TENDER becomes Tender
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGHF / hfe / macros / test / CreateAlienHandlerPbPb.C
664d4a93 1//Macro to test Analysis Macros on the GRID
2//please check settings for output files
3//for local test use 'test' mode
5AliAnalysisGrid* CreateAlienHandlerPbPb()
7// Check if user has a valid token, otherwise make one. This has limitations.
8// One can always follow the standard procedure of calling alien-token-init then
9// source /tmp/gclient_env_$UID in the current shell.
10// if (!AliAnalysisGrid::CreateToken()) return NULL;
11 AliAnalysisAlien *plugin = new AliAnalysisAlien();
12 plugin->SetOverwriteMode();
13// Set the run mode (can be "full", "test", "offline", "submit" or "terminate")
14 plugin->SetRunMode("test");
15// plugin->SetRunMode("offline");
16// plugin->SetRunMode("full");
17// plugin->SetRunMode("terminate");
18 plugin->SetNtestFiles(1);
19// Set versions of used packages
21 plugin->SetAPIVersion("V1.1x");
22 plugin->SetROOTVersion("v5-33-02b");
23 plugin->SetAliROOTVersion("v5-03-33-AN");
24// Declare input data to be processed.
25// Method 1: Create automatically XML collections using alien 'find' command.
26// Define production directory LFN
27// On real reconstructed data:
28 plugin->SetGridDataDir("/alice/data/2011/LHC11h_2");
29// Set data search pattern
32//same for pp MC:
33// plugin->SetGridDataDir("/alice/sim/LHC10f6a");
34// plugin->SetDataPattern("*/*/AliESDs.root");
35// Data pattern for reconstructed data
36// plugin->SetDataPattern("*AliAOD.root"); //esta linea sirve para pruebas
38 plugin->SetRunPrefix("000"); // real data
40// ...then add run numbers to be considered
41// plugin->SetRunRange(122374,126437); //sim data
43// plugin->AddRunNumber(126437); //sim data
46// plugin->SetOutputSingleFolder("output");
47 plugin->SetOutputToRunNo();
48// Method 2: Declare existing data files (raw collections, xml collections, root file)
49// If no path mentioned data is supposed to be in the work directory (see SetGridWorkingDir())
50// XML collections added via this method can be combined with the first method if
51// the content is compatible (using or not tags)
52// plugin->AddDataFile("tag.xml");
53// plugin->AddDataFile("/alice/data/2008/LHC08c/000057657/raw/Run57657.Merged.RAW.tag.root");
54// Define alien work directory where all files will be copied. Relative to alien $HOME.
55 plugin->SetGridWorkingDir("work");
56// Declare alien output directory. Relative to working directory.
57 plugin->SetGridOutputDir("output"); // In this case will be $HOME/work/output
58// Declare the analysis source files names separated by blancs. To be compiled runtime
59// using ACLiC on the worker nodes.
60// plugin->SetAnalysisSource("AliAnalysisHelperJetTasks.cxx AliAnalysisTaskPartonDisc.cxx");
af472fff 62 // plugin->SetAdditionalLibs("libGui.so libXMLParser.so libSTEERBase.so libESD.so libAOD.so libCDB.so libANALYSIS.so libANALYSISalice.so libCORRFW.so libTender.so libProof.so libRAWDatabase.so libSTEER.so libTOFbase.so libPWGDQdielectron.so");// ConfigLowMassDiE.C")
63 plugin->SetAdditionalLibs("libGui.so libXMLParser.so libSTEERBase.so libESD.so libAOD.so libCDB.so libANALYSIS.so libANALYSISalice.so libCORRFW.so libPWGflowBase.so libPWGflowTasks.so libPWGHFhfe.so libTender.so libProof.so libRAWDatabase.so libSTEER.so libTOFbase.so");
664d4a93 64
65// Declare all libraries (other than the default ones for the framework. These will be
66// loaded by the generated analysis macro. Add all extra files (task .cxx/.h) here.
67// plugin->SetAdditionalLibs("AliAnalysisHelperJetTasks.h AliAnalysisHelperJetTasks.cxx AliAnalysisTaskPartonDisc.h AliAnalysisTaskPartonDisc.cxx");
68// Declare the output file names separated by blancs.
69// (can be like: file.root or file.root@ALICE::Niham::File)
70// plugin->SetOutputFiles("Output.root");
71 //plugin->SetDefaultOutputs();
72 plugin->SetDefaultOutputs(kFALSE);
73 plugin->SetOutputFiles("rbailhac_tpctofv2PbPb2011_out.root");
74 //plugin->SetOutputFiles("cbaumann_LMEEpp2010_out.root");
75// plugin->SetOutputFiles("cbaumann_lowmass_out.root cbaumann_lowmass_CF.root");
76// Optionally define the files to be archived.
77// plugin->SetOutputArchive("log_archive.zip:stdout,stderr@disk=2 root_archive.zip:*.root@disk=2");
78// plugin->SetOutputArchive("log_archive.zip:stdout,stderr");
79// Optionally set a name for the generated analysis macro (default MyAnalysis.C)
80 plugin->SetAnalysisMacro("Tpctofv2Analysis.C");
81// Optionally set maximum number of input files/subjob (default 100, put 0 to ignore)
82// plugin->SetSplitMaxInputFileNumber(2);
83// Optionally modify the executable name (default analysis.sh)
84 plugin->SetExecutable("Tpctofv2Analysis.sh");
85 plugin->SetExecutableCommand("aliroot -b -q");
86// Optionally set number of failed jobs that will trigger killing waiting sub-jobs.
87// plugin->SetMaxInitFailed(5);
88// Optionally resubmit threshold.
89// plugin->SetMasterResubmitThreshold(90);
90// Optionally set time to live (default 30000 sec)
91 plugin->SetTTL(30000);
92// Optionally set input format (default xml-single)
93 plugin->SetInputFormat("xml-single");
94// Optionally modify the name of the generated JDL (default analysis.jdl)
95 plugin->SetJDLName("Tpctofv2Analysis.jdl");
96// Optionally modify job price (default 1)
97 plugin->SetPrice(1);
98// Optionally modify split mode (default 'se')
99 plugin->SetSplitMode("se");
100 return plugin;