2008-06-16 cblumeInterface for RecoParam to OCDB
2008-06-16 cblumeInterface for RecoParam to OCDB
2008-06-16 cblumeInterface for RecoParam to OCDB
2008-06-16 maseraAdded protection against division by zero
2008-06-16 jgrosseomemory consumption measures only memory used by preproc...
2008-06-16 basantaunused variable removed
2008-06-16 hdalsgaaAdded histogramming of SDigits data
2008-06-16 dibariOverlaps corrected
2008-06-16 belikovAdding the TPC-only impact parameters.
2008-06-16 dsilvermcall storage area LED instead of Signal
2008-06-16 jgrosseonew function to get process type
2008-06-16 jgrosseocode cleanup
2008-06-16 dsilvermsilvermy@ornl.gov - adding Calib areas for Preprocessor
2008-06-16 aszostakUtility rewritten to make it run much faster (Seforo).
2008-06-16 cblumeOne more overlap
2008-06-16 basantadsprawdatalength counter corrected
2008-06-16 hristovmaking SetRecParam static
2008-06-16 pchristSmall modifications in the dummy constructor
2008-06-16 dsilvermsilvermy - DCS name string change suggestion from Chiar...
2008-06-16 richtermcorrected test macro: use AliHLTEsdManager::New/Delete...
2008-06-16 mploskonUtils for HLT-EMCAL
2008-06-16 mploskonUtils for HLT-EMCAL
2008-06-16 kowal2rotr replaced with a pointer *rotr
2008-06-15 morsch2 small overlaps in bellows corrected.
2008-06-15 marianAdding new classes for numerical debugging
2008-06-15 marianAdding debug stream for first track reconstrunction...
2008-06-15 marianRemoved completelly high noise at channel > 700 (Marian)
2008-06-14 bhippolyUpdate for complying with train (second round)
2008-06-14 hdalsgaanew version to include raw data
2008-06-14 richtermbugfix: create subdirectory if specified
2008-06-14 richterm- adapted TPC macros to use the EsdCollector component
2008-06-14 haavardAdd Shuttle handling of QA
2008-06-14 richtermcode documentation; minor enhancement of BlockFilter
2008-06-13 morschPut middle plane of FMD1 to z = 320 cm.
2008-06-13 cvetanImporting the code for relative ITS-TPC alignment ...
2008-06-13 morschrotation object replaced by pointer
2008-06-13 cvetanUrgent fixes by Levente
2008-06-13 decaroIncreased the default window for the TOF signal visuali...
2008-06-13 decaroIncreased the default window for the TOF signal visuali...
2008-06-13 schutzprotect QA agains non T objects
2008-06-13 schutzprotect QA agains non TH objects
2008-06-13 maseraIn AliITSRecoParam has been implemented the possibility...
2008-06-13 kowal2corrected resistir rods
2008-06-13 maseraChanges to perform cosmic tracking with June 2008 data...
2008-06-13 maseranew macros
2008-06-13 maserabug fix in method IsOKForPlaneEff which cure anomalies...
2008-06-13 maseraBug fix related to an improper use of a TGeoXtru volume...
2008-06-13 marianDump the debug information for the ErrorParam only...
2008-06-13 basantamemory leak rectified
2008-06-13 marian1. Adding protection against the "digital noise" clusters
2008-06-13 basantaReference run number is added
2008-06-13 cblumeAdd sys. error to convariance matrices
2008-06-13 cblumeLast overlaps (hopefully ...)
2008-06-13 basantaPMDda no more required, hence deleted
2008-06-13 kowal2Corrected overlaps
2008-06-13 kowal2Added new materials
2008-06-13 ivanaCorrected overlaps found with 0,001 precision
2008-06-13 akisielEnable reading TPC only information for Kine reader
2008-06-13 hdalsgaaNew version withe right table for monitorDeclareTable
2008-06-13 maseraRemoved 20 small overlaps in SPD (M. Sitta)
2008-06-13 maseraRemoving overlaps with TPC (M. Sitta)
2008-06-13 abercuciintroduce event browsing function.
2008-06-13 abercuciMinjung correction for equipment id
2008-06-13 zampolliDeleting of objects in TMap in destructor.
2008-06-12 richtermadded new helper components to libAliHLTUtil (EsdCollec...
2008-06-12 bhippolyUpdate for complying with train (first round)
2008-06-12 richtermbugfix: do not delete TClass objects in the dynamic...
2008-06-12 richtermbugfix: avoid underflow in numerical condition
2008-06-12 ivanaUpdating READMEgeometry:
2008-06-12 richtermmoved AliHLT reconstruction back to ::Reconstruct ...
2008-06-12 ivanaSwitch on QA, as it seems it is not run by default...
2008-06-12 ivanaFixing overlaps in St1 geometry:
2008-06-12 dsilvermsilvermy - name change for DCS temperature alias, as...
2008-06-12 maseraDDL map for June 2008 data taking. Added a modification...
2008-06-12 pchristChanges needed for the analysis train (Mihaela)
2008-06-12 cvetanTest suite for event-embedding (Adam).
2008-06-12 cvetanAliEventInfo: rest of the getters. AliRecoParam: the...
2008-06-12 dsilvermsilvermy@ornl.gov - use Reset instead of a 2nd RawReade...
2008-06-12 marianAdding example how to submit jobs
2008-06-12 morschAvoid some overlaps.
2008-06-12 cvetanFirst prototype of the reco-param classes. Removal...
2008-06-12 hdalsgaaBug fixes and minor corrections
2008-06-12 belikovInitializing the index of the associated TOF cluster...
2008-06-12 dsilvermsilvermy@ornl.gov - some re-naming etc for DAQ DAs...
2008-06-12 hdalsgaaBase DA changed to pick up only the SOD event
2008-06-12 cblumeSome more overlaps
2008-06-12 decaroTo correclty visualize the not-assigned/assigned/shared...
2008-06-12 maseraSDD DDL maps for June 2008 data taking
2008-06-12 hdalsgaaRemoved a cout statement
2008-06-12 marianAdding example for coping of data (Marian)
2008-06-12 marianAdd hierarchical creation of destination directories...
2008-06-12 hdalsgaaBase DA changed to be a monitoring DA and to pick up...
2008-06-12 morschFirst functional version to store detailed pid version...
2008-06-12 marianProtection against 0 pointer (Marian)
2008-06-12 marianAdditional debug information (Marian)
2008-06-12 rvernetAdded support for decay channel.
2008-06-12 rvernetUse rapidity instead of eta at MC level.
2008-06-12 akisielRemove unneeded parameter. Protect against missing...
2008-06-12 akisielAdding example on how to run on datasets
2008-06-12 akisielFix includes