2013-08-22 morschI discovered a nasty bug in CORRFW/AliCFGridSparse...
2013-08-22 fbockweigthing for new production enabled
2013-08-22 zampolliUpdate, according to macros on alien from latest runnin...
2013-08-22 nmartinopne chi2 cut for systematics
2013-08-22 mvlAdd leading fragment histos (Oliver)
2013-08-22 loizidesintegration of local rho into framework. From Rosi...
2013-08-21 fprinoFix for memory leak (Ruben)
2013-08-21 morschCorrection in TRD PID
2013-08-21 dcaffarrAdding 2D histo for trigger vs mult studies. (A. Veen...
2013-08-21 dcaffarrAdding QA of the new centrality estimators for pPb...
2013-08-21 dcaffarrAdding centrality estimators for pPb studies (A. Zaboro...
2013-08-21 raverbecupdate of TRD stuff
2013-08-21 ssakaiadded centrality flattening routine
2013-08-21 raverbecupdated task
2013-08-20 mkrzewicmacro for processing the output of the jet flow analysis
2013-08-20 miweberchange ZYAM averaging from 8 to 2 bins (MW)
2013-08-20 akalweitbug fix
2013-08-20 jklein- bug fixes for MCM simulation
2013-08-20 mchojnacAdding QA histos and a new way of TPCTOF pid cut (cut...
2013-08-20 akalweitbug fix
2013-08-20 mvlChange meaning of fRequireITSRefit (default is no requi...
2013-08-20 jbook-fix for Ionuts ttree stuff (thanks to markus)
2013-08-20 akalweitSome updates for the 2010 data...
2013-08-20 cbaumanncleanup of Christoph's tasks
2013-08-20 shahoianFix for TRD memory leak (J.Klein)
2013-08-19 hristovPossibility to modify the tree buffer size (Marco)
2013-08-19 akalweitAdding macros and scripts for very fast and simple QA.
2013-08-19 loizidesUpdate from Jiri: enables the task to create a very...
2013-08-19 loizidesfrom ruediger
2013-08-19 jbook-fix warnings (Ionut)
2013-08-19 morschNew TOF QA class
2013-08-19 fbelliniAdded first version of the new task for TOF QA (improve...
2013-08-19 jbook- updates by Ionut to the reduced tree event
2013-08-19 cbaumannupdate ShinIchi's Add Task
2013-08-19 shahoianPossibility to limit the memory allocated for the outpu...
2013-08-19 abercucibug fixes by Ionut
2013-08-19 raverbecupdated EMCal task (C. Jahnke)
2013-08-19 nmartinopen cuts for systematics
2013-08-19 shahoianPossibility to limit the memory allocated for trees...
2013-08-19 fbelliniModified monitoring histo
2013-08-19 arossiReplacing Mult and Zvtx axes with pool index in THnSpar...
2013-08-19 raverbecbugfix for AOD analysis
2013-08-19 mbombaraStatistical comparison between online and offline V0...
2013-08-19 xsanchezadding histograms to control Lambdas coming from Xi...
2013-08-19 bdoeniguSystematics test
2013-08-19 fbelliniAdded macros for Xi* plots (Dhevan)
2013-08-19 loizidesupdate from salvatore
2013-08-18 gconesabfix compilation warning, add missing histogram default...
2013-08-18 gconesabadd option to remove events where not match between...
2013-08-18 gconesabupdate AddTask example with last months implementations...
2013-08-18 gconesabnew parametrization of cluster selection cuts before...
2013-08-17 loizidesfrom chris
2013-08-17 prsnkoLHC11a_pass3,4 recalibration added
2013-08-16 miweberupdates in dptdpt task for more flexibility (Prabhat...
2013-08-16 mvlFrom Redmer:
2013-08-15 ssakaiupdated the task
2013-08-15 jbook-fix for mc
2013-08-15 xsanchezadding histograms to check the efficiency of embeded...
2013-08-15 raverbecupdate of the configuration
2013-08-15 arossiUpdate
2013-08-15 arossiProper way of opening files
2013-08-15 nmartinnew variables in tree for systemactics
2013-08-15 cbaumannchange MB trigger for pp2012
2013-08-15 dgangadhK0s code update (Matt Steinpreis)
2013-08-15 raverbecupdate of the package
2013-08-15 cbaumannfix string
2013-08-15 arossiAdding default constructor and a method to get the...
2013-08-15 cnattrasFixing spelling error in function name
2013-08-15 cnattrasAdding histo to see secondary vertex position
2013-08-14 miweberAdding electron rejection cuts:
2013-08-14 morschClass version increased
2013-08-14 jbook- add on-the-fly leg and pair efficiency calculation...
2013-08-14 pluettigAdded AddTask for dNdPt-Analysis on AOD
2013-08-14 jbook-change multi task to single tasks (reduced cf container)
2013-08-14 jbook-remove TOF inclusion cut
2013-08-14 morschOption to switch on/off boost and nucl. pdf
2013-08-14 miweberchange in AddTask macro for alien directory (Prabhat...
2013-08-13 cnattrasUpdating macros for running code
2013-08-13 fnoferinanalysis w.r.t. TPC EP: tuning
2013-08-13 morschForce MSTP(52) = 2 for nucl. pfd
2013-08-13 morschabsolute path to datasets remobed
2013-08-13 fnoferinAdded an option to perform analysis w.r.t. TPC EP
2013-08-13 morschSTRUCTM corrections for pA
2013-08-13 pluettigModified:
2013-08-13 morschargument mismatches corrected
2013-08-13 cbaumannbug fixes ShinIchi & Mahmut
2013-08-13 cholmRefactored common code of {lite,grid}Analysis.sh into
2013-08-13 pluettigAdded AlidNdPtAnalysisPbPbAOD.{h,cxx}
2013-08-12 loizidesBe able to set track eff. (From Chris).
2013-08-12 akisielAdding new kaon macros
2013-08-12 miweberadding conversion cut MCAODrec
2013-08-12 morschImproved merging.
2013-08-12 jklein- fix for TRD on-line track matching with tracks having...
2013-08-12 fbockedges for AOD tracks binning
2013-08-12 miweberchanged the eta range to +-0.9 (Prabhat Ranjan Pujahari...
2013-08-12 fbockchanges in addtask and weighting file
2013-08-12 hristovbugfix: removed small overlap of poi's and rp's in...
2013-08-12 pchristaAdding conversions in the MC exclusion via pdg (Alis...
2013-08-12 pchristamods to generate calibration file
2013-08-12 morschRudimentary merging added.