2011-07-26 mrodriguDestroying some TLine objects of DQM-thresholds
2011-07-26 guernaneAdd EMCal calo trigger esd loop
2011-07-26 snellingnew cuts to use combined basian pid without tender...
2011-07-26 agheataBetter diagnostics when failing to copy to AliEn (Chris...
2011-07-26 fcaRemoving unconditioanl print statements
2011-07-26 kleinbCoverity fixes for dead code (M- Verweij)
2011-07-26 pchristCoverity fixes
2011-07-26 morschITS dE/dx samples in the AliAODPid
2011-07-26 daineseCoverity
2011-07-26 daineseCoverity
2011-07-26 gconesabCoverity
2011-07-26 morschTwo new methods to get information about the origin...
2011-07-26 richtermcorrecting the z calculation of the crossing point...
2011-07-26 richtermcorrecting a typo in r50799
2011-07-26 richtermadding conversion to space points
2011-07-26 richtermadding methods for memory allocation and conversion...
2011-07-26 pulvirCorrected the counter for accepted events
2011-07-26 dsilvermbug fix from Francesco Blanco after earlier QA update
2011-07-25 wiechulao user status flags in AliVTrack
2011-07-25 kleinbrenaming GetPDG()
2011-07-25 kleinbupdate track selection QA (M. Verweij)
2011-07-25 kleinbchanged methods in AliAODPWG4Particle (G. Conesa)
2011-07-25 snellingpatches
2011-07-25 daineseClass and macro to update the OCDB with the MeanVertex...
2011-07-25 fcaFix for coverity (R.Shahoyan)
2011-07-25 marianAdjusting of the StepSize for the G4 simulation
2011-07-25 fronchetchanged pragma directive and agent to include Emcal...
2011-07-25 daineseUpdate (Alessandro)
2011-07-25 dainesePossibility to handle PID from OADB (Chiara)
2011-07-25 daineseFixes (Andrea)
2011-07-25 daineseFix (Andrei)
2011-07-25 anshul.goelFixes for building of DA
2011-07-25 gconesabcoverity, old commented code removal
2011-07-25 jgrosseottr study in pt region for iaa paper
2011-07-25 snellingfixes + detector mask in pid
2011-07-25 zampolliUpdating timestamps.
2011-07-25 zampolliCleaning the array containing the strings for the faile...
2011-07-25 fcaAdding mode CMake
2011-07-25 richtermremoving the argument -minTrackPt 0.0 from the TPC...
2011-07-24 gconesabdelete not maintained classes
2011-07-24 gconesabAliIsolationCut
2011-07-24 gconesabAliCaloPID
2011-07-24 gconesabAliCaloTrackReader:
2011-07-24 fronchetremoved electron trigger from compilation until depende...
2011-07-24 fronchetremoved jet trigger from compilation until fix of emcal...
2011-07-24 kleinbadd the R_AA cuts back in
2011-07-24 gconesabcoverity
2011-07-24 snellingadded combined pid class
2011-07-24 sgorbunospeed up of TPC alignment transformation
2011-07-24 pchristUpdated LRC code (Andrey Ivanov): I'm sure that tomorro...
2011-07-23 belikovAdding a new method calculating V0's impact parameter...
2011-07-23 gconesabremove unnecessary dependency on obsolete trigger class
2011-07-23 hristovFix for #84624: Problem in TPC cluster map
2011-07-23 hristovFixes for #84564: Change in AliESDpid.cxx
2011-07-23 gconesabcalibration method in AliEMCALClusterizer changed
2011-07-23 gconesabAliEMCALClusterizer: Correct initialization in ctor...
2011-07-23 gconesabCalibrate time of cells with parameters stored in OCDB
2011-07-23 marianbug #84425: printf statements in AliTPCcalibDButil.cxx
2011-07-23 gconesabcosmetics, remove commented code
2011-07-23 mflorisModifications to support default PbPb runs (does not...
2011-07-23 mflorisModifications to support tender
2011-07-23 gconesabFirst implementation of embedding
2011-07-23 martinezMacro to configure the performance task (Philippe P.)
2011-07-22 gconesabcosmetics
2011-07-22 gconesabAdd array with time correction per channel, and decalib...
2011-07-22 jgrosseoadding additional default cuts for v0 daughters
2011-07-22 akisielAdd norm mult
2011-07-22 akisielFix comments
2011-07-22 akisielRemove verbose output
2011-07-22 zampolliAdding processing of Data Quality Flag coming from...
2011-07-22 abercuci- fix coverity
2011-07-22 akisielFix unused variables
2011-07-22 allachecjer fot new AliT0QADataMakerRec
2011-07-22 snellingadded cut on pid first mother
2011-07-21 richtermhelper functionlity to switch online mode of AliESDtrack
2011-07-21 snellingfixes for mixed mode
2011-07-21 richtermsuppressing error messages on missing ReadPreProcessorV...
2011-07-21 richtermsuppressing error messages on missing ReadPreProcessorV...
2011-07-21 maseraMemory leak correction (savannah #84632) Melinda
2011-07-21 akisielTPC and TOF manual procedures
2011-07-21 akisielChange inheritance
2011-07-21 akisielRemove verbose output
2011-07-21 akisielAdd TOF monitoring
2011-07-21 akisielRemove not needed histograms
2011-07-21 akisielAdd centrality pre-selection
2011-07-21 akisielFix macro loading condition
2011-07-21 agheatanew version of PWG1 QA train using interaction triggers...
2011-07-21 fcaRevert of a harmful change (A.Goel)
2011-07-21 abercucifix compilation.
2011-07-21 abercuciremove compilation warnings
2011-07-21 abercucimake container @ slot #1 owner
2011-07-21 abercuci- bunch crossing selection in PWG1/TRD
2011-07-21 abercucimajor TRD reconstruction update
2011-07-21 hdalsgaaMore sharing diagnostics
2011-07-21 morsch[bug #84578] Request to extend AliGenBox for using...
2011-07-21 morschenum for AliAODtrack with the bits for different track...
2011-07-21 loizidesadded photon as prim particle
2011-07-21 marianmoving AddTaskMeanVertexCalib.C
2011-07-21 maserasmall correction - Setters and getters for EventSpecie...
2011-07-20 pkalinakFixing coding convention