012-10-18 hristovInterface to define the run pass in AliMuonTrackCut...
2012-10-18 fbelliniAdded macro to lauch TOF QA task with extended function...
2012-10-18 cbaumannupdates, AOD fixes
2012-10-18 rgrossoAdding protection for not-yet-opened snapshot file
2012-10-18 jgrosseochange in eta binning
2012-10-18 ssakaiupdated
2012-10-18 mvlReverting accidental change
2012-10-18 mvlForgotten file r59115
2012-10-18 mvlpectrum2: add histo + re-arrange filling matching container
2012-10-18 fbelliniUpdated QA trending macro
2012-10-18 mbombaraAdded AliV0ChBasicParticle class
2012-10-18 fbelliniFixed typo in macros/lego_train/AddRsnTaskTrain.C ...
2012-10-18 fbelliniUpdated macros for LEGO train (mvala)
2012-10-17 cholmAdded OADB_INCLUDE if set
2012-10-17 cholmAdded some more installation stuff
2012-10-17 cholmUpdates
2012-10-17 cholmAdded ignores
2012-10-17 cholmAdded ignores
2012-10-17 cholmAdded ignores
2012-10-17 cholmFix printout
2012-10-17 cholmFix how the trigger histogram is filled
2012-10-17 cholmUpdated for new TrainSetup
2012-10-17 cholmAdded Rubens points for pPb
2012-10-17 cholmMore fixes for QA
2012-10-17 cholmVarious fixes for QA handling
2012-10-17 pchristMinor updates in the drawing macros
2012-10-17 gconesabAdd histograms to check goodness of split energy vs...
2012-10-17 gconesabFix histo title axis name; fix checking of NLM in Pi0EbE
2012-10-17 gconesabadd possibility to apply a cut on NLM for neutral meson...
2012-10-17 mikolajadd a helper macro to print statistics and memory usage...
2012-10-17 miweberremoving typo
2012-10-17 hqvigstaAdded ploting of raw distribution
2012-10-17 hqvigstacleanup of macro
2012-10-17 hqvigstaforce directory creation
2012-10-17 kharlovTypo corrected
2012-10-16 kharlovAdapted to LegoTrain with all event types in wagons
2012-10-16 pchristMoving from deg to rad
2012-10-16 shahoianGetDetTypeName digest both coarse and full det.type
2012-10-16 fbelliniFixed variable name in AliRsnValueDaughter
2012-10-16 shahoianSmall fixes
2012-10-16 cholmVarious fixes, and possibility to set trigger efficiency
2012-10-16 cholmFixes for CAF, etc
2012-10-16 pcrochetWhen SetPassNumber is set by user, do not try to guess...
2012-10-16 allasolution of the problem: the BC id of the event header...
2012-10-16 pcrochetFix problem with runs containing 000 in the run number...
2012-10-15 shahoianThe MC reconstruction will be aborted if the trigger...
2012-10-15 fbelliniAdded monitoring histos for DCA, chi2, track clusters...
2012-10-15 jklein- update TRD on-line tracking QA to use ESDs as primary...