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% my @strong = qw( );

<&|/l_unsafe, @strong &>Search for tickets by entering [_1]id[_2] numbers, subject words [_1]"in quotes"[_2], [_1]queues[_2] by name, Owners by [_1]username[_2], Requestors by [_1]email address[_2], and ticket [_1]statuses[_2]. Searching for [_1]@domainname.com[_2] will return tickets with requestors from that domain.

<&|/l&>Any word not recognized by RT is searched for in ticket subjects.

% my $config = RT->Config->Get('FullTextSearch') || {}; % my $fulltext_keyword = 'fulltext:'; % if ( $config->{'Enable'} ) { % if ( $config->{'Indexed'} ) {

<&|/l, $fulltext_keyword &>You can search for any word in full ticket history by typing [_1]word.

% } else {

<&|/l, $fulltext_keyword &>Searching the full text of every ticket can take a long time, but if you need to do it, you can search for any word in full ticket history by typing [_1]word.

% } % }

<&|/l_unsafe, map { "$_" } qw(initial active inactive any) &>Entering [_1], [_2], [_3], or [_4] limits results to tickets with one of the respective types of statuses. Any individual status name limits results to just the statuses named. % if (RT->Config->Get('OnlySearchActiveTicketsInSimpleSearch', $session{'CurrentUser'})) { % my $status_str = join ', ', map { loc($_) } RT::Queue->ActiveStatusArray; <&|/l, $status_str &>Unless you specify a specific status, only tickets with active statuses ([_1]) are searched. % }

<&|/l_unsafe, map { "$_" } 'queue:"Example Queue"', 'owner:email@example.com' &>Start the search term with the name of a supported field followed by a colon, as in [_1] and [_2], to explicitly specify the search type.

<&|/l_unsafe, 'cf.Name:value' &>CFs may be searched using a similar syntax as above with [_1].

% my $link_start = ''; % my $link_end = '';

<&|/l_unsafe, $link_start, $link_end &>For the full power of RT's searches, please visit the [_1]search builder interface[_2].

% $m->callback( %ARGS, CallbackName => 'PostForm' );
<%INIT> my $title = loc("Search for tickets"); use RT::Search::Googleish; if ($q) { my $tickets = RT::Tickets->new( $session{'CurrentUser'} ); $m->callback( %ARGS, query => \$q, CallbackName => 'ModifyQuery' ); if ($q =~ /^#?(\d+)$/) { RT::Interface::Web::Redirect(RT->Config->Get('WebURL')."Ticket/Display.html?id=".$1); } my %args = ( Argument => $q, TicketsObj => $tickets, ); $m->callback( %ARGS, CallbackName => 'SearchArgs', args => \%args); my $search = RT::Search::Googleish->new(%args); $m->comp( "Results.html", Query => $search->QueryToSQL() ); $m->comp( "/Elements/Footer" ); $m->abort(); } <%ARGS> $q => undef