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<&|/l&>Click "Finish Installation" below to complete this wizard.

<&|/l_unsafe, 'root' &>You should be taken directly to a login page. You'll be able to log in with username of [_1] and the password you set earlier.

<&|/l&>If you've changed the Port that RT runs on, you'll need to restart the server in order to log in.

<&|/l, RT::Installer->ConfigFile &>The settings you've chosen are stored in [_1].

<& /Elements/Submit, Label => 'Finish Installation' &>
<%init> if ( $Run ) { RT->InstallMode(0); RT->ConnectToDatabase(); RT->InitSystemObjects(); RT->InitClasses(); RT->InitPlugins(); my $ret = chmod 0440, RT::Installer->ConfigFile; if ( !$ret ) { $RT::Logger->error( 'failed to make ' . RT::Installer->ConfigFile . ' readonly' ); } my $root = RT::User->new( RT->SystemUser ); $root->Load('root'); my ($ok, $val) = $root->SetPassword( $RT::Installer->{InstallConfig}{Password} ); $RT::Logger->warning("Unable to set root password: $val") if !$ok; RT::Interface::Web::Redirect(RT->Config->Get('WebURL')); } <%args> $Run => undef