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1d980c30 1Calibration and Performace train at GSI:
31. The calibration train will run on the regular basis.
42. The results of the calibration and the setup of the calibration
5 will be done in workspace.
63. Content of the workspace:
7 3.a) ConfigOCDB.C macro - define the OCDB setup (Default and Specific
8 storage) +
9 the RecoParam used for refitting of the track (possibility to switch On/OFF different kind of corrections)
10 3.b) CalibrateTPC.C macro - define the Tasks and components of the current calibration / performance train
124. run.list - list of runs used in the calibration
135. esdxxx.txt files - list of the esd for run xxx
146. Run directories
15 The calibration at GSI is done on the batch farm. The results are merged per run.
19List of files:
21CalibrateTPC.C - standard in $ALICE_ROOT/TPC/macros
22ConfigOCDB.C - example (to be modified according studies) in $ALICE_ROOT/TPC/macros
23filterESD.C - $ALICE_ROOT/TPC/macros/filterESD.C
25Shell scripts:
26balice.sh - symbolic link to the AliRoot setup script
27 - example (to be modified):
28 ln -sf ~/.balice64HEAD0108 balice.sh
29alienSetup.sh - symbolic link to the alien setup script
30 - hint (don't modify unles you know what are you doing):
31 - ln -sf $ALICE_ROOT/TPC/CalibMacros/alienSetupGSI.sh alienSetup.sh
32submitCalib.sh - hint: copy of the (don't change it unless ...)
33 - cp $ALICE_ROOT/TPC/CalibMacros/submitcalib.sh .
35Run lists:
36(No recepie for the moment how to create it)
37run.list - main source of the run numbers (created from the logbook)
38esd.list - the list of files -standard
41Run the train:
42runTrainGSI.sh - this is a recepie
531ff1e0 43 - $ALICE_ROOT/TPC/scripts/runTrainBatch.sh