2012-08-28 cholmFixes for pA indenfication of events
2012-08-28 kleinballow a constant efficiency loss as function of pT...
2012-08-28 hristov#95494: Change AliLog message in AliAltroRawStreamV3...
2012-08-28 cblumeAdd protection agains mismatch in number of ESD friends
2012-08-28 hristovNew version (Surafel)
2012-08-27 wiechulao add correction for LHC11a 2.76 pass2 (Markus Fasel)
2012-08-27 rgrossoAdding the possibility to specify SEs for mirroring...
2012-08-27 cholmFix histogram names in central corrections task.
2012-08-27 kleinbremove buggy histos
2012-08-27 kleinbupdated histograms (M. Zimmermann)
2012-08-27 kleinbUpdates for train running (S. Oh)
2012-08-27 ddobrigkModifications to cascade code so that it re-runs the...
2012-08-27 kleinbfacilitate LEGO train running
2012-08-27 fbelliniUpdated macros for K* analysis with TOF PID
2012-08-27 kleinbfixed warning (M. Verweij)
2012-08-27 kleinbUpdates from Marta:
2012-08-27 kleinbsome clean up
2012-08-27 morschHMPID related updates
2012-08-27 fbelliniReduced printouts for DQM online
2012-08-27 cblumeBug fix by Xian-Guo
2012-08-27 agheataAvoid redefining MC handler or its settings and rather...
2012-08-26 prinoMinor fixes to PID (removed Bayesian* methods, fix...
2012-08-26 mikolajloop over the friend tracks instead of esd tracks to...
2012-08-25 deliaPossibility to cut on cascade daughter track pseudorapi...
2012-08-24 prinoDs cut array for older realease
2012-08-24 morschpatch for random seed
2012-08-24 miweberinclude possibility to correct with 2particle acceptanc...
2012-08-24 hqvigstabug fix: in centrality bin initialisation in in AddTask...
2012-08-24 kharlovMacros to draw typical histograms from the AliAnalysisT...
2012-08-24 kharlovUpdated according to AliAnalysisTaskPi0Flow
2012-08-24 shahoianBeamPipe for the upgrade. Chinorat Kobdaj, Navadecho...
2012-08-24 prsnkoAdd writing primary info to calocells
2012-08-24 pchristAdding extra libs for proof
2012-08-24 miweberAdded task for Higher moments of charge fluctuations...
2012-08-23 prinoModified Config for ITS upgrade AOD filtering (Gian...
2012-08-23 morschNew PID Classes
2012-08-23 morsch- Reshuffling of the particle codes in AliPID. Now...
2012-08-23 hqvigstaIn AddTaskPHOSPi0Flow.C set Cent. Bin past event buffer...
2012-08-23 morschPatch for jet analysis
2012-08-23 agheataAdded basic locking for the analysis manager session...
2012-08-23 hqvigstafix: minor logical inconsistancy in AliAnalysisTaskPi0F...
2012-08-23 hristovcentrality OADB updated for pA (Alberica)
2012-08-23 wiechulao Introduce automatic selection of start time method...
2012-08-23 hqvigstaIn AliAnalysisTaskPi0Flow, changed logic for different...
2012-08-23 hqvigstaremoved AliAnalysisTaskPi0Flow::Terminate, cause proble...
2012-08-23 pchristFixing the nbins problem for the efficiency
2012-08-23 kleinbfixed setters for external histos, added Clone (M....
2012-08-23 shahoianSet fTRDchi to [0,0,10] packaging.
2012-08-23 atoiacentrality OADB updated for pA
2012-08-23 agheataPropagate SetUseMCchain to the generated LEGO test
2012-08-23 zampolliChanges to configure the TRD calib task when SDD/SSD...
2012-08-22 shahoianInterfaced GetTRDchi2 to AliVTrack
2012-08-22 hqvigstabug fix: replaced hard coded mixing array length in...
2012-08-22 miweberAdded centrality estimator in output list name
2012-08-22 cvetanCorrections in order to properly simulate the VZERO...
2012-08-22 shahoianmoved old files to v0, added dummy AliITSURecoParam
2012-08-22 morschpreliminary EMCal PID electron parametrization for...
2012-08-22 kharlovMacros to tun AliAnalysisTaskPi0Flow in CAF
2012-08-22 akisielAdd trigger selection for LHC11h
2012-08-22 pchristUpdated efficiency code (Alis)
2012-08-22 hristovFixes for std:: need with the trunk of Root (Jochen...
2012-08-21 shahoiannew data members added to AliAODtrack and AliAODPid...
2012-08-21 prinoFix for number of particle species in PID (Pietro)
2012-08-21 kleinbadd support for new root version/std:: (J. Klein)
2012-08-21 kleinbundo some changes (M. Zimmermann)
2012-08-21 ssakaiadd jet trigger
2012-08-21 ssakaiupdated
2012-08-21 antoniolAdding TZERO resolutions to AOD header
2012-08-21 cholmFix when the event inspector is initialized in the MC
2012-08-21 shahoiansuppressed std:... implicit calls
2012-08-21 wiechulao fixes for std
2012-08-21 kleinbfast mc input for 11h (M. Zimmermann)
2012-08-21 kleinbminor fixes, added std:: to vector (D. Sakata)
2012-08-20 pchristUpdates in the drawing macros
2012-08-20 miweberadded Filter Bit in list name
2012-08-20 ssakaiupdated
2012-08-20 jbook-config update (mixing)
2012-08-20 allavalidation for high background
2012-08-20 zampolliConfiguring the task to use SPD vertex in case SDD...
2012-08-18 shahoianNot YRot180 in the T2L matrix construction
2012-08-18 shahoianCache extensively used matrices
2012-08-18 morschhttps://savannah.cern.ch/bugs/index.php?96662
2012-08-18 morschhttps://savannah.cern.ch/bugs/index.php?96630
2012-08-18 morschhttps://savannah.cern.ch/bugs/index.php?96629
2012-08-18 dainesefor ITS upgrade sim
2012-08-18 loizidesupdates from Salvatore
2012-08-18 shahoianfixes in simulation classes
2012-08-17 morschElectron identification cut changed to 3.5 sigma
2012-08-17 shahoianLot of update + directory with test setup
2012-08-17 agheataUse the MCchain flag in GetChainForTestMode
2012-08-17 agheataFix in AliAODEvent.h for MFT_UPGRADE: kAODListN should...
2012-08-17 cblumePatch by Xianguo
2012-08-17 snellingphi vn's
2012-08-17 snellingother harmonics for phi and event mixing
2012-08-17 snellingfix VZERO EP
2012-08-17 kharlovReverting GetEntriesFast to GetEntries for TList only
2012-08-17 kharlov1) Mods in AddTaskPHOSPi0Flow to comply with LEGO train
2012-08-17 shahoianremoved stray file
2012-08-17 shahoianAliITSvUpgrade is renamed to AliITSUv11
2012-08-17 shahoian1) Added classes for digitization