2010-11-15 kleinbfixed directory booking, allow to update files in merging
2010-11-15 kleinbAdd method to merge only certain directories from on...
2010-11-14 sgorbunonew configuration parameters introduced for CASliceTrac...
2010-11-14 gconesabOpen ranges for PbPb analysis
2010-11-14 sgorbunowarning fixed
2010-11-14 sgorbunoCleanup: hardcoded bit operations with TPC cluster...
2010-11-14 jotwinowchanges in centrality selection Michael and Jochen
2010-11-14 jotwinowcheck secondaries from material
2010-11-14 sgorbunocompilation warnings fixed
2010-11-14 hristovTechnical fix for bug #75270: fixing the problem of...
2010-11-14 hristovFixes for bug #75092: AliTPCtrackerMI - floating point...
2010-11-14 hristovFix for bug #75276: Floating point exception at TPC...
2010-11-14 cholmImplement MakeImage to insure log-book/online DQM consi...
2010-11-14 maseraFix for Savannah bug 75100 (Melinda)
2010-11-14 maseraThe volumes that were still coded in the Geant3 framewo...
2010-11-14 morschCorrection.
2010-11-14 kleinbAllow for differerent selection flag than kMB, take...
2010-11-14 prinoMacro to display the output of SDD task in QA-train
2010-11-13 marianuse Eval const outside of the boundaries
2010-11-13 marianUse event specie to identufy laser events
2010-11-13 sgorbunocompilation warning fixed
2010-11-13 mflorisCorrection vs [pt,vz] and beam gas cut by francesco
2010-11-13 fcaDisambiguate run resolution
2010-11-13 morschReader for StarLight events.
2010-11-13 fcaAvoid ISO C++ warnings / errors
2010-11-13 snellingpatches, patches
2010-11-13 snellingadded path .
2010-11-13 jotwinowmacro to run cut studies in PbPb
2010-11-13 jotwinowDCA cut studied in PbPb
2010-11-13 esickingchanged arrays to dynamical arrays
2010-11-13 gvolpeCut on track-mip distance increased up to 6 cm in high...
2010-11-13 esickingchanged the definition of a size of an array from ...
2010-11-13 andronicFramework updates, including macro to plot Minv (and...
2010-11-13 morschBug corrected.
2010-11-13 morschextra ; removed
2010-11-13 gconesabremove unnecessary ;
2010-11-13 gconesabmacros updated with last developments on geo matrix...
2010-11-13 gconesabAdd method to set the bad channel histogram per SM
2010-11-13 gconesabAdd method to set the bad channel matrix
2010-11-13 jotwinowTPC only cut modification
2010-11-13 gconesabRecalculate distance only when requested via switch
2010-11-13 gconesabRecalculate distance only when requested via switch
2010-11-13 snellingmonte carlo flag
2010-11-12 snellingremoved covariant terms
2010-11-12 gconesabAdd possibility to recalculate EMCAL distance to bad...
2010-11-12 gconesabAdd method to recalculate cluster distance to bad channels
2010-11-12 mflorisCorrection in 2D (pt vs Vz)
2010-11-12 snellingupdated macro
2010-11-12 snellingupdated macros
2010-11-12 prinoUpdated impact parameter resolution for 2010 tracks...
2010-11-12 snellingspd refmult + SetupPar
2010-11-12 gconesabChange AliFatal by AliError
2010-11-12 daineseAdded histo to study matching eff vs eta and phi
2010-11-12 ivanaReplacing TClonesArray with TObjArray in cluster finder...
2010-11-12 mfloriscorrect.C
2010-11-12 kkanaki- removed obsolete argument for the HLTOUT publisher
2010-11-12 cholmFixes
2010-11-12 agheataremoving .par directory before enabling package in...
2010-11-12 srosseggUpdate to use independent TCF settings for IROC and...
2010-11-12 morschCurrent bin consistent with AlMultiEventHandler
2010-11-12 cholmAdded scripts from Carsten to do the various correction
2010-11-12 gconesabreject events with no tracks, add track multiplicity...
2010-11-12 morschfCentrality transient and only created at the first...
2010-11-12 cholm- In AliFMDAnaParameters: Remove useless includes...
2010-11-12 snellingpatch event cuts
2010-11-12 aszostakAdding trigger counting component.
2010-11-11 aszostakPrevent a fatal abort due to missing entry in the CDB...
2010-11-11 gconesabavoid possible leak in case of event with bad vertex...
2010-11-11 kkanaki- implemented function that allows selection of HLT...
2010-11-11 snellingbug fix + offset centrality train
2010-11-11 jotwinowcentrality selection (Jochen Thaeder)
2010-11-11 snellingmean pt cut
2010-11-11 snellingcentrality ranges
2010-11-11 mflorisAliTriggerAnalysis
2010-11-11 snellingadded a cut on <pt> to cut out wierd events
2010-11-11 gconesabfix multiple filling of same histogram
2010-11-11 jotwinowMC strange particles selection added
2010-11-11 snellingmacros with recent trigger
2010-11-11 jotwinownew class for PbPb cut analysis
2010-11-11 jotwinowcut analysis for PbPb
2010-11-11 srosseggUpdate of the offline Altro-Emulator to read a RAW...
2010-11-11 slindalbugfix: mutex must not be reset after createthread...
2010-11-11 slindalSet back hack that ignored errors, will be problem...
2010-11-11 slindalSlow down loop if no event available
2010-11-11 slindal-Add info button
2010-11-11 morschSet beam energy in GRP object to energy per charge.
2010-11-11 snellingvzero refmult + updates to QA
2010-11-11 slindalUpdated buffer handling with mutex and faster response
2010-11-11 hristovAdditional forward declaration
2010-11-11 abercucismall fix in dir name of svnInfo file
2010-11-11 zampolliGetBeamEnergy function now returning
2010-11-11 slindalchange eve redraw while processing event
2010-11-11 slindalImplemented Mutex
2010-11-11 hristovAdding missing include file and forward declaration
2010-11-11 morschCorrected storing of number of participants in header.
2010-11-11 loizidesChanges from Maria
2010-11-11 rpreghentuning T0-TOF algorithm
2010-11-11 coppedisChanges to write E calib. object
2010-11-10 jotwinowselect centrality bin (Jochen Theader)
2010-11-10 morschStore spectators in header.