2011-03-02 akisielFix PostData
2011-03-02 akisielAdd support for AliCentrality
2011-03-02 kowal2Secure codin - overruns corrected.
2011-03-02 marianAdding HMPID to the inclusde path
2011-03-02 jgrosseochanging default for cut on tracks which have shared...
2011-03-02 prinoMove to GMT+1 for trending plots vs. time
2011-03-02 daineseNew task for ITS alignment monitoring (Francesco, Gian...
2011-03-02 pchrist(Coverity, addinga line at the end of file (Marek)
2011-03-02 akisielAdd AliCentrality support
2011-03-01 jthaedercoverity fix
2011-03-01 jthaedercoverity fixes
2011-03-01 jthaedercoverity fix
2011-03-01 daineseupdates (Chiara B)
2011-03-01 jthaedercoverity fix
2011-03-01 snellingcoverty
2011-03-01 snellingextra macro
2011-03-01 maseraChanged cut on tracklets quality (Ruben)
2011-03-01 gconesabextra tokens at end of #include directive
2011-03-01 marianfirst implementation of the global alignment QA
2011-03-01 andronicframework updates, including Track rotation method...
2011-03-01 hristovChanges for #78632: TPC commit and port changes to...
2011-03-01 cvetanUpdated macro for the saturation correection in HI...
2011-03-01 gconesabupdate some analysis parameters
2011-03-01 gconesab move printf to debug
2011-03-01 kkanaki- OCDB configuration object for the cosmics trigger...
2011-03-01 kkanaki- added first sketch of trigger component for selecting...
2011-03-01 cvetanManual linearization is removed in case of pass2, i...
2011-03-01 mflorisRemoving deprecated linearization and MC rescaling...
2011-03-01 allabug fixed
2011-03-01 hristovReverting commit 38588: Lambda(1520) is switched on
2011-03-01 richtermremoving option to load clusters from binary file to...
2011-03-01 richtermadding member initialization
2011-03-01 kowal2secure code
2011-03-01 hdalsgaafix to last commit
2011-02-28 hdalsgaaVarious upgrades. NSD true trigger for MC, pileup selec...
2011-02-28 gconesabmove from AliAODTrack to AliVTrack
2011-02-28 bhippolyfirst round of cleaning (B.Hippolyte)
2011-02-28 gconesabMove from ESD and AOD readers the common methods for...
2011-02-28 smaCoverity fix
2011-02-28 hristovCoverity fixes (Philippe)
2011-02-28 hristovLOG muondep:
2011-02-28 mvalaAliMixInputHandlerInfo : BeginEvent function for each...
2011-02-28 marianM AliTPCAnalysisTaskcalib.cxx - Chckeing the frien...
2011-02-28 aszostakSetting Id keyword property.
2011-02-28 coppedisUnuseful print commented
2011-02-28 fcaFind the right gfortran libs
2011-02-28 jthaederfix coverity
2011-02-28 jthaedercoverity fixes
2011-02-28 dsilvermAddInfo additions - needed for normal Preprocessor...
2011-02-28 jthaedercoverity fix
2011-02-28 fcaRemove obsolete drawing methods and macros
2011-02-28 pulvirCentrality cut is moved into AliRsnValue and AliRsnCutV...
2011-02-28 pulvirAdded the possibility to compute centrality values...
2011-02-28 coppedisRemoving obsolete G3 functions
2011-02-28 abercuciavoid crash as described by https://savannah.cern.ch...
2011-02-28 aszostakFixed a memory leak, adding publishing period option...
2011-02-28 mvalaRemoved useless function from AliMixInputEventHandler
2011-02-28 agheataFixed output directory if the input collection is custom
2011-02-28 kkanaki- fill the centrality and vertexZ in the track properti...
2011-02-28 cholmPreliminary work to get centrality in
2011-02-28 jthaedercoverity fix
2011-02-28 pchristAdding SetOwner to the output list
2011-02-28 alla Phys DA , works on DAQ tst machine
2011-02-28 pchristMinor fix in the ITS-TPC spectra analysis (Marek)
2011-02-28 richtermerror message if partition number exceeds allowed range
2011-02-28 richtermNULL pointer protection added
2011-02-28 kkanaki- update documentation
2011-02-28 kleinbCorrections for par file compilation (A. Shabetai)
2011-02-28 coppedisUpdated fragmentation model
2011-02-28 abercucifix <PH> plot
2011-02-28 kowal2Making code secure - sprintf replaced with snprintf.
2011-02-28 richtermremoving unused classes: 1st prototype of TPC vertexer
2011-02-28 gconesabnew non linearity function from beam test
2011-02-28 richtermcleaning up HAVE_NOT_ALTRORAWSTREAMV3 preprocessor...
2011-02-28 abercucifix saving dEdx on ESD tracks (Markus)
2011-02-28 richtermremoving deprecated digit readers for AltroRawStream...
2011-02-28 richtermremoving unused components, TPC always delivers zero...
2011-02-28 snellingownership
2011-02-28 gconesabprotection agains wrong centrality bin
2011-02-28 jgrosseocoverity fixes (C. Zampolli)
2011-02-28 kkanaki- update aliroot and root versions
2011-02-28 richtermremoving unused KryptonCF component
2011-02-28 kkanaki- call PostData in UserCreateOutputObjects
2011-02-28 richtermremoving DigitReaderPacked and DigitReaderDecoder,...
2011-02-28 richtermremoving DigitReaderDecoder, and moving to DigitReader3...
2011-02-28 pulvirPWG2rsnextra:
2011-02-28 zampolliCoverity fix + unused method removed.
2011-02-28 abercuciput in default object which covers the full run range
2011-02-28 agheataSupressed warning when a data slot is not connected...
2011-02-28 abercucifix warnings during train running
2011-02-28 abercuciupdates in centrality dependence for DET monitoring...
2011-02-27 daineseUpdate to adapt CF to D* case (Alessandro)
2011-02-27 daineseUpdate for PbPb (Chiara)
2011-02-27 kleinbChanges to fast embedding and jetresponse: QA plot...
2011-02-27 alla 1st draft for pass0
2011-02-27 alla 1st draft for pass0
2011-02-27 allawarnings fixed
2011-02-27 allawarnings fixed
2011-02-27 alla the same cuts for raw and digits reconstruction
2011-02-27 kleinbHelper function to match jets based on the track conten...