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pipe, abso and shil on again.
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2001-04-06 morschpipe, abso and shil on again.
2001-04-06 morschDependency on implementations of AliSegmentation and...
2001-03-17 morschDefault is no shunting.
2001-03-16 morschMake the two configs consistent.
2001-03-14 gossetA few changes for compatibility with EVGEN library:
2001-03-05 morschSome correction for MUON and SHIL
2001-03-04 morschNew default version of the Config.C for MUON.
2001-03-04 morschObsolete version removed.
2000-11-20 pcrochetadd AliMUONResponseTriggerV1
2000-07-28 morschNo cut on theta in AliGenParam.
2000-07-28 morschObsolte typedef after param: removed
2000-07-11 fcaCoding convention corrections + few minor bug fixes
2000-06-15 morschCode from MUON-dev joined