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1999-10-14 fcaOnly use PDG codes and not GEANT ones
1999-10-14 fcaRemove obsolete files
1999-10-13 fcaCorrect name of the graphic title
1999-10-13 fcaUpdate status of TPC
1999-10-12 fcaRearrangement of the doc
1999-10-08 fcaPosition correctly containers BTR2 BTO2
1999-10-08 fcaValues in SetDefault are in radiants
1999-10-08 fcaRemove -O from the shared loader options
1999-10-08 fcaDefaults updated
1999-10-08 fcaCorrected bug in the HV degrader geometry, thanks to...
1999-10-08 fcaRemoved ClustersIndex - not used anymore
1999-10-07 fcaCorrections by G.Chabratova
1999-10-07 fcaDrawers of space frame with holes resized to avoid...
1999-10-07 fcaCorrect flukasource call to SetFileName instead of...
1999-10-06 fcaAdded line for closed space frame option
1999-10-06 fcaIntroducing new frame 1099
1999-10-06 fcaAdding new space frame
1999-10-06 fcaRemoving useless files
1999-10-06 fcaCorrect materials in pipe
1999-10-06 fcaAdd destructor
1999-10-06 fcaMake TPC version 1 default
1999-10-06 fcaTemporary fix to keep the code working waiting for...
1999-10-06 fcaSome rationalisation of the definition of CLIBS and...
1999-10-06 fcaAlpha linker needs to be told to link with static minicern
1999-10-06 fcaFor alpha also the shared version of minicern is needed
1999-10-06 fcaPut New library first
1999-10-06 fcaCorrect bug in allocation of layer name and add destructor
1999-10-05 fcaAdded cvs Id to all files
1999-10-05 fcaAdded -lNew to Root libs
1999-10-05 fcaCorrect GetWire check on even/odd fnWires
1999-10-05 fcaMinor syntax for the Alpha OSF
1999-10-05 fcaCleaning unused files
1999-10-05 fcaMake also lib directory if missing when making libraries
1999-10-05 fcaMinor corrections for uninitialised variables.
1999-10-04 fcaCorrected files from R.Barbera
1999-10-04 fcaAdding protection against inconsistent Euclid files
1999-10-04 fcaCorrect minor syntax for CC HP-UX
1999-10-04 fcaCorrect syntax accepted by g++ but not standard for...
1999-10-04 fcaAvoid warnings on non-ansi compiler HP-UX CC
1999-10-04 fcaCorrect array index problem
1999-10-04 fcaRemove unused classes
1999-10-04 fcaNew html files
1999-10-01 fcaCorrect logics for Lego StepManager
1999-10-01 fcaProtect against no current file in FinishEvent
1999-09-30 fcaFinding automatically g++ include directories for depen...
1999-09-29 fcaRemoving few messages
1999-09-29 fcaIntroduction of the reference to Copyright and cvs Id
1999-09-29 fcaIntroduction of the Copyright and cvs Log
1999-09-29 fcaIntroducing Copyright include file
1999-09-29 fcaMake clearer echo of work done
1999-09-29 fcaIntroduction of the Copyright and cvs Log
1999-09-27 fcaNew TPC initialisation
1999-09-27 fcaNew version from M.Kowalski
1999-09-27 fcaChange location of figures
1999-09-27 fcaCorrect minor syntax to keep THtml happy
1999-09-27 fcaTreat Pythia diffractive state of particles
1999-09-27 fcaAdd START and CPV to html source dirs
1999-09-25 fcaChange DrawDetector into DrawModule
1999-09-24 fcaNew version of ITS for the TDR
1999-09-24 fcaName of PHOS was still in
1999-09-24 fcaFiles to produce separate root/html directories
1999-09-24 fcaAdd separated CPV
1999-09-24 fcaNew version of ITS
1999-09-24 fcaIntroduction of new ITS and CPV and PHOS separated
1999-09-24 fcaRemoved obsolete Config_a.C
1999-09-24 fcaThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
1999-09-24 fcaAddition of CPV library as a separate detector from...
1999-09-24 fcaNew version from Y.Kharlov
1999-09-22 fcaUpdate TRD code from C.Blume
1999-09-22 fcaRecord correctly also the last step in Lego plot
1999-09-22 fcaCorrect problem when getting geometry
1999-09-22 fcaAdd all TNodes to the fNodes list
1999-09-22 fcaConfig.C for MUON studies
1999-09-22 fcaSmall corrections from A.Morsch for weighted events...
1999-09-20 fcaSmall spelling/addressing mistake corrected
1999-09-17 fcaAllow any Cherenkov-like particle to be transported
1999-09-15 fcaAdding Xsec
1999-09-15 fcaBug fixes from M.Kowalski
1999-09-14 fcaAdding number of foils of radiator
1999-09-14 fcaAdding Cross section dummy function
1999-09-14 fcaAdding X-sec retrieval routine
1999-09-14 fcaAdding get material to AliModule
1999-09-06 fcaHP aCC makefile added
1999-09-06 fcaCorrected a problem in rotation matrix number assignment
1999-09-03 fcaNew version from M.Kowalski
1999-08-06 fcaInclude stdlib.h for exit
1999-08-06 fcaSimplify complicated if that fails on HP-UX CC
1999-08-06 fcaRemove several warnings
1999-08-04 fcaRemove warnings on HP-UX
1999-08-04 fcaIntroduced incompatibility between FMD Silicon and...
1999-08-04 fcaAdd START detector in configuration file
1999-08-04 fcaUser correct weight for atomes making up Al2O3
1999-08-04 fcaAdding START to the standard detectors
1999-08-04 fcaThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
1999-08-03 fcaAdded getting address of GEANE commons
1999-08-03 fcaIntroduce wrappers for GEANE
1999-08-03 fcaAdd vscale needed for GEANE
1999-08-03 fcaIntroduce routines of GEANE
1999-08-03 fcaAdd FRAME version without cross-bars
1999-08-03 fcaMake default version without cross-bars