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last changeWed, 4 Mar 2015 11:59:01 +0000
2015-03-04 Matthias RichterUpdate master to aliroot master
2015-03-04 morschLambda(1520) added to Lambda_c decay channels development
2015-03-04 shahoianadd ADDigits branch to ADDigits tree in every event
2015-03-04 abercuciremove info message
2015-03-04 mfaselFixes-for-root6-v6-02-05
2015-03-04 laphecetAdding small protection
2015-03-03 hristovChanges for Root6 (Mikolaj)
2015-03-03 agrigoraCMake: Retrieve Git information
2015-03-03 jniedzieMissing macro's compilation added to alieve_online_new...
2015-03-03 jniedziesaveViews extended to print trigger classes, displaying...
2015-03-02 agrigoraCMake: DA rpm creation, enable more detectors from...
2015-03-02 agrigoraCMake: Renaming ADPEDESTAL to AD0PEDESTAL to match...
2015-03-02 agrigoraCMake: Changing DA detector name to DA0 to match DAQ...
2015-03-02 dberzanoPAR: includes from previously enabled PARfiles
2015-03-02 morschThe decay tree is printed only if the debug level is...
2015-03-01 zampolliAdding Domenico Colella as responsible for SPD part...
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