Cerenkov photon update.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TFluka / TFluka.cxx
2007-10-19 morschCerenkov photon update.
2007-10-18 morschDon't delete the geometry.
2007-10-18 morschCorrect 4-momentum for particles after interaction...
2007-10-17 morschGetMedium returns (-1) if outside geometry.
2007-10-16 morschDouble_t version of SetCerenkov.
2007-10-16 morschCorrect energy of interacting particle after BREMS...
2007-10-16 morschProcess codes corrected/completed.
2007-10-16 morschCurrentVolName gives back "Outside FLUKA geometry"...
2007-10-15 morschMediumId() implemented.
2007-10-15 morschStepping called right after source using sodraw.
2007-10-15 morschPemf generation option is obsolete. Removed.
2007-10-12 morschPrimary ionisation electrons come now correctly ordered...
2007-10-11 morschCheck first if a material (element) has been predefined...
2007-10-05 morschCorrect loop over primary ionisations in case of resumi...
2007-09-04 morschOption STRA added.
2007-08-16 morschRedefinition of IsTrackAlive.
2007-07-23 morschNew ion numbering convention according to
2007-06-14 morschSwitch to negative values of logical output units to...
2007-05-21 hristovCalling TVirtualMCApplication::MisalignGeometry() to...
2007-04-17 morschUse TRACKR.j0trk if TRACKR.jtrack is special particle...
2007-04-17 morschdebug message removed
2007-04-17 morschTypo corrected.
2007-02-07 alibraryAdding includes required by ROOT
2007-02-06 hristovCorrect initialization of optical properties needed...
2006-12-18 morschT0 changed to START (FLUKA input card).
2006-11-29 hristovSTART becomes T0
2006-11-20 morschPossibility to pass SDUM for scoring options.
2006-10-26 morschProtections against nprim = 0
2006-10-13 morschEdep and Position for primary ionisations (preliminary...
2006-09-28 morschTFluka::GetPrimaryElectronKineticEnergy
2006-09-21 morsch- EffC++ warnings corrected
2006-09-14 morschPossibility to activate PRIM-ION
2006-09-14 morschGetPrimaryElectronKineticEnergy() corrected.
2006-09-13 morschAccess to common block ALLDLT containing primary ionisa...
2006-05-30 morschUse TGeoMCGeometry without imposing G3 rules.
2006-05-15 morschCorrections for synchronisation of TFluka and FLUKA...
2006-01-25 morschIons have to be added to root particle database.
2006-01-25 morschWrite RANDOMIZ card with random seed.
2006-01-24 morschnewplo restored
2006-01-24 morsch- Two debug routines removed.
2006-01-23 morsch- printf warnings replaces by Warning(..)
2005-09-01 morschUpdates needed for FLUKA2005.6
2005-04-28 morsch- CurrentVolPath implemented
2005-03-08 morschBug in lun assignment for user scoring corrected.
2005-02-17 morsch- Name output unit 11 "fluka.out"
2005-02-09 morschUncomment accidentally commented line.
2005-02-07 morschPossibility to define reflectivity of optical medium.
2005-01-30 morschSome corrections for caller == 40.
2005-01-14 morschTrack properties are saved when transport has been...
2005-01-14 morschFixes avoiding double counting of energy deposition...
2005-01-07 morschImportant change in initialisation calling sequence.
2005-01-06 morsch- Creation of peg files taking into account cuts on...
2005-01-05 morschPossibility to define Fluka specific scoring options...
2004-12-17 morschVolId: remove trailing spaces in volume name.
2004-12-16 morschWriting of FLUKA input cards for physics configuration...
2004-12-09 morschComplete implementation of CurrentMaterial.
2004-12-09 morschWrite FLUKA specific scoring output at the end of a...
2004-11-24 morschicode = 59: kPLightRefraction added.
2004-11-19 morschSome correction in physics configuration.
2004-10-22 morschCorrections for delta-ray and electrons cuts.
2004-10-12 morschSmall correction.
2004-10-12 morsch- Return from Gstpar if material is not used.
2004-10-08 morschMaxStep() based on STEPSZ common implemented.
2004-10-08 morschSetMaxStep implemented via FSTEPSZ common.
2004-10-06 morschParticleMass(..), ParticleName(..), ParticleCharge...
2004-10-06 morschAlice dependencies removed.
2004-09-17 morschDefault values for fInputFileName and fCoreInputFileName
2004-09-16 morschWarning message for DCAY=1 corrected.
2004-08-24 morschOption STEPSIZE removed.
2004-08-12 morschDynamic storage of user configuration parameters.
2004-08-04 morschPDGFromId: correct code for ions and optical photons.
2004-08-02 morschFlag track as disappeared for all secondary production...
2004-07-31 morschStatus of pushed cerenkovs 0.
2004-07-29 morschStopTrack() implemented.
2004-07-21 morschHADR=0 implemented through THRESHOLD option.
2004-07-12 morschAdd Cerenkov photons to TVirtualMCStack.
2004-07-12 morschError for option HADR=0 corrected.
2004-07-09 morschCoding rule violations corrected (A. Gheata).
2004-07-07 morschTFluka based on TGeo only. (A. Gheata)
2004-07-07 morschSee previous.
2004-07-07 morschContinuation of TFlukaGeo based on TGeo.
2004-07-07 morschTFluka based on Flugg discontinued.
2004-03-26 morschFormat statements corrected. (E. Futo)
2004-03-25 morschChange to C-style output format. (E. Futo)
2004-03-02 morschSome clean-up. (E. Futo)
2004-02-23 morschFixed IsNewTrack()
2004-02-11 morschAssume that alice.inp is created in local directory.
2004-02-04 morschCorrected path to FlukaMat.inp to point to current...
2004-01-30 morschCompiling option WITH_ROOT added (Andrei Gheata).
2004-01-27 morschCall FGeometryInit::Init().
2004-01-26 morschUpdates needed for geant4.6 and fluka2004.
2003-08-14 morschProdProcess corrected.
2003-08-14 morschCode causing warning messages during compilation corrected.
2003-08-14 morsch- IdFromPdg: special case for optical photons
2003-07-30 morschUpdate to new vmc.
2003-07-25 morschFluka pid -1 converted to cerenkov id used in AliRoot.
2003-07-22 morsch- Position available at boundary crossing
2003-07-14 hristovLog replaced by Id
2003-07-11 morschNew physics processes and cuts added (E. Futo)
2003-06-10 morschPhysics configuration via modified input cards. (E...